Friday, February 29, 2008

Ugh...and yay!

Hello, my bloggy friends....=) First of all, thanks for all the love and get-better wishes!

Sadly, my cold has gotten not even a tinch better and I trudged off to the doctors today..(I never go unless I really, really want antibiotics) And I got some, so hopefully it will clear up soon and I can stop drinking tea and soup sometime....(sigh) it's seriously been just the worst constant headache I've had ever all week a throat I can barely swallow with..yuck! So sorry if I've neglected your blog this week, I'm so badly missing internet time....soon! fingers crossed!

But also a slew of happy scrap-news, now that it's almost March!!
I was asked to join Pink Paislee's brand-new design team! They just announced today...I am just sooo happy about this cuz I love Pink paislee and I'm one of Holly's biggest fans!! eek! Thank you Rebecca and Holly and Tammy!! =)

Tamar of Tarisota kits in Australia asked me Guest Design for her in March, and I am super-excited about it! She just blogged about the new kit and moi...The kit is sooo yummy, let me tell you...stocked to the brim with delicious ribbon and embellies and yummy paper! =) Stay tuned for the projects to be revealed soon and be sure to sign up for the newsletter (scroll down to the bottom) that comes out mid-month! Thanks Tamar!

And I was also picked to guest design for Emma's Paperie this month, a super-cute store and blog devoted to adorable packaging and cards, a little step away from the average scrapbook page...the store is so fun and Cindy is great!!

And last but not least, I forgot to mention last week that KittyRobot has a new rockin design team that I was asked to be a part of..check out the awesome buttons and such they have in their etsy! duuude! =) Thanks girls!

Whew..okay....I am officially almost all DT-ed up!! lol...Thanks to everyone for having me join them! I am super-excited to have these fab oppurtunities this year that I'm so flattered to be a part of!! =) Sorry to have left it to be announced all at once, Oy!

In other my yummy Dozens kit yesterday and eeeek!!'s Little Happy Cab! I'm having lotsa fun with this lil guy....=) Pages will be up soon, I'm just trying to finish up between popping Advils and job-searching and getting back to the mountain of e-mails that has grown since I've been MIA....Please bear with me while I recoup. and have a chance to make the blog rounds!

Pictures from my MIL's visit soon 9I promise, mom!!), and stories...and I'll make the blog rounds when I'm 100%....=) Hope everyone is well! Happy day!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


...came down with a horrible cold today! It was a struggle to even drag myself up to check e-mails...but I seem to be okayish for now after sleeping all day! Cursed computers got me sick...we were at VFS last night and the day before and I'm pretty sure that's where I picked up all my germs...argh! Anyways, lotsa cool scrappy news I can share soon!! eek! And projects, too...I am buried in deadlines and feeling hopefully I'll be able to get some stuff done tommorrow...and we finished our group animation projects...I'll link you guys up soon!

And thanks for all the sweet comments on the new look! I accidently deleted some in the process of having them published to the blog...again...doh! I was chattering to Z and clicked the wrong sorry if yours was lost! (mom, that's where yours went =(...) I read and was smiling at each and every one of them...! =) Thank you guys! Happy night!

Monday, February 25, 2008

new look!'s almost a new month, so why not a new look? All of the pictures are linked up...I used the fab "Get r done" labels and such by Audrey Neal, the letters are by Weeds and Wildflowers from, and the polaroid frames are from Pink Ink Studios. =) Still workin on some minor details...What do you think?

More later - happy day!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Some Mojo....

Here's the latest challenge!! =) Cupcake Scrapshop is our sponsor this week...come play along and maybe you'll win something super-cute! The challenge this go around is Martin Luther inspired: Scrap your "I have a dream..." thoughts and use a tag on your page...(I put my journalling on one and hid it behind my picture...)

And.....I have so much to do and post that I don't know where to start today, so here's but one of the billion pics that Z took on the visit with his mom, for now:
It was a super-foggy day and he has these cool orange sunglasses...and voila! Awesome pictures...=) I'll post more soon! The visit was so fun!! =) Volia totally spoiled me/us with her yummy cooking and taking us out for dinner and all of this wonderful happy I got to meet her!! =) he he...
....So off I go...I have some designs and a custom order and some scrappy goodness to do, on top of the look-for-a-job, find records of employment, and go to the chiropractor's not enough time in a day!! but it is kinda fun, being busy and at home....=) Hopefully I can get the list down today....My cousin Lisa is coming into town quickly this weekend, as well as we have to finish the animation group project on top of our normal workload, so it should be busy busy! And on top of that, we keep getting invited to do more things on the just laughed and thought, "Hell, why don't we make a film on top of everything, too??" ha ha...
Anyways, more soon! Happy day!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Nuttin much...

