Wednesday, October 11, 2006

hi deadline...bye deadline.... was the day all of our scenes should've been ready to animate, buuut...I really don't feel bad that I'm not done cuz only one person in my class finished, and they only had a 40 second film with half the scenes that the rest of us had...I have 19 scenes, and my film is just over 1 1/2 minutes, and I'm just barely over the halfway point of being done...But I'm really not stressed about it, my hand is just...ravaged. All the muscles hurt, my knuckles feel like they're going to crack open when I grab a pencil cuz they're all dry from the paper....and I still have seven scenes to clean up; needless to say, I won't get a weekend....but that's okay...cuz on tuesday there was a short lil beer and tequila celebration, so that's kind of a break..(yes, i drank a whole beer. I'm not usually a beer girl...more of a martini girl...but it was actually pretty good) and cuz I'm so excited to be animating soon! yay! layout is boring me...and I am so sleepy! I'm amazed I got out of bed at the hour I did, I have to do more work here...and watch top model...and do it all over again tomorrow...hope everyone is good...I won't be home at night for the rest of the week, so I'll talk to yas on the weekend...=)

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Mom said...

Cute film - how true!! Your almost done girl, yah, 7 scenes, yah!!! Worth celebrating. Wayne would be proud of the beer - hee hee, wait til I tell him. Glad you had fun. Hope the rest of your week went well. You little man went bowling for the first time on tuesday and loved it - John said he bounced all the time, he is also going to see what art shows are happening when you are here.