Tuesday, November 28, 2006


My lil apartment is soooo chilly!! lovin the heat lamp in my bathroom right about now...anyways, bringing extra blankets to school cuz I always sleep too long at home...DIP classes (digital ink and paint...where we are now) are okay...pretty basic software stuff at this point...but it's kinda hitting home how much time we don't have left, so I'm gonna make a schedule of what i have left to do....scary..I didn't want to, cuz I have this giant pile of drawings...anyways, it'll get done....=) sooo...off to school I go!!

Sunday, November 26, 2006


...I am thankful that it is not -20 here...ahhh...I should wear shoes with grip next time I know the sidewalk will be slidey...and I absolutely refuse to carry an umbrella in the snow. Because it's silly...I'm from Alberta, and ain't nobody carry an umbrella in the snow. lol...silly West-coasters. The umbrella topic actually made it onto the news..he he...ermm..what else? Got my "lost" package in the mail today and am dying to play with stuff, but have to wait...and Oh! new uniforms at work yesterday; no longer stuck in shapeless purple vests, cute little v-neck black (yes, black) aprons are the new deal. Ahhh...so nice to not be a can't-help-but-notice-this-is-the-color-of-those-tacky-90's-jackets-that-men-sometimes-wear purple color anymore. ha ha...and on that note. Back to work with me...=)

what city do I live in, again?

Cuz it's lookin a lotta Calgary-ish out there....

So I had to take a picture...I thought it didn't snow here?? he he...it is really funny, because I have never seen the streets completely empty except for when it's like 4 in the morning...and there is nobody outside today....it's just snow, people. =) Anyways...about to head off to school...stocking my desk up with pillows, blankets, oatmeal, etc. Gonna be a loooong few weeks....=) he he...hope all is good, everybody!! (oh, and I am soooo jealous of my cousin, who is probably arriving in Hawaii righ now...=(....lucky girl!)

Friday, November 24, 2006


.....I realized last night how much I hate when a good song is playing, and then a bunch of recorded singing kids chime in during the chorus or right near the end of the song singing the same line over and over...don't like that. There's only three weeks before Christmas break!!! whoa...gotta get a move on...almost done rough animation..ran into some unexpected difficulties with some scenes...grrr...only had an hour and a half of "sleep" on two rolling chairs...I can't stop saying "dude"....gotta catch up on e-mails...Made some pretty yummy chicken stew yesterday, but my hands and apartment still smell like onions...blech...Got a package in the mail that I am dying to pick up but can't yet...can't wait to work tommorrow so I can have a chocolate..I'm dying without chocolate...Tyson the skateboarding bulldog was on an MTV show yesterday.....look him up if you haven't seen him!! so cute....ermm...that's about it...! There is really not enough time to do all the stuff I gotta do, and everyone in my class is at the what-the-hell-was-i-thinking point...so morale is low......lol...sucks. Back to it...happy day!!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


I was totally excited about coming home to animate, cuz I can kinda stay up longer if I listen to the tv while I draw...buuut....I forgot to bring paper home!!! silly me...so I gotta get up super early so I can finish my rough animation tommorrow........the film is lookin kinda cool all together!!...I am loving this band I just discovered, The Rocketship Summer...particularly their name, and this song; "Goodbye waves and driveways"...and boys make me smile...=) and some people at school have been really clingy and irritating, so I'm hoping I don't sound as bitchy to them as I feel like I sound..but, dude...I am so not the type of person who likes when people randomly stand behind me silently and just watch, or don't stop talking even when I've said, "okay..bye now." and am leaving. And especially when creepy people whom I don't want to talk to cuz they're clingy put a hand on my neck while attempting to talk to me. I'm fine with a hi/bye when I look like that's all I want to say...lol..ya know? Body language, dude. I know artists can be..weird...but there's a line, people..there's a line...lol...I guess maybe it all seems more annoying cuz I am busy...lol..let's just say; I like my class.... =) Getting my background paper in the mail soon!! Yay, arts and crafts!! he he...oh! also, I'm gonna finish this scrapbook-tin thing that i started a year ago when i got back from Mexico; it's full of seashells and awesome pictures of crabs we chased...figure, if I'm entering that contest, might as well do something I started already instead of doing a whole new thing...it's so cool....I'll post pics and animation soon! anyways, happy night!! =)
Dove Video - Campaign For Real Beauty

Wow....I knew photos were manipulated, but who knew how far they could take it?? Love this commercial, cuz the media is messed up and they've been outed..ha ha; there needs to be more "real" people advertised to the world so that girls can strive for some kind of attainable beauty, not some messed-up, altered, impossible barbie-like standard....saw this on mtv just now - had to post before I forgot...=)

Monday, November 20, 2006

sooo close....