Nuttin much to blog today....we've been taking lotsa cool beach pictures that I'll post's been so nice here just for Tzanko's mom!! he he...nice and sunny....we both have lots of animation to finish today, but we took a break and walked along the seawall in the sun for a bit...yay! Yesterday we strolled down to Gastown and then to a Chinese garden, and then we watched a super-girly, here's a peek at the next Mojo challenge: Mmm...vintage goodies! I was hoping to have some happy mail this week, but it takes so long for things to get to me in Canada, it seems!! Or maybe it just feels like I wait forever cuz I really really can't wait for the

Thanks for all the kind words on The Dozens' yesterday! There are still a few encore kits with Happy Cab in them available on the website! =)

Oh! And Jessica Hood was a sweetheart and featured Bubbly Shnooks on Funky Finds the other day, which made me giggle...=) Thanks Jessica! I love her blog cuz I always find the coolest indie stuff!

Hope everyone is well! I'm dying to scrap but I can't just yet...also, blog-overhaul is coming soon: i can't stand how my widgets on the side are cut-off now because of the 3 columns..argh...when I have a chance, I'll spiff it up! =) Happy Monday!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Eeeeek!! have no idea how excited I've been about keeping these beans in...I can finally spill!!
I've been asked to join the team at The Dozens (my favoritest kit ever, ever, ever!! - You know..that one I can't stop using and talking about and linking up on Have you seen the awesome kits?? The awesome Dana, Barb and Silje?? those girls! I am super flattered and happy and elated to be part a part of this team! Thanks girls! And boy, I am dying to dig into this yummy February kit....seriously...Kawaii?? love!
Dana and Barb have been working super-hard on a new Dozens' website that just launched, too! Kudos, girls! Love it.....check out the Guest designer for this month (cute Rachael whom I've seen at Sistv) and maybe even there might be something left to buy if it hasn't all been scooped up! yay! Also, Michelle posted about her CHA travels on her blog, and about how she ran into Holly...whom also posted about meeting Michelle...he wish I could've been there to meet both of these girls!! eek! At least I can live vicariously through them, no?? he he....
Oh! And Holly has this awesome, awesome digi kit up for download on her website....I am downloading as we speak because I'm now a digi addict....go check it out!! And thanks for that Valentine's yumminess, girl! In other news, my wonderful mother in law is spoiling me with homemade food...yum! and we went to the Art Gallery today and saw a fab exhibit on Picturialism (photographs as art....old beautifully artistic photos dating from the late 1800's to early 1900's) it was great! Tommorrow, a trip to Granville (which means a trip to my fave store, Paper-Ya)....Ah, so nice...Also, sorry for the billion links and this giant sentence - blogger is being odd tonight and won't let me make seperate paragraphs..hmm...Hope everyone is having a wonderful week! As always, thanks for the cute comments and kind words! =) Happy night!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Hearts Day!

1. Pink M& M Candies by WineLove 2. Kewpids by boopsie.daisy 3. Cupcakes by DanielleT
4. "And ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation." [Kahlil Gibran] by Danielle Hamilton 5. Taste the Rainbow by Boopsie Daisy 6. Happy Valentines Day! by Melissa

Some V-Day love from flickr...I couldn't resist, there was so much cute stuff up there! I got the cutest card from Z ever!! And we watched "Kiss me Stupid" and I was treated to some yummy perfume (truly an indulgence for me...I never wear it let alone buy it) and yummy food...=) And, of course, there was chocolate...I am being spoiled! =)

Hope everyone had a lovely day!

And don't forget to stop by The Dozens and enter to win Happy Cab! And if you want a kit, the new site is launching on Friday! Go check out the times so you can stalk and get your hands on one of those much-coveted kits!! =)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Cab!

Check out "Happy Cab!"....=).....This is the little guy I custom designed for this months' kit at The Dozens! Barbara was awesome and posted it up there for me, and the girls are also giving one away to one lucky blog go check it out over there and leave a comment and you might just get one in your hot lil hands!! =) he he...Happy cab is so cute =) But i'm partial...he he

....In other news, still working on my animation projects...wanting to scrap so badly!! eeek....=) Got some exciting Guest Dt news for March that i can't spill just yet!! But soon =) Who can believe that February is half over?? yikes! I am also dying to hear about CHA from Michelle...soooo sad I couldn't go...=( he he...ah, vicariously through all the fab pictures everyone's posting....

