Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A little Filmage

EEerk...break in the regular scrap-posting...My fave short films from the World Animation Day Weekend:

(Thought I'd link em up for you, in case you wanna check out the filmmakers or whatnot, also posted pics, cuz they are so visually awesome and inspiring...and also, wanted to find links before i forgot which films I liked altogether...lol)

"Square Roots" from the NFB's Hot House 3, by Patrick Doyon..it was just darn cute

"Sleeping Betty" by Claude Cloutier, also an NFB film...totally drawn in India ink, it was super-funny...funny story, funny animation...insanely awesome poses and character style...=)

"The White Wolf" by Perre-Luc Granjon from Sacrebleu Productions..this one looked like pencil crayon drawings, and it was animated stop-motion with paper cut-outs...gorgeous! Cool story, too...

"The Squirrel Next Door" by Carla Coma, NFB's HotHouse 4 ....this girl used an actual (dead) taxidermied (is that a word?) squirrel and tarantula..so it was a little creepy, but funny...

...and my most favoritest film of all time, ever...soooo so happy I got to see it twice...=).....(like seriously, it's right up there with "Nightmare Before Christmas" in my fave animation category)

"Madame Tutli-Putli" by Chris Lavis and Maciek Szczerbowski....and the NFB

I can't even begin to explain how visually stunning this one is....they made puppets, you can see all the texture of them, which I love...and the shot live action and puppet versions of the scenes, and then composited the live action eyes into the puppet...wow...just, wow...I'ma go watch whatever making of stuff is on the site, cuz I just love it..and have mucho crazy respect and admiration for these filmmakers!! (sigh) You should definatley check out the trailer for some inspo if you're stuck for it today!

I'm also dying to see Persepolis.....a new 2D feature..heard it's awesome and captivating...

Hope you were inspired a little by the eye candy, at least..he he...=) I (heart) animation...

As for my film, alas, I didn't win anything in the festival...but I'm so happy and still surprised that it got into a festival and was nominated...=) yay! And some of the winners came from the school I went to, so that's cool!

Have no work to do at work today yet...and the coffee machine is busted so I have a headache from coffee neglect...also have lots to do when I get home cuz some deadlines are looming and I want to stop-motion animate some paper cut-outs right now...he he...have to send off a package to Papercrafts (yay!)...make three pages...hang with my Z....we started watching "Planet Earth" documentaries last night and they just rock...totally so surprised at all the little animal facts I'm learning...he he...And the Hills...oh my word...I hate Spencer..and also Lisa Love..don't like her at all...and totally thought Whitney bombeed the presentation, but was relieved when they thought she did okay...=) yay! Happy day, all!! thanks for the sweet comments..you girls rock!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Weird Girl in a Normal Costume...

...is what I'm being for Halloween...he he. Last night, on Halloween party night, on the way home from the 3rd World Animation Day/weekend film screening (albeit, not the best film screening)...we were like.."Oh, it's Halloween.."...We have no costumes. No plans. Eeek...So who knows what we'll do...eat candy? I'm cool with that...But I decided I would be a weird girl in normal costume, since I have nothing else to wear. Which i guess I am everyday...he he....=)

...work was super-super busy on Friday, and I haven't had a chance to check out anybody's blogs for days, so thanks for the cute comments and I'll be by soon to say hi and leave you happy words...=) Seriously, and when I say busy, I mean like.."these scenes were due last wednesday, here's 20 of them..you have 10 minutes."...When you pile the fact that I'm quite new to the characters and the show and the set-up of the show..it's tough to pull off...and also, frustrating that the schedule is so tight....(sigh)...I was more pissed that I didn't get to eat lunch til like 2, than anything else...lol..Sooo...I saw some awesome films this weekend, I'll try to remember them and find links and such...so much inspiring work is out there!! Also, had the best..I mean, the best martini on Saturday at a hotel on Granville Island...Vanilla vodka, Godiva liquer...and some other such liquid-chocolate goodness....Yum! booked flights to Calgary this morning for the holidays so I can hang out with my family..=) Did some scrapping yesterday morning..today has been the yucky, rainy, get-groceries-and-clean-house Sunday, but now we're done and Z is animating beside me with some clay and I should be scrapping, but instead I put a new pic on the blog header (the other one was making me laugh..lol...thanks to my bestest girl
Mandy for taking it) and added some new tunes...The first song is from "A Lot Like Love"..one of my fave movies ever, and has been stuck in my head all week...he he.....and without further Ado, some pages that I've had to post all week, but didn't:

(I posted these on SIS a few days ago, so sorry if they're old news...)
My entry for Last Scrapper Standing, Round 3 - crazy ribbon usage...I used mod podge, wrapped it around chipboard, gathered it into a circle, pleated it..made it into a monster...it was a pretty testing challenge!! Awesome, though...=) That's me when I was 2, I used to be sooo scared of monsters!! This one was for the One Little Word challenge, the word was "Believe"...just wrote down some things I believe in..like Pirates, and mermaids..and reincarnation...and following gut instincts..=)

This one was for a challenge at Create My Keepsake...there was a pillow to draw inspiration from, and I was inspired by the tree, the color scheme...everything...it rocked! And this pic of Z fake-being-mad just cracks me up..=) had to scrap it...he he

Anyways, just watched "Premonition" (pretty good....but kind of despressing)...snuggled on the couch...about to get some scrappy stuff outta the way, but barely..it's nice to chill and relax on sunday night...so that's what I'm gonna do! Hope everyone had a happy weekend! =)

Thursday, October 25, 2007


...today rocks! Feelin super-lucky at the moment...
..My page was picked for Ali Edwards' "Life Art" challenge at SisTV...! Eeeek!!
Super cool, cuz I was sooo dying for her new book! She's so inspiring!!

