Monday, April 30, 2007


Happy Monday! I had an awesome weekend with my grrls....(miss them already!), so when I got here to work this lovely AM, after getting up, amazingly at 5...and then found out I have basically no pay cheque...I am still happy. And I actually felt like I was not just at work...which is a nice break. =) And the pay, well...I'll get it eventually....there were some crossed wires mentally and now I know for next time. =) Thank god for Visa! Otherwise...I got some gorgeous vintage Paris postcards at my favorite Granville store, I can make a journal for when I go....and a cute but useless change purse made out of a baby sock...and I also got 50 million blisters, the worst ones being on my pinky toes, no let's just say my runners are hell right now....and I sort of have to find my next job today...and I also drank way too much over the weekend; way more than I thought, anyways, but had some awesome chocolate chocolate martinis, no less...(thank you Lisa!) We went to the Capilano Suspension Bridge, too....soooo cool and scary and high and wobbly all at the same time...=) So great! So now I'm back to busy...but that's otay....the weekend made up for all this what-would-normally-be-horrible Monday-ness. Yay!! Have a good one, dudes....there should be happy mail this week for me = scrappyness on the weekend = pictures up next week. =)

Friday, April 27, 2007

I've been tagged.....

By Tammy......=) Which is a cool procrastination add-on as I sit here at my desk this morning....=) yay! So thank ya, girl...

So here, 7 random things about myself:

1) I am super-quiet. But not. When I first meet people, don't get me wrong, I'm friendly...but I am so quiet...even more so I used to be painfully quiet when I was a kid, like I wouldn't want to order food on my own from snack bars and stuff...=) Eventually, til ya get to know me...I'm quiet. And then, once you know me, it's like...."When will she ever stop talking??" ha ha...Z is finding this out, he always laughs cuz it's like I don't stop talking when I see him for at least an hour straight, as opposed to before we started dating and I would run into him at school and all we said for months was just "hi". =) So I consider myself a loud quiet person...makes sense, yeah?

2) I am super-stubborn (your tag answers reminded me, Tammy..he he)...when I was little and now...I want to do what I want to do how I want to do it...=) I used to be so bad when I was like 16.....and I don't like when people tell me that my way of doing something is wrong...cuz that's how I'm gonna do it and you better not try to get in the way....unless you;re my boos or something....I will never cave on an argument, either....I used to like arguing with people (that's weird, I know..) I know I am wrong sometimes, I'm not saying I think I'm always right...I'm just so stubborn that I will not budge until I see for myself that it's not right...heh...and poor mom, my little brother is exactly like me..=) he he

3) I used to dance ballet for....erm, 8 years? I started when I was 4 and danced until I was 12...until it was no longer "fun", and they were forcing us to decide if we were really serious and wanted to do ballet 12?? come I stopped dancing....and it wasn't just the flighty, fun type of was the strict, you-take-exams and practice 4 times a week type of dancing....I had one teacher who used to make us do the splits straight up against a wall for a half-hour as a warm-up..and he used to make fun of my hands and stuff...he was horrible! You couldn't have one hair out of place....but it was lots of fun until i got older; all the dances and performances, all the same girls in my class for years....I'm so happy I did it, but it feels like it was a lifetime ago...(sigh)

4) I am the queen of starting things and not finishing them...the queen. I have projects from 4 years ago that I just came across, and when i started them, seemed like good ideas...but now...there's no way I want to finish them...he he. I have piles of unfinished projects. I think mostly it's because I get bored....not bored, I just have too many ideas at once, and I want to start them all while I have them fresh in my head, and jump back and forth between them, and
get them all done, but I am constantly having new ideas, so this doesn't work very efficiently at all. Which brings me to another point; I would never get anything done if it weren't for deadlines.