Z went to pick his mom up at the airport - she's staying with us for a week...yay! So excited to meet her! =) he he...happy week! And don't forget to go leave some love for the RAK!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hello, love.... being that I get to stay home during the day!!! eeek! One would really think being laid off is a bad thing (my contract just ended and the studio I was at is pretty quiet right now), but I'm kind of cool with it for now....=) really, I eventually have to look for a job, but the industry is dead, and we have monies to get by for a few months, so I'm gonna enjoy my time and the billion other projects before jumping back into the job search....=)

Ahhh...I was really hoping to snuggle on the couch and have a few days of trashy tv (Dr. Phil and Maury, anyone?) and relaxing...buuut...I have some animation to do for our group project (and I'm feelinga little rusty in the animation area right now..) so I've been designing characters and building and posing them and trying to get that done - it takes an awfully long time to animate like 4 seconds of dialogue, I tell I've been at the computer working beside Z, who is also working and having to put up with my incessant chatter....(he he)...and i have some scrappy deadlines to take care of, too...but I did have a chance to play this weekend with my Rainbow Sushi kit:

....and my Dozens' December kit is still kickin around (soo much yummy stuff in those kits, man...) So I did a page about the gingerbread-house building tradition me and lil brother Brody have started (this year Z helped, too!):

That's all for today!! I'm basking in all the wonderful CHA releases..sooo wish I could've gone this year!! i am cursing our "lite" (sloooow) internet that Z and I have to share (we only have one cable plug) argh! and I'm about to be buried in house cleaning and laundry-doing today! ack! It's all good, girl Mandy sent me a pack of v-day chocolate and "Blue Planet" to get me through the day - thanks girl!! I have more stuff to share this week, so stay tuned! Happy day!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Love equation....

So, I'm feeling a little Valentinesy...and I realized I forgot to mention back on my birthday that it was a year ago that day that Z gave me a bottle of wine. =) Moreso, that Z continued to try to get me to go out with him. And what did I do? Did I say we should go out and have a drink? No. Did I say we should share the bottle? No. Picture Amelie in the restaurant when she finally gets the guy to come meet her and then she shakes her head and melts into a puddle on the's me. I was totally crushing on him...but my birthday last year was literally the night before my film was due, and I believe I was taking a quick catnap on the computer desk when Z came in...and there was no sleep in sight for me that night due to so much work I had to do, I couldn't even think about drinking wine that night. Where was I going with this? Oh yeah! So about a month later....around now, a year ago, Z (on the brink of giving up on me, after asking me several times to go out...always hearing "no, I'm too busy, man!) finally says "Now that you're not busy, we have to go out for some drinks." So I, having another Amelie moment when she's watching the "just go get him!" the same. finally... I was like, "oh yeah, I don't have anything to do." And we went out. And we clicked. And now I can't imagine not having talked to him a year ago...(sigh) ....And thus, the love equation.

The gist of that is: I feel like a lot of non-traditional love-story movies I've been seeing lately really center around, "you meet who you're supposed to meet." And it's true, I think...=)

Aren't I just a ball of mush?? he he...So the love equation is the newest challenge over at Mojo:
Well, you can use any equation...and some red. But I picked a love equation...=) This is the first wedding pic I scrapped, and it's my fave..he he....And that doily was sent to me by Volia, Tzanko's mom...handmade by his grandma (she said I could scrap with it...yay! lol)'s just gorgeous! I didn't cut or glue it or anything, cuz it's just too nice to do that! =) Also, Mojo has a new header: I was messing around with my photoshop skills and wanted to help Marie with her site go check out the new look! I just love pin-up girls on the sidebars =)

Hmm..what else? Last day of work tommorrow...Literally, I am dyin for a week of daytime tv and pj's and walks. Nothing, I am dying to do nothing. But I somehow got so busy that I don't think I can have nothing for at least 2 steady weeks...argh. This makes me grumpy. lol...I feel like I've been going nonstop since, let's see..before film school started: February 2006? yeah. No breaks, man. Even France was not much of a break (awesome, but there wasn't a second that wasn't planned or full of work). Soon..sooon. Just need to tell myself that.

Oh! Got some cool news from Scrap Happy Kt, too! Yay! Thanks girls =) They sponsored the challenge at OLW not too long! I usually have the worst luck with those challenges!

And thanks for peeking at my shoppe and leaving all the fab comments!! You guys are the best - your sweet words always make me smile!! happy day! =)

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Bubbly Shnooks...

Hello blog friends! =) I remembered my files today!! lol...And I am super bored at work, so I share with you some of the goodies in the shiny new etsy store:

The newest addition to the camera family: A Point n Shoot felt guy....
A few more (2 small sets) of felt donuts....they're all purple and pink and girly..he heAnd this is Shnooks...a cute lil girly octopus....=)
There are a bunch of cards like these guys there, too....

