Monday, October 30, 2006

one down!

...only....17 left to go...ha ha. Well, kay....not that many, cuz I started most of them already....just the finishing/making awesome that's left to do....I did finish my cow walking, though...40 drawings that cycle over and over and over...might have to put that one on here as a sneak peek...hmm...anyways, My plan is to stay up as late as I can all day everyday....cuz usually, I tell myself that if I go to bed early, I'll just wake up that much earlier the next day...which never happens...I don't even hear the alarm clock, I woke up because the sun was shining through my window, this was my inner monologue; "Oh, it's sunny!...AAHH! that means I slept in...oh wait, it's Sunday....AAHH!! yesterday was sunday!!" as I race out of bed at 8:20...I was on time, though...gotta cherish those absences I have left for when I really need em..=) he he...anyways.....makin progress.....I think someone stole my discman, though...=( and my three fave burnt cds..=( unless I brought them home....but I'm kinda hoping I didn't, cuz that discman is a piece, and I could use a new one...he he...anyways...hope all is good!!

Sunday, October 29, 2006


and my fave quote right now;

"You want to be dressed in poetry, but imagery doesn't fit"
-cute is what we aim for, from 'lyrical lies'

I'm beginning to notice that most of my music choices are somehow attached to the way i am feeling emotionally at the time I first hear the song, thus making me latch onto it. Though this quote is kind of..irrelevant.. =) happy night!


Why must amazon torture me by releasing every season of every one of my favorite shows from every year since I was born?? there are at least 10 pages of products for every week of every month of dvd seasons being released; everything from strawberry shortcake to 90210 (how excited am I about that!!!)
Seriously, this releasing tv into portable take-home packages has become some kind of weird phenomenon. I would love it, really...I mean, i watch my Sex and the City dvds all the time...but who can afford all of their favorite shows in the last 21 years?? yikes...stepping away from the internet's addicting, you's hard to just settle for a few of the best rather than grabbing every crappy show ever made because you think you can sort of remember a good part in some season sometime..he silly! though I have to admit, I do really want Nip/tuck...all the seasons eventually...I would say the OC, too...but...It's gone downhill...maybe the first season of OC...and Dawson's Creek...cuz dude, I loved that show....!! And this show called "Get Real" that didn't even last half a season..but it was good....they always cancel my fave shows...(Like "Freaks and geeks"...and "Life as we know it"..which are the only shows other than Sex and the City that I do happen to have on dvd and have watched billions of times). Geesh..I just meant to say the first sentence of this blog, but I got all carried show would you buy on dvd if you could only choose one??
(I'm not going to buy one....just wondering...)

Saturday, October 28, 2006


ha ha....totally random;
the president of kazakhstan is worried that we will take Borat seriously?? wow..people really think that he's a real person from there...(???)
I found myself thinking today about how I could tell a certain person nicely that they aren't attractive to me in any way shape or form (if I had to, I mean...the situation has not presented itself....yet..), and the first thing that came to mind was "you're not my type". ha contradictory am I?? Must rethink.
What am I thinking with all this film work I have thrown onto my own shoulders?? However, I was told that my film today was probably too...politically incorrect...for tv nowadays...during someone elses epiphany...which made me happy..=)
We realized nobody in our class knew the correct way to spell epiphanys...epiphanies? Looks a lot like elephant to me....
A year ago today, I was waiting in line in a fairy costume outside of a bar...waiting to spend $12 per drink and paying to be literally sandwiched between people with costume extremities (wings, plastic swords, etc.) randomnly poking eyeballs. And man, that was fun...but this year I forgot it was "halloween" saturday til I walked home tonight and heard some pub crawls...I think i am halloween-ed out...cept...I could always use some candy...
Hate Lady Sovereign already just from the MTV commercials.
Oh, and I am a chicken. I have never had to ask a guy out...and am realizing I can't. Missed an oppurtunity. Argh...I'm just too damn quiet/shy, but I so am not. Does that make sense? I'm a quiet loud person? No, a loud quiet person?
Erm...what else?..OC on thursday..finally!! I am dying to rent movies and eat pizza....see the last episode of that Nip/Tuck i missed forever ago...and to get some animation done..I mean done done..I am the queen of starting things and not finishing...kinda freakin me out...and I am lovin this extra hour tonight...And my classes films are gonna be awesome...I can't wait til Feb!...That's all!