5) I was in advanced english in "AP" other words, a class for *gasp* nerds. he he....but, I mean, it wasn't like I was in advanced math, or class was super tiny, and we had the same people/teacher for all 3 years of highschool...and I think I was one of the "cool" ones in the class, cuz I was always talking about my guitar playing, I didn't know who half the authors some people talked about were, and I got to write as much poetry as I wanted, which was all the time, then...Also, I knew the teacher so well that I got to exercise a little stubborness; ie) he would ask me "And what do you think about that passage, Michelle?" and I could be like, 'Honestly, nothing, it sounds good but my head is completely blank." and he was cool with that...awesome. Also, I didmy final project on Kurt Cobain and the history of Grunge Rock..while everyone else did, like..The Bronte sisters...ha ha. So cool...=) Plus I can write a mean you can see, this post is turning into one...hah

6) I like a lot of bright shiny new things all at once; like, if I'm going to clean my house, I need the whole thing to be clean...or if I want to buy new towels, I need to buy a whole set of new towels....or all the seasons of sex and the city all at once...or my apartment done and decorated all finished at the same time...and I like it done fast...again, it's weird, I know...

7) and last but not least....I have little mini-obsessions. Like, I fall in love with something, talk about it constantly for a few days, an then find a new mini-obsession..this can be anything from "I can't wait til I move", to the new Hinder song, to going shopping, to going to work to eat chocolate, to watching "the science of sleep" over and over...usually it's accompanied by an 'I'm so excited...dah duh dah dah' =)...(My mom does this, too...saying 'I'm so excited' he he...we are so much alike, mum!)

Okay, okay....I've blogged enough for one day...feel like ya know me better?? I hope so...he he...we all have our little quirks....So now I have to tage some people, and they have to blog their 7 random things:

And if you read this, and you have a blog..consider yourself tagged...=)

That's all the people I can think of this morning...he he....anyways, off to cartoons I go!
Only 26 more seconds to animate! Whoop! Happy day..=)

Thursday, April 26, 2007

oh my garsh...

....I get a few days off!! Here I was thinking I'd have to wait til, like..August for a day off...and the girls are coming, so I am just being forced (against my will...heh) to take the weekend will a girl survive?? he he...

...on the bright side (?), I have 30 seconds of animation left to do before my deadline next week...which, a lot and I'm a teeny bit behind...and more things-to-do keep popping up, like "you have to pick up mail downtown on the lunchhour that no longer exists".....heh. French Consulate today, too....and my Girls are coming!! But I'm feeling a little accomplished, and every time I don't...or feel like I'm animating at the pace of grass growing, I remind myself that 4 months ago I had never even seen the computer program I am it's all good when you put it in perspective...=)

So, yay to a weekend of chatting and sangria...and yay that I slept the whole night last night....and yay that I can forget I have tons of stuff to do til Monday!! who-ho!

Happy day!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

so much...

....for not blogging...he he

..that's the bad part about working on a computer...(sigh)

Anyways...Yay, France!
That is still my big news...I'm going Thursday to the French consulate to sign some forms so I can get my flights booked...he giddy about the whole thing still!! It'll be a little tough, though..losing 3 weeks of pay...but I'm going there for almost a month!! Wow!!
So the deal with France is that I had applied for the oppurtunity to go before I graduated from film school, and they were going to pick one student from my school to join a bunch of other film students in France to tour around some animation schools....and so I get to go!! I have never been overseas, so I'm even more excited! =) And I haven't officially posted my film(s) yet, but my classical film is on my art blog (go to view my profile and you can see both of my blogs) if you want to see...I'll post more about the film later, though, when I get to that part of the list...=)
Other than that....I am struggling right now to meet my quotas at work and sleep at the same time, (ie: I turned my alarm off this morning, thank god I woke up..) and do all the other stuff I have to do switch all my stuff over from Alberta to here...and see muh guy (good thing he's as busy as me, makin his film...) and dreaming of applying for more scrapbook DT goodness...

And does anyone watch "The Hills"?? I think it's just me...but if you do....why did Heidi move in with Spencer?? argh..I was yelling at my tv last night re: the finale. Argh...stupid girl!

...and I'm so excited for the girls to visit!!

...and I have not taken a lunch break in a week and a half now, but just noticed everyone around me also never takes lunch breaks...hmm. Don't feel so bad about having so much work....=) I am not alone! he he...happy day!

Monday, April 23, 2007

he he....

.....Guess who gets to go to France for 3 weeks??

ME!! Just found out this morning...omigosh omigosh....

..more info later! Must go jump around (well, jump around inside, I'm working right now...)