...so, so close to finishing rough animation....worked like a crazy person today to make up for yesterday...got a new film schedule and timelines were reinforced...visible...and am realizing that there really is barely any time left, so I gotta get..faster....ha ha...but really, I don't want to cut anything from the film, so I have lotsa lotsa work to do...my class is goin up and down; we're sick of our films, we wanna finish em, we don't think we can finish em, than we work hard to get as much done as we can....or some people *cough* go home....some people have spent every night there for a while now...all day it was all over the map from everyone...I think we really realized that we're supposed to be painting our finished drawings on Monday...ha ha...(sigh). ermm...I came home a lil early to sit in my J's and animate, and nap on the couch and go back bright and early...and actually do dishes, cuz I always save the whole weeks' and do them on one day, but 7 days of nasty lunch containers is really grossin me out, so I have to stop doin that...I'm wondering if I should enter that contest.....time?? But still am gonna...cuz i can paint background stuff at the same time and force myself to take a "break" to do it in a few weeks...lol...I can't wait til I can just sleep all day and do nothing for once...for just one day...in...err...February?? he he...lookin forward to it....ready, set, animate! hope all is good...

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Busy, busy...

(sigh)...I feel like I've been such a slacker this weekend..(sigh)...well, hardly a slacker, more like...a well-deserved break has been taken. I was planning on being at school well into tommorrow morning...but I know that between now and Christmas, I will not be able to sleep for more than 3 hours a night....(film to finish, film to clean, film to inbetween, film to paint, credits to do/figure out, and backgrounds to paper)...and I had some work and some color stuff to do here this weekend...so i did work, just not half as much as I needed to...Cept now I feel all relaxed and like it'll be easier to stay up all week and get this rough animation done and my film half clean....that's the goal for a week from now. Busy, busy...oh! I started making some stuff for that design team I'm trying out for...scoping out the competition and researching the company and getting walnut ink all over my hands (the stuff is brown...doesn't look so hot when stained all over my hands)...feelin pretty good about the contest, unless they don't like my artsy, detailed style...I should be in the runnin...I figure, it's good that i think I'm only gonna do okay, cuz in that last contest I thought I wouldn't make it half as far as I did...so this is a good thing...he he....I'm not a fan of arrogance, anyway; if you think you're awesome at something, odds are you're a lot worse at it than you think...soo...been hangin in my J's all weekend bein artsy...love it...avoided the crazy wind and rain this morning, but got soaked carrying my way-too-heavy groceries home before that avoidance...and have been listening/watching sex and the city all day...I swear, like 3 seasons....lotsa good quotes in that show, man. =) Also, dying to get some mail..i had to order this companies stuff for the design team try-out...and I totally love getting mail!! Specially paper mail..=) Happy night!!

Saturday, November 18, 2006


.....some lady tried to sue Coke because she drank 3 L of it a day, and apparantly it wasn't good for her. Ha ha...the funny thing is, she won...well, sort of...all she got was $134. What will she do with that money? Probably stop and buy some more Coke on the way home....silly people...that's like those stupid people who tried to sue Mcdonalds because it made them fat...that's why the nutritional guides are on everything!! So you can see full well that you're eating 50 g of saturated fat in a burger..and that if you eat that burnger three times a day that's 150g. lol...ya know? People suing companies..trying to blame companies...for their own neglect is hilarious...!! Just admit you're addicted to Coke. Or McDonalds. Or whatever. I do think that we all have some kind of addictive personality...whether it's shopping, drugs, whatever...we all cling to something and need it. Weird.