Friday, October 27, 2006

and she walks!

hellooo!!! sooo...hope everyone is good...I have been animating the same thing for the last two days....I mean, literally, making my cow walk was sort of easy compared to animating the action of her tail in reaction to that walk...if that makes any sense...I have never drawn so many different tail waves in my life!! yikes...anyways, I know some vfs-ers are putting some rough animation on their blogs...buuut....I figure, it's a lotta hard work to just show ya right away...and I think you'll just have to wait until you see my film to see my animation..he he....and then I'll show some rough stuff, too..more fun that way? anyways, I still have lots to was the class before us's scanner cut-off today....which means you can't add anymore drawings to your film whether you're done or not...ahhh!! So I'm sure it was a stressful day for them, and for us...cuz we were, we don't wanna still be animating the night before this day when it's our turn.....(sigh) I guess, not stressful for us...just kinda put it into perspective...anyways....what else today? "Cute is what we aim for" still...Peeking at animation....bearded colerase!! (my fave pencil)..mug drips =(...skellington shirts...ermm. that about sums it up! And I did manage to wake up today...yay!! so...must draw more cow. =)

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


I feel like I am comin down with something!! I could not wake up this morning...and when i did, I'm pretty sure I had dreamsof animating horribly, and then I thought it was staurday once I opened my eyes...and I've had the worst headache all day that even Chiro couldn't take away...=( It sucks!! And I feel unmotivated...unmotivated to animate, but I have to whether I feel like it or think the unmotivation is just a side-effect of feeling like crap, though...I just need to sleep for a whole day, I think..and my subconcious knows it...but I can't...I have to have some animation done by Friday...cuz deadline is a week away from then, and, though these crazy deadlines really are impossible, unless ya have like..1 scene...I will still try to make it...(sigh) but I will for sure get sleep, cuz today sucked! Buut...on the bright side.....I'm going to see the Nutcracker in December with my mom and sister!! Soo excited! love the ballet (in part cuz I danced it for..8 years?) should be awesome...and Moose told me that Motley Cru and Aerosmith were coming here on tour in Dec, which would be sooo money, and definatley no time...=( How awesome would that be?? anyways...back to work for me..=) Hope everyone's good..

Monday, October 23, 2006

The OC needs more than a county fair..

Honestly, I really have to stop watching Mtv, cuz "the only thing I'm worried about is losing my morals and my shoes..last time I lost my shoes." is the quote they keep playing every commercial break for the next Laguna show. And I, Laguna is a reality tv show, and it's at about the same intellectual level as the cashmere cow they really aren't making this lack of...common sense (?) up. he he...I thank my lucky stars that there's more to me...cuz you can be wearin Gucci and have a stylist, but it doesn't matter either way cuz you'll still look stupid if you are...(buut..i have to admit, i like Laguna. Lack of better tv, and/or laughing at the exact reason that this commercial is so funny..)

Sunday, October 22, 2006

wow.... actually feels like I had a weekend!! (thanks to my mom..she flew in on Friday night) We did a little shopping, had some McDonalds breakfast...went to Granville, hiked back up the hill to my place with two chickens, 2 bags of fresh veggies, and our shopping stuff...saw a few of the awesome old heritage houses that are hidden downtown...(I always try to walk on new streets whenever I go somewhere so I can check em out)...then roasted 2 chickens with all the fixins (mashed potatoes, gravy, etc.) for a belated thanksgiving dinner...and Cindy and Alison came over...had a nice visit with them...and we literally watched the fog roll in last night; I looked out the window at this giant black cloud coming in from over the ocean, literally just took over the whole sky in seconds and you couldn't see anything out my windows all night!! wish I tok pictures..and then mom filled my freezer up (and I have literally never seen my fridge so full), and was off early this morning...sooo, I went back to bed for a few hours and actually did nothing until 1...which hasn't happened in a looong time...sooo..Thank you mom!! Thanks for everything! And for making me take a day off (albeit, a busy day...but a fun one..) =) and I have been drawing my lip sync assignment all day, and am just realizing that it won't be done, thus adding to the list I already have to catch up'll be all good..I just won't be home all week...again...sooo..Mandy!! Thank you for the goodies!! you spoiled me..and I will call you as soon as I can!! =)Back to work for me....=)

Friday, October 20, 2006


...Cute is what we aim for "Curse of Curves" and "Fourth Drink Instinct". Still love Hinder. Sabrina Ward Harrison (just got one of her books...sooo inspiring!) Addicted to Edward Gorey. Jackass. Leaves blowing all over the ground. Designing my tatoo. black pen. Rough animation. Still love my cow...=) Ca61's films! Cheap chocolate. Banana-bread candle burning. Mtv. Wanting to make art. To splat some paint and tell some stories. 6 blankets piled on my bed. Beer. Directing. Curious George. One (easy) scene signed off today. A second to breathe. Day off tommorrow! My film is too long. Makes me wanna do it more, though! Not enough time in a day...=) Happy....