....=) Etsy is sooo addicting!! lol...there are just so many awesome stores and talented rocks! Hmm..what else? New mojo challenge should be up sometime today (congrads on the last challenge, Mandykay!)...still excited about The Dozens new site launch!! eek! I'll keep you posted....or keep checking the site..for the grand opening to get your hands on one of the yummy encore kits...=) A pic of the cutie stamp I made will be up soon!! he he...

I had the worst case of artists block last night....drawing weren't working. nothing...blech. It was horrible! I think it's cuz I haven't scrapped in a while...he he...I'll have to fix that tonight! I seriously have sooo much to do in the next few weeks....aaah!

And as you can see, the blog is being updated a bit....It'll be settled in a few days...3 columns feels like it can fit so much more, ya know?? he he...anyways, thanks to Christina for helping a girl out with the html links..=) You rock, girl!! Back to waiting for work and backing up my old work files, I go...I'm done on Friday!! crazy! It was so quiet here at work I was the only one here until 10...I was starting to wonder if I'd come in on day!

Monday, February 04, 2008

okay, okay....'s up! (My etsy, that is...)
So I forgot to bring the files of the pictures of the things I listed in there to work with me, thus hindering my intention of spreading the word that shop is tommorrow I'll have pictures of the felt point n shoot camera I made this weekend for the shop...and the octopus...and I also found some cards (like this one) that I thought would be cool to share, too, so they're up there, literally, for a steal...some of them come in sets of 2 or 3 for just a few bucks! All handmade...=) Just wanna share the love....I'm one of those people who won't buy anything online unless the shipping is worth it, so I thought it would be cool to be able to have a few other small things to throw in the cart with a big thing, no extra shipping cost...why not? lol...

Anyways, the weekend was good..flew by! Geesh...I didn't even touch my scrappy table (weeeird)....I got my rainbow Sushi in the mail. I organized the files on my computer (due to my new addiction to digi it had gotten a little out of hand) and then this morning I couldn't find the files I wanted because they were made that cute lil camera (new design...still trying to think up a new polaroid design...) I watched "So you think you can dance" marathons...the first episode of Sex and the City (sigh...and I totally forgot that Samantha tries to come on to Mr. Big and he's all about Carrie)'s nice and sunny here again so we went for a walk and enjoyed it! =) Too fun...
And here's my picture(s) for the second Overlooked challenge: Collection(s)
...I realized in trying to find out what I collect that I have an abundance of more than one thing of the things I really love: quilts, art books, books, coats, movies, vintage bits. There is nothing I make a point to collect now, I just subconciously hoard the things I do like. lol...More close-ups:
...and we watched these yummy movies:
...I want to watch them over and over and over. Love the "You meet who you're supposed to meet" I got from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind...and thank goodness that there are guys out there who like quiet girls, like in Amelie...Whom I could relate to a

And Bladerunner rocked (saw it on Friday night). I have yet to see another sci-fi movie that was made before my time that I really loved....most sci-fi seems incredibly cheesy and way too far-fetched, to me, but this was awesome...Love her hair:

Thanks for taking a peek...more tommorrow! =) hope everyone had a fab weekend!

Friday, February 01, 2008

happy camera...

....Here's a lil cutie I made for Holly M. a few weeks ago, and she finally got it in the mail! =)...She, being the awesome photog she is, took a cool pic of it and blogged about it here! She wanted a pink version of the one I made a while back...=) I added some girly colors to go along with the pink, cuz it was just turning out so darn cute! So glad she liked it..=)

So, I feel like such a tease with the Etsy shop, promise, it would be open if I had anything to seel right plan is to sew and sew all day Saturday and at least get a camera and some donuts and such in there come Sunday night/Monday's yucky and cold here, and Z has lotsa work to do, too, which means i can make stuff allll day! yay! =)

Hmm..what else? I made a digi page last night for a call, so I can't share, but I am totally getting addicted to digi...eek! There's an awesome free digi kit by Michelle Coleman here on Memory Makers' site...=) It has lotsa good stuff in it, so I thought I'd share some bright color love...

Also, did you see my name in this blog post at the Dozens?
That's right....custom stamp by me! It was super-fun...wait til you see it! It was also lovely because I haven't drawn in ages, so it got the pipes a-flowin...And I really, really can't wait til the new website is up there!! eek!

And sadly, I totally forgot it was the first of Feb. today, and therefore totally missed ordering my Red Velvet kit..=( so sad...I was crushin on the little red gun so bad! Anyways, feeling nutty busy very soon; work is done in a week, and I literally feel like every day is full of necessary things-to-do! eek! Getting a little stressed...but my mother-in-law is coming down to visit on the 14th for a week! yay! I finally get to meet her! =) so happy..and Z hasn't seen his mom in like 2 years, so it'll be really cool! hopefully the chilly weather gets better by then...

Anyways, til next time blog friends...happy weekend!