..Also, my mum called me all the way from Calgary this morning to let me know that she noticed my film had been selected for the Enroute Film Festival!! Eeek! There's 7 of us from 19 still in the running! My fingers are crossed!

...Also...It's World Animation Day....err, weekend! There's a few screenings over the next few nights that I'm super-excited about! nothing like watching some great, short, Canadian films on a big screen...The National Film Board of Canada seriously rocks....=)
...annnd..I have a ton of work to do today, and some pages to post here, but alas..they're at home...so I leave you with this: Me, and my silly Z:

Note: We have to coordinate skull-shirt wearing, looks like I got it that night...We both have a multitude of skull shirts, but totally don't want to be one of those matchy-matchy couples..lol...Also: plans are in the making for our skull christmas decor...yeaah! Happy day! More eye candy laters....

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

..Life Art....

Sooo...I read an excerpt from Ali Edwards' new book, "Life Artist", on the Sis Tv site the other day, and was so inspired that I had to make a page...seriously, I (heart) this page...and I think it's because I took some time and just journalled and journalled and journalled and splashed ink happily around and was happy making it...just for me...just so me thoughts got out and onto the page...just reflected on how I grew and evolved into accepting myself and how it's made me open up to all sorts of new experiences and everyday things...Aaah...seriously, fun stuff...you can read the journalling here....but a warning: it's a small novel...he he...
I used some vintage trim, and left the cute hand-written price tag on...some Hambly (yes, I'm addicted)...there's a vintage picture of a few random houses, which I love because it's so imperfect, on the page, too...I aged the MM Noteworthy letters with watercolor paint and ink...splashed some walnut ink...there's vntage german boat cards from France, a tag from Elle's Studio, and the journalling is nestled behind the picture on the right...

And without further ado, my antique store finds from Friday:

And I was also tagged by Tammy...yay! =) Thanks girl!
7 Random things:
1. I usually shove my hair back into the same ponytail everyday...partly because I don't like doing my hair, partly because I never really learned how to do my hair well, and partly because it only takes 5 minutes....=)
2. My dream job when I was little was to be a ballerina...and then a poet. And then a writer. And then a fashion designer. And I almost went to school in toronto for fashion design/illustration...until, one day, I decided on film school. Z says I'm so stubborn that, even though I didn't draw or know much about animation before I went to film school, I did good cuz I wanted to.....he he
3. I just got a skull project picked up for publication in a scrapbook magazine.....yeah! Skulls unite! lol
4. I seem to be the odd-job girl at work right now...multitasking...doing my old job and revisions at the same time, expecially now that people know I was doing the old job directly before this job....which is cool, ya know...I think I picked an industry that's perfect for me: unstable enough that I have drive to hang on, fast-paced enough that I'm always happily busy, and short contracts make for variety....yeah!
5. I had a Bavarian Meatloaf sandwich today. Duuuude. Bavarian Meatloaf rocks.
6. The grandma purse I bought on the weekend is so my fave purse ever! I swear, I could hide a boulder in it, and it's the softest leather, and I feel like I love it enough to sleep with my arms wrapped around it...lol
7. I love when jeans fit. I mean fit. Everywhere. I don't like when jeans are made for girls who have no muscles in their legs.
he he...I was trying to think of randoms I haven't already said...annnnnd...I tag anybody who wants to do the 7 randoms! =) lol...Anyways, back to my odd-job kinda day. Scrappin tonight...almost done my LSS entry...some other deadlines to attend to, and some Z to hang out with...=) Laters! Happy day!

Monday, October 22, 2007

..A Scrapbooking Machine

...has inhabited my body. I went a little crazy this weekend - well, Saturday....got a whole lotta stuff done, and I think it's cuz my new stuff was so..well, new...and fun...he he...=)

This one was for a challenge over at SIS tv last week: (was feeling very fortunate in wake of the job...)

This one is the Scrapjack of Dina Wakley...her style totally rocks, I couldn't resist! This page is feelin pretty simple for me...but I wanted to pics to speak for themselves....=)

I also got that Scrapmojo page done, started my LSS #3 challenge (ribbon, ribbon, ribbon! Thank god I hoard!! lol) and did a page for Ali Edwards' challenge at SIS, which I'll post tommorrow....I sense a new love of green and brown, anyone else? lol..shopping pics to come..antique find pics to come, too..I can't bombard you with too mcuh to see at once, can I?? he he....Have to say, I can't stop thinking about buying boots, now...but I have the worst luck cuz my calves are so gigantic....lol..they never zip up..and it was sweeet to have a coat to walk to work in...aaaah...Watched "the English Patient" last night...pretty good, but sad, tragic love story....and, of course, lotsa Fosters..yay! Oh! And thanks for all the cool comments, guys! I try to check out everyone who leaves a comments' blog, too, cuz it's so fun to find new art and new artsy people...=) he he...so thanks! Happy day everybody!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Yup, So 1980...