(Paper art above, by Sabrina Ward Harrison)

Thursday, October 19, 2006


yay!! layout is done!!! I got it signed off first thing this morning..ahhh...=) such a relief! Annnd I fixed my characters! and I got a shiny new haircut today...annnd...I get to animate now! such a good day...=) I feel like I actually accomplished something...!! so cool..anyways, still have tons to do...and my mom is coming to visit tommorrow night! =) so happy...hope everyone is good..I'll put some animation on here once it's done and decent enough...=) Oh! and the bodies were cool yesterday...I felt liek I should be disturbed by it, but it was really interesting...I mean, perfectly preserved slices of cool!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I see dead people!!

well..I am going to see dead After lunch (did they do that on purpose??) the story is; a few classes of us vfs-ers are going to Science World and the exhibition they have there right now is called body's a bunch of real people, skinned, preserved, etc. and put on display so we can check out the muscles and all that good stuff...really good for anatomy, and we're going there to draw..but I'm a lil freaked, excited and freaked out...Annnd guess who's still not done layout?? If I didn't need to sleep ever, and if it wasn't boring as hell, and if I didn't save my 2 hardest pans for last, I'm sure I would be done...adn I will be. Tonight. Then, I animate like a crazy woman! who-ho! =) I have never been so happy to animate before in my life than I will be when layout is over!!
Wish me luck! =)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

mind draining.... what layout is. I am sooo bored of it. And yesterday, I think I ate something rank because my stomach was sooo hurting and my head felt horrible, so I only got one more layout done and had to go home and sleep and sip chicken noodle soup..=( Feeling much better now, though...came in early to work...I am determined to be finished with this and start my anination tommorrow...which is totally possible...and time is tickin...I have to stop watching MTV, also, because I can literally feel my IQ getting lower with every show. ha ha...sooo, won't be home much at all this week if anyone tries to call...=) Hope all is good!


Sunday, October 15, 2006


another gripe of mine; when people (especially people in retail) say, "hi, how are you today?" and then don't listen to your response, and/or don't respond when you ask them in return, thus confirming that they don't really care how you are at all, it's just a part of their job and they have to say it. lol..argh!!! I mean, why ask if you don't care?? lol...silly people. I really don't have that many pet peeves, it's just..the lady at Winners today was totally like that, and it made me laugh cuz she wasn't listening at all even though she asked me a question.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

so...I was quickly at home after work for like 5 seconds making actual meal..ahhhhh...and I resorted to watching *gasp* MTV..cuz, well..I don't have cable, but still get channel 90, for some reason..and they have this show called "next", kind of like elimidate, if anyone remembers that show..but..worse. 5 people sit on a bus waiting to meet this 1 person on a date, and they go out one after the other, and the person they're going to meet can "next" the one that goes out at any time and just move on to the next person. Usually this happens when they don't like what they see when they meet eachother...or even before they get to meet eachother. Yes, before hello is even said, sometimes, people get "next-ed"..And so today, one guy "nexts" one of the girls before she even walks all the way up to him...and then says, "She's just not my type". And one of my most giant pet peeves EVER!!! So i had to write about it;

When people say they have a "type", the really are just....stupid. And superficial. Because types don't exist!!! Really, if you say you like, for example, tall blonde girls with blue eyes...all tall blonde girls with blue eyes in the whole wide world do not have exactly the same interests/ fact most would have nothing in common, therefore they are not the same "type". Types totally don't exist. Too much diversity. Which is awesome...These people who say that they do have a type are just overly picky. Why would you take a chance at missing out on an awesome person cuz they didn't meet a certain height criteria? Or because they had half a missing toenail? Sounds ridiculous, doesn't it? Well..that's how types sound to this made an ounce of sense. It really bugs me, man. Picky superficial people. anyways...a friend just asked me if this happened to me, and no. it was from mtv. lol...i would be scared for the person who ever says this to me.....=) school..gotta get to work...3 more scenes to do and I'm done!!! hope all is good..mandy, I'll call you tomorrow!!