Monday...'s Monday already?? Where'd the weekend go? (sigh)....sooo happy I got a chance to chill out this weekend...finished up my DT stuff....lotsa Fancy Pants goodness...hopefully the new website will be up soon so you can see all the girls' awesome pages....I'm off to work early today...lotsa lotsa work to do this week, and my grrls are visiting from Calgary on Thursday!! Yay! I'm so excited to see them...Sooo...there's lotsa stuff to keep you occupied here, now...probably won't get to blog a lot this week, so have a good one! =)

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Bits and pieces...

Just some little bits and pieces around my lil's almost all done and set up, and the other day these little bits and pieces were making me smile, so I though I'd share....

This is the antique letterpress drawer I got last weekend, already almost filled up with little goodies..

Some cool stickers I grabbed at the dollar store the other day, my coveted Hero Arts stamps, and some vintage goodness...

I have shelves where my scrapbook embellies are now, so everything is in jars and baskets....

Check out the little pirate duck! Love him...and my Kurt Cobain book, (sigh)...

A little bowl full of fabric and felt and yummy stuff..

The pirate ship I built!! I had to do it...yay, crafts!

This is yoga lady, she's hangin out on top of my two fave movies..=)

More scrapbook-area goodness...
Happy day! I have yet to start working...akk..totally not my plan, but it is sooo nice to be chilling out at home..=) Love it, love it.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

A (naughty) Dare

....the dare girls have done it again; Dare awesomeness. This one was sponsored by Asta Arts, who sells kick ass tattoo stamps, which I scooped up immediatley...I couldn't help myself, really...Skull and pirate ship stamps? Soooo cool. Also so cool that the Dares are every second week, now, cuz they're always so awesome and I never have time in just one week to do, yay! And the Dare:

"Naughty girls need _______, too."

...and, because I hear 'You look too sweet to have tattoos', etc. etc. at work all the time. And cuz I seem sweet sweet as pie, My fill in the blank was:

"Naughty girls need to look a little sweet and innocent, too."

Thus, my page, which also happens to have everything Fancy Pants (pretty much..) on it....and a cool skull foam stamp from Micheal's. =)

And yes, those same damn self-portraits that are waiting for me to order pictures still so I can stop using them for DT assignments when I have no other adaptable pictures. Oy.
Pictures of my little place....well, parts of it...coming soon. Maybe tommorrow, cuz I'm too impatient and sleepy to upload em now. =) Happy night!

Thursday, April 19, 2007


..I just heard they are making my favorite book...

The Time Traveller's Wife.

...into a MOVIE!! Argh...I hate when they do that....because there is no way Hollywood will do justice to the visual image I have of the book in my mind. But then a teeny part of me always wants to see the movie even though I know it won't be as good as the book. And there are so many awesome little details that you catch when reading the book over and over, every time you read it, especially this one, because you have to kind of piece it all together. I am horrified!!

So I just had to tell you.

(by the way, "White Oleander" was my favorite book all through highschool until I saw that horrid movie version where they left out a billion important moments and it was ruined forever.)

*also, just heard that Eric Bana, who was in such blockbuster hits as "the Hulk" (cough) is playing Henry. =(

...back to animating....


Must...get...motivated. My mind is going a hundred miles a minute trying to figure out when all my schtuff will get done, but when I sit down to do it....nothing. Well, something. But nothing fast. With many distractions...

...the stomach flu is going around work. I'm not one for hand sanitizer, but I am not getting sick again, and especially not with the stomach flu, so I'm religiously using the stuff...the weather here is wacko; so windy it breaks your umbrella one second, super sunny why'd-you-wear a hoodie weather in the afternoons...My grrls are coming to visit next week!! Super-excited to see them...I lost a coveted skull shirt, so now I am even more dying to go shopping...=) Umm. That's all that's new...I have to animate all day and night until the girls come next Thursday, see how much Design Team stuff I can squash in there, plus I have to work both days this weekend (dying for a day off = quitting the second job), and clean and eat and laundry, and change my bank over from Alberta, and forms, and address changes, and I really, really, badly need to build this tiny pirate ship in a clay pot. Really badly. he he..really. That is the only thing I want to do right now of that whole list of stuff...Now if only I was so motivated to work at night....=) Happy day to all, anyways...will post a picture of the pirate ship if I make the time later...heh.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

April Goodness...