Duuude...the second Scrapmojo challenge is up! It is sooo cool! You know those "You know you're an 80's child if..." lists?? It's to scrap with one of those! I mean, 70's child, 80's child..whatever you may be...=) It was so funny to read through them, and especially to go through my old pictures...lol...I was born in 85, so I think my 80's kinda ended up dragging into most of my early 90's..lol...Anyways, Z and I both thought this was the most 80's outfit: neon pant set (matching pants and shirt, my sis had the same one in a different color...which she was wearing the same day) with a pink sweater and gumboots...ha ha...and it's hard to see, but the bangs I was rockin that day were reallllly big....lol...Some of my funny 80's facts: I saw MC Hammer in concert, it's one of my first memories, sitting on top of a van outside of Lions Gate park in Penticton...I can remember him dancing in white pants...lol...I used to love New Kids when I was teeny....I wore the spandex under skirts...always with something neon...side ponytails...(sigh) soooo funny to look back on! Anyways, the sponsor this time is Coordinates Collections...pretty cool stuff!! =)

What else did I do over the fly-by-super-fast weekend? Oh! There's a few more pages I got finished...feelin like a scrapbooking machine yesterday, cuz I was trying to get stuff done, knowing there's a busy week ahead and a bunch of deadlines looming...eek! will post tomorrow...We just watched the Foster's episode with scary Berry and her scrapbook....

...he he...so funny.....so evil and cute and obsessive...ha ha! I ventured over to the mall today to hunt for a coat that will keep me dry and a purse that's not made of cloth (I walked home in terrential downpour on Friday and realized..wow! I don't own any rain-friendly clothes!)....also am on the hunt for runners (still sporting the ones with holes, or the ones that made my feet bleed..argh) And finally sunk and tried on pairs of flat boots to no avail...so now I'm thinking I'll have to hunt for boots this week...We got the stop-motion group together yesterday for some chat and brainstorming and some beer...good times...can't wait for that weekend! Start the "new" job tommorrow, but I have a feeling I'll be helping with my old job for a few days due to deadlines....annnnd...I'll post pics of my antique finds and such when I have a chance...=) Hope everyone's weekends were awesome! Happy night!

Friday, October 19, 2007


Duuude....finally got some yummy Hambly goodness in the mail yesterday! I love it, but it's hard to find a place that will ship to Canada for less than a small fortune...it costs like $20 from the Hambly sight for like 7 transpaarencies.....geesh! Anyways, thanks 2Peas...(sigh) I totally forgot it was coming, too..yay! Happy surprises! Also: MM Noteworthy stuff totally rocks, too!
So big announcement: Whew! I have a job on Monday....super-crazy, last minute, unexpected job! I'm gonna stay where I am in the studio and instead of doing AfterEffects, I'll be movin on to Junior Revisionist on Pucca (Season 2)...yay! And thank god! Huuuge load off my shoulders!! No job search, enough money to fly down to see family for Christmas, maybe, my god - go out for dinner with Z, which, believe it or not, we've never done since we started dating (we've gone for drinks, sure...) So, again, whew! So thankful to the animation gods...Feeling very lucky, very very lucky and thankful that this year has gone by without a hitch!

I think shoes are conspiring against me: yesterday, I found runners in my closet that I thought were worn in and I ended up with bleeding feet when I got home...Argh! Double argh! I watched Jim Henson's "The Dark Crystal" last week and was totally stunned...for the 80's, it was a freakin awesome movie! The effects were cool...the design of the puppets was astounding - seriously, their costumes..(sigh)....really cool...! Surprised I haven't seen it before! Stop motion festival is a go! We're getting a team together and about to sign up, then we have to think of possible stories an stuff and practice/learn stop motion. he he...I'm totally dying to enter every contest..Oh! Speaking of, made it to the 3rd round of Last Scrapper Standing! This challenge is gonna be super-tough: use ribbon...tons of ribbon...in a new way.....eeek! So excited, though...Dying to go shopping..so thankful I can actually afford shoes without holes, and a coat that is not a rain-absorbing hoodie...yay! Dying to shop, just dying! Annnnd...I a total dork and went antique shopping on my lunch break...he he....I'm like an old lady...lol...So I'll show you my finds tommorrow! Also, new Scrapmojo challenge goes up tommorrow, so stay tuned!

Without further Ado, My October Scrapmuse stuffs:

Thanks for peeking! =) I would explain what's what, but you get the gist: some pics from France, lots of walnut ink and splashed paint..embroidery thread...etc. =) lol..It's such a monster post! Sorry guys! Happy day to everyone!