Anyways, I stayed home today...to mix paint and animate, and clean, and actually eat a meal, and do laundry and just hang out in Pj's. I will probably be regretting this tommorrow, but i am working here. Annnnd...it's nice to drink water (well, after it's boiled and cooled and what not) cuz at school, I don't go near that smelly fridge with a ten foot pole, and am sick of drinking hot stuff. stupid brown water..
=( also, realized that I'm kinda schizo; who watches Little Mermaid and Sex and the City on the same day?? They are so completely opposite but i love me both...lol...anyways, back to work!! =) Happy day!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

what would my obituary say?

haha ha...this is from a silly website;

'What will your obituary say?' at QuizGalaxy.com

I thought it was funny and random that it was art related, cuz what are the odds? All you do is put your name in...he he.....anyways, I'm alive and well...=)
And emtering that contest. Because, well...as I've said a billion times before, I like to take on way more than I can possibly handle and manage to handle it all somehow. he he...it's so fun to be busy and artsy and..too full of ideas. =) We had an awesome guest speaker at school today...Chris..somebody....it was like; the "Psychology of Animation"....stuff about personalities and industry gossip...and cool stuff....and physics, lotsa physics...=) very made-me-think-twice-about-that...=) awesome...spent 4 hours laughing and learning instead of attempting to fix little picky things in scenes so they can be signed off...(sigh)..guess where I'll be all night? Hopefully I'll get lots done...=) Happy night!


Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I am dying to scrapbook!!! Just..make some messy art...cuz, animation is art..but it's not the same as paint splattered all over and ink stained into my hands....I want to enter this design team contest for fancy pants design, cuz they have cool stuff and cool colors and...yeah....but the call for entries ends in December (smack in the middle of DIP)...buuut...it lasts for about a year, get free stuff, exposure...get to make art!! only 4 pages to make and 1 cool altered project...should I do what i usually do and take on more than I can? ha ha...tell me what ya think guys!! I really really wanna....=) other than that; very windy here, it was pushing me around on the way home, I looked all wobbly and drunk...I forgot to say i saw a raccoon on the way home yesterday...got some stamps from purple onion today...I guess that instigated my scrapbook...need. =) back to drawling!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I already blogged today (I can't help it..I need to blog)...taking a break;

I am in love with these vintage stamps...and they are cheap!! so I am trying not to buy them all...or any of em...The song on the blog; by Something Corporate...awesome band..an oldie, but a goodie song...I'd only ever heard it acoustic (Love it!) til I saw this video...I was looking for Five Times August...but no videos from him..and "It ends Tonight" by All American Rejects...I'm watching a thing on Tourette's syndrome..and I am so thankful that my friends and family and I are all so healthy/lucky...=) Cows, cows, cows comin outta the woodwork at my house...back to it..

a new low...

Yes, Mtv, if possible..has hit a new low;

"Date My Mom"....the title of a show. Now, really, it isn't as bad as that sounds..but. My. All I have to say is cougars!! (Kay, what really happens is a guy dates three moms to find out about their daughters, and then picks which daughter he'd want to date based on their moms). Ha ha. Also, the other day, on an Mtv dating show...a girl said "I like dark complected guys." (erm, I believe she was talking about the dark in tall, dark and handsome). Hah. This is why I like Mtv; it never ceases to make me laugh and feel eons smarter.

Also, youtube Sucks!!! I've been trying to download my walk cycle for days and it won't let me. =( Sooo...no visual interest for my bloggity blog blog...=( Nuttin much new with me; officially a week and a half til all of our animation is supposed to be done....I think my class, collectively, has enough scenes to make one film...(sigh)...wish me luck!! =) Happy night..

Sunday, November 12, 2006

he he...

...my little brother called me this morning...I'm still giggling about it...specially the part when I heard my mom say "okay, let me talk to her now"....followed by a "NO!" and a click. he he...silly boy...can't wait to see everybody in December!! My grrls, too...there's gotta be a girls night!! =) anyways, gotta get to school...but there's a Laguna marathon, so it's gonna be hard to rip myself away from it....hope everyone's good!