...from Scrapmuse. Yes, there is an ex-boy page in there. But really, there were no hard feelings, and I learned a lot about myself through that whole 2 year ordeal, and I thought it was worth scrapping about.. =) There's some little me pages in there, too... =) This kit was so awesome! There is so much stuff I have to do this week!! The list is growing again; old stuff (blogs, my films, ordering pictures), new stuff like needing cool tattoo stamps, an umbrella (guess who hates it when umbrellas flip inside out 5 times on the way to work...ME!), trying out for scrapbook schtuff, doing some DT assignments, and finishing my little place. I am dying to go shopping, too...and am just about to set myself up to work from home, cuz I have to animate about 35 seconds this week and next week to make my's like making a film never ended, but in a happy, I-animate-for-a-living kind of way...=) Yay, art!! I am dying just to make some pages for myself using whatever I choose!! hopefully soon I will get a chance! Happy night to everyone!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

my pirate phase...and antique hunting

Yay!! Antique shopping!!.....I had a day off yesterday, so me and Z went off to explore a new part of town; 'Antique row', aka Mount Pleasant...just up Main Street from Science World here in Van...and these are my finds..=) The wooden thing underneath is a drawer from what we thought might have been a typesetters cabinet, all the little compartments are's just gorgeous, and, since my quest to find a shelf was not going as planned, and organizing the scrap space was next on my mind, i thought it would be perfect for all the little bits I collect...=) I got the robot at the same cool antique store...found an awesome toy store where I picked up the Gumby and the pirate wrapping paper and bandaids (also, in the awesome bandaid tin, there was a tiny pirate cool!!)...we just had an awesome time checking out the trendy vintage consignment shoppes, antique stores, the rock store, a few comic book was by far one of the coolest parts of Van I've seen so far....=) Other than that - I'm trying to get it set up here at home so I can work here (ahh..the life of an artist, ya do what you gotta do..) cuz i have to animate 70 seconds of stuff in 2 weeks, which is a LOT...he he....and I'm still slow and and breathe it, man. =) I'm trying to finish unpacking and setting up my things pics of my little place will be posted, soon..of course, there's some little details I'd like to do right now, like sew a new duvet cover, but that's not gonna happen til I only have one job and I actually have time to do so. =) he's still all cute in here...I'm listening to some Jewel, giggling about my new toy robot, wanting to make some ugly felt dolls....and doing the usual sunday cleaning before the busy week starts...=) where does the time go, dude? I can post my Scrapmuse stuff, soon, that'll be up soon!! =) Below, some skull finds from Micheal's last weekend....there was a cool foam pirate section, and the big pink and grey skulls are iron-ons!! Fun, fun...happy night til next time! =) Oh, and if you don't mind seeing cheesy, bubbling zombie movies, or kick-ass daredevil fast-driving girls, go see "Grindhouse" was sooo awesome!! =)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

blog overhaul...

hey all!!


i have spare (spare??) second to sit down and tweak the blog a little...I made this header a while ago. I was looking for a good quote, and I forgot my Kurt Cobain one, so the quote is from one of my favorite Jewel poems for now. Let me know if anything looks silly, hey? Cuz my computer at work looks different then mine at home, and last time it looked all good here, but horrible at I wanna know if something looks funky to you...he he..=)

Will post some eggs...and some pirate stuff...and some awesome dollar store finds tomorrow.
Also, made some art...can't share it just yet...

...I am currently scared out of my mind due to my animation quota/pay-per-second I will afford all of this living-on-my-own-stuff....and when the hell am I gonna have time to finish unpacking?? Oy. But it's all good...=) I love my little little room. =) Pictures soon!! The blogs will be done soon and there will actually be art on the other one, cuz I actually want people to see the film I spent my year making... for now, happy night!