Friday, October 13, 2006


..just takin a break from my layouts...I only have about..5 left to do, 3 of which should be done, it seems doable by Monday morning..buuut, it's still a ton of work (drawing, then cleaning up more than 8 levels of art work a piece for the last two, plus labelling and characters)..and i still have one animation project to finish before end of term in a week..and I have to fix my characters, and I have to catch up on animation (which has now officially started); in order to meet deadline, i have to animate about a scene a day for the next two weeks. And i work both days this weekend..only short shifts, but still...Ahhh! So, if I don't call anyone this weekend, at least ya know where I am...(sigh)...I am really excited to animate though, thank god layout is almost over!! It really is mind boggling...I mean numbers, measuring fields, technical things...I'm an artist, dammit!...and I really really am also dying to eat a meal that doesn't come in a box and/or can and/or has to be put in the microwave in a plastic tray. Actually, I have used up all of my portable food reserves and had to resort to eating oatmeal for supper...ha ha..guess it does the trick..anyways, back to it....=) hope everyone's good...


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Perils of Love...

This is the cutest film ever!! Moose (our classes' film instructor dude) showed us the other cute! watch it...=)

hi deadline...bye deadline.... was the day all of our scenes should've been ready to animate, buuut...I really don't feel bad that I'm not done cuz only one person in my class finished, and they only had a 40 second film with half the scenes that the rest of us had...I have 19 scenes, and my film is just over 1 1/2 minutes, and I'm just barely over the halfway point of being done...But I'm really not stressed about it, my hand is just...ravaged. All the muscles hurt, my knuckles feel like they're going to crack open when I grab a pencil cuz they're all dry from the paper....and I still have seven scenes to clean up; needless to say, I won't get a weekend....but that's okay...cuz on tuesday there was a short lil beer and tequila celebration, so that's kind of a break..(yes, i drank a whole beer. I'm not usually a beer girl...more of a martini girl...but it was actually pretty good) and cuz I'm so excited to be animating soon! yay! layout is boring me...and I am so sleepy! I'm amazed I got out of bed at the hour I did, I have to do more work here...and watch top model...and do it all over again tomorrow...hope everyone is good...I won't be home at night for the rest of the week, so I'll talk to yas on the weekend...=)

Sunday, October 08, 2006's some super-secret art journal stuff.

The blogs were a little colorless, I had to put something pretty on. =) Pretty simple pages for me, but i just wanted to get my thougts out. And use a giant picture of my eyelashes. =) Oh, and I'm in love with Hinder. (The song below). So hot. I play it over and over and over. Even though it's about cheating on someone, it is still a sexy song. I came home cuz layout was boring and I was almost halfway done; I need a paint-my-toes-eat-popcorn-and-chill kinda night. And I don't work til later than I thought tommorrow, so yay! Maybe I'll bust out some crazy art. And I totally keep seeing this guy I am crushin on all over school, but I think he has a to look at, anyways. he he...Oh! And my best grrl is having a blast in Disneyland...I'm still jealous....annnnd..that's all. Gotta go be artsy. =) Hope everyone's good!

so much....

...for coming home early (midnight..) to go to bed..he he...I got stuck much stuff to listen to and see...he he...bad internet, bad. Anyways, got 3 more scenes' layout done today..I have about 6 done, almost 8...they just have to be much to do, though....19 by wednesday?? hah. By friday, but not wednesday, unless I grow 4 more arms that can help me flip to my poses and slug my dope sheets. I really can't wait to make some artsy backgrounds, though...but I gotta. Oh, and I am officially single now. Very single. This is new; I haven't not had a guy for more than a few weeks since I was like...16! Don't get me wrong; it's not like I need a fact, it's the opposite...usually I'm like.."yes, I'm single! Gonna enjoy it" and then I just end up with one. They just happen. lol..Glad to say that Paul and I are still friends...we were friends before anyways, we just had like..2 years of becoming better friends. =) And I don't need a guy. Oh, and I am excited about my film..did I mention I'm excited?? he he; Animation is next! the fun part!!...however, in about 3 months my entire film will be done!! Which is really freakin me out but I'm excited all at the same time...3 months? that's crazy talk..that's from now til clean, scanned animation. Ahhhh!! Just some stuff I'm thinkin about. Gonna walk by the ocean tommorrow morning if I can manage to drag myself out of bed...hope everyone's good! =) I'll post some character stuff soon..once I get it done...he he