Saturday, November 11, 2006


where's my art?? this blog is so full of words this month....he he....maybe I'll put up some cow stuff soon....I was gonna post the water bucket animation I had on here way back when for lack of something better..but all ya gotta do is scroll through the old posts, i guess...I like that one...=) Sooo...took a "break" from rough animation to clean a few quick scenes and came home early and to try to figure out how I'm gonna put together my backgrounds...because I have so much to do I really couldn't just come home and do nothing...but needed to....and, subconciously, I like to give myself as much work as humanly possible, so I'm going to piece my backgrounds together with paper...I mean, which doesn't feel like work, cuz I like that stuff...but it is kind of..painstaking...seeing as I cleaned up a line to put over top of the paper level, and now have to put the paper in the same place underneath this clean line...a la' 101 dalmations backgrounds...sorta. I just realized I had acrylic paint splattered everywhere, actually...from all the experimenting...ahhh...art fun. Watched Art School Confidential while doing this paper stuff...and....well. I thought the teeny comic was way better than the hour and a half long film. anyways, work tommorrow....(yum..chocolate...!!) I am really wishing I got a weekend, seeing as it's a long one...but I am really getting excited about film now that I'm getting somewhere...he he...=) Today I finished the scene where she whips off the udder and shoots down some kids. who-ho!! the comments were both "that's disgusting" and "that's cute" all at the same time..so I'm happy..=) Also..still dying for that new tatoo...dying to finish designing it...=) Off to beds with me....

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Akk!! I forgot; yesterday I found these awesome up-and-coming scrapbook products that I fell in love with from Creative Imaginations...skulls and tatoo inspired paper and stuff?? omigod! soooo cool! good thing they aren't out yet...or I'd be broke...


Random thoughts;....Thank god "K-fed" will never be in the public eye again, soon. Borat would have broken tons of movie records opening weekend, had it played at more theatres (yay! politically incorrect movies!)...Rocky on Laguna beach said a line I hate when it comes to relationships; "I'll change for you....you make me want to change", while trying to convince her boyfriend to stay with her. I was like...A) you should never have to convince a guy to stay with you, and B) you should not be with someone you have to change for, or ever compromise yourself to be somebody you think he would like more. Obviously, it's not gonna work out if he doesn't like who you are. I mean, I know these girls are young...but come on! And i thought she was the smart one on Laguna and then she goes and disappoints me...(sigh). what else? Oh! i slept on my couch so as to actually wake up early and I moved my alarm across the room and I still managed to sleep for 3 hours more than I'd hoped. Silly alarms. So. enough with trying to wake up early. I've lived here for....9 months...and have 3 sets of phone books. Somethings goin on there..lol...just got a new set today....oh! MTV was discussing "emo" yesterday, and nobody there knew what it really was, and all these emo kids kept calling in and saying "well, it's when you wear tight pants and dye your hair darker", etc, etc. And I was like...nooo..this is what emo has become, people. I looked it up a while ago, and it really is a type of music that started in the 80's; frankly, not good music, and not what "emo" music today is. Really, you can't undertand what the singer dude is saying because he's screaming and high notes and low notes and mumbling and more screaming annnd...that's it. But today, anybody who kind of screams in a song and looks emo is emo. And emo itself is even a descriptive word, like.."oh, that's so emo." Which, I have to say...cuz we say this at school...does serve a purpose...cuz everybody knows what the emo today means...most people just don't know the genre of music that the trend stemmed from. Zats all. Probably totally random and not making sense right now...soooo...Off to bed with me. =)

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


will it never end?? I tried to stay up all night last night animating...but I just can't do it for more than 16 hours at a time...lol...soo, my plan of action was to sleep from, like...2-5 everyday....and I tried that this morning, but ended up just making it to school on time....sooo..stay up as late as I possibly can every night, it is. That's the plan. Monday is my own deadline..I want to be done animating by then..but it's looming. I have lots to do...I have 7 or 19 scenes all done..and, surprisingly, I am not stressed at all about the other ones. They'll get done. It's not like I can work more than I already am...sooo..yeah. The scary thing is...the class before us just had their whole-film-done deadline today...and we're next!!! That is gonna come waaaaay too soon! Soo...back to work with me....Oh! Mom....thanks for the ebay book! I