Sunday, April 08, 2007


Semi-relaxing weekend for me, here...oh, happy easter! I am really missin my mom's food right about now...I had today off, after working the last two days in the crazy easter chocolate rush...did not want to get out of bed, but putzed around, made some muffins, shoved some more unpacked things off to the side, and got down to business on my Scrapmuse projects...the upcoming kit is soooo, I haven't had time to make any art for what, a month almost?? Now that I'm healthy, almost unpacked, my guy is as busy as me, and I can make my way around my teeny place without tripping on cardboard on my one and only day off, I finally had time to play!! (and watch "little miss sunshine" for hours...and watch the commentary on "the science of sleep"...dorky, but it is now my new fave movie ever) my computer is hooked up. Yay! and this month my friends are coming to visit, I get to go antique shopping soon, went out for a few drinks on Friday night, I found a bunch of awesome pirate/skull goodies at Micheal's yesterday...I get to decorate..I start animating tommorrow...I dyed easter eggs yesterday with Z. =) So fun!! Haven't done that in's turning out to be a good month, so far. I'm stretched a little thin right now, timewise, but it's all good...My house is starting to look like a house again...want to finally start working out again, cuz I've been wanting to since school ended..Oy....have to sometime get food and do laundry, and work is about to get super-crazy busy for me....busy, but fun! Yay! Can I just borrow some time from somewhere, though?? Just a little time...he he...Anyways, must go to bed so I can get up and check out the ocean before I go to work tommorrow..=) Happy night!! I'll post some pictures soon...

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


....I'm listening to the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack as I awesome is that?? Love, love, love that movie...

...if you haven't seen 'The Science of Sleep" Go see it! Now. right now! It is the most awesome movie I have seen in a long time!!

..I am dying to scrap. And shop. But mostly, I just need to buy The Science of Sleep so I can watch it a billion more times. =)

happy day!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


.....owls. Yes, owls...among skulls, birds and robots (yay!!) owls are hot right now in the scrapbook world...=) Makes me happy....this is the April kit from Scrapmuse....looks sooo awesome, doesn't it?? I haven't got my hot little hands on it yet, cuz, well...I just moved and that messes with the shipping of monthly kits...=) but soon, oooh soon. Til then, I'll have to dig out my tools and stuff anyways, which are in a pile somewhere with all the stuff I have. =)

Some other randomness:
The guy next to me here at work was saying that the "alternative" genre of music is a joke. Which somehow made me think of the last time I was at future shop, and Paris Hilton's cd was in the rock section. Seriously, people. Would that not be a pop album?? I seriously hope that this is not somehow predicting the future of rock n' roll, cuz I am seriously scared to walk down that aisle, now for fear of seeing a lindsay lohan album. Ahhh!! Back to listening to my Nirvana.

Also, have to say, I could not figure out my new shower. Usually, there's some kind of knob that you lift, or that obviously is for turning on the shower. But my faucet, well....nothing. You have to pull down the part that the water actually comes out of. Sleek, yes. But baffling also. =)

And my fridge, my new fridge....smells like fiberglass inside. Still. That new appliance smell. Just like the oven smells when you cook anything on it. And so today, when I went to eat my carrots at lunch, I felt like I was ingesting waaay too many chemicals that had been absorbed into them because they tasted like the lovely, fiberglass-yummy smell. Note to self; box of baking soda thrown in there as soon as I get home.

Otay, that's all. I'm on my lunchbreak, cuz I have not set up my computer at home yet...maybe I'll tackle that mass of cords tonight..=) Til then...happy day!

Monday, April 02, 2007


...le move is complete! went rather smoothly, I have to say...I was still packing when the movers got there for a few minutes (surprise, surprise)...and then Z stayed with the mover guys and I ran to the new place, checked out all the sparkly new stuff, grabbed a key, raced back to the old place in time to see the movers off, tossed Z the keys and he went over to the new place with the guys while I cleaned the whole place like a madman for an hour, then raced over to the new place just in time for the guys to finish up. Whew! Busy, but awesome..couldn't have done it without my guy. =) So then, instead of napping like our plan was, we grabbed food, walked around Denman street, found an awesome independant movie store, a cool dollar store, a really nice grocery store, and a yummy Bulgarian cafe place all within 5 short blocks. I am still so happy that everything is so close!! My bank is right there, my chiropractor is right's all good...and my little place is soooo cute!! It has little old-school heaters on the walls, and awesome old wood floors, and cute little personality (like the antique peephole in the door...I'll have to take a picture of that) , but it is all brand new other than that...=) And all my stuff fits...kinda. Little squishy. It's also weird being on the 1st floor, cuz the people across the street can see into my place, which wasn't an issue when I was up on the 15th with nobody across from me...=)

..sooo...that was my weekend...and now I am trying to remember what box is what, trying to find some clothes so I can do laundry, and all that fun unpacking shtuff. Still dying to go shopping. Still anxiously awaiting my Scrapmuse kit. =) It's all good...I am loving the place!! Hope you guys had a good weekend, too!! happy night!