Saturday, October 07, 2006


...took a slight break from layout last night..went home at 9 instead of 1am....did some therapeutic scrapbooking (art journal pages..very personal, or else I would post em) and watched one of my fave movies; Crazy/beautiful...damn that boy (jay hernandez) is cute...and kinda slept in this morning. Was nice to actually get more than 4 hours of sleep...ahhh...& I am lovin Ugly Betty..which, cuz i don't have cable *sniff*, I taped so I could have something to's so "Devil wears Prada"...which is funny...that's about all that's new....I'll be at school all weekend, cept for Monday, when I have to work for a few hours and then go to school..(sigh) I did get 3 of my 19 scenes done yesterday, though...and all of the other ones have at least been started...but that Wednesday deadline is I gtg!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

my leica reel

Hey guys! This is what I worked on for a few weeks until about..Friday. This is basically my film from start to finish; just not animated yet. We make a storyboard, then shoot it and edit it to plan the whole thing out before even getting close to animating...The first pan (the part where the camera moves at the beginning) is super fast, so I have to fix that, but otherwise, that is my film. I know some vfs-ers like to keep theirs secret til grad, but...I want you guys to see what I've been up to and what I've gotten myself into animation-wise! Ahh! =)

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

just another note...

I am not worried, guys. I know everything happens for a reason, and it makes me very optomistic very fast. I know I will not live by a dumpster feverishly trying to animate on flattened garbage bags. And, yes, I am still watching Mermaid. The concept art is sooo cool, and Glen keane is my god. And I am also dreaming about working here and oh, how I hope 2D disney returns to Canada one day. Disney fever over here...geesh. That animation stuff just makes me so happy..=) And Paul and I, well...we talked like the friends that we always were tonight. And I got awesome marks back today for last term, despite having missed a few assignments by that good ol mark deadline. And now, I will watch Curious George. And do dope sheets. =) Don't you worry about me. =p

love the lil mermaid....

....but the only thing I don't understand is....At the beginning, when Ariel and Flounder are being chased by that shark....Flounder, the fish, has a hell of a time getting through that whole in the ship...but Ariel, with her curvy hips and giant hair, just slips right on through with room to spare...I do believe her hips would be wider than a small fish. Hmm. Never noticed that before....Anyways; Layout. Necessary phone calls. Chiro. Kitchen full of dishes. Moving questions. Dope Sheets. Laundry. Acceptance. This is my night. Singing along to my fave disney songs. =) Hoping Mandy is having an awesome time in D-land. Trying not to look at apartments cuz I can't move for a while. Thinking of who I could live with....Anyone know anyone who wants to live in downtown Van. in the new year? I have too much time til that happens, shouldn't be thinking about it...Oh! off to watch the special dvd features....=) Everyone have a good night!


Monday, October 02, 2006


No time to think around here....let alone blog....I had a great weekend with Paul, everyone asked me how it went today...and it was awesome...we are great...cept...we will probably not be great...cuz we don't know what's goin on in a few months when I have to stay here...which is sad. So last night was really sad...for both of us...and, yeah. I am the point where I know I'll be okay no matter what happens...I don't know what I want to do please no one ask me....=) he he...I have not had much time to think about it anymore though...I mean, I think about it, but I also have a list a mile long to do and think about as well, like, 19 scenes have to be all laid out and clean by next wednesday...and I work this weekend, and I somehow have to plan what I'm going to do in a few months in..where I will live when my lease is up...sooo...Mandy, still thinkin bout vancouver?? he he...(she probably won't even read this..she's goin to disneyland tommorrow...lucky girl!!! I am so jealous...) I am surprisingly not stressed and okay, though...I have to think about which kind of wood grain to draw tonight, and not about a few months from now....anyways, hope everyone's good! I've been so busy, I'll try to keep ya updated...Oh! And happy birthday to my cuz Lisa (her birthday was on Saturday..Lisa, I called your cell and left a message..hopefully ya still use that phone Little Mermaid comes out tommorrow!!!! Oh my gosh, so excited!!! I can't wait to see all the cool bonus stuff...concept drawings, storyboards...there better be some of that for the crazy price they charge for those dvds....Oh, and saw jackass 2 this weekend....geesh..those guys....doin crazy gross stuff....I still love it the best when they get the old-man makeup done...anyways, gtg back to layout...=) Hope everyone is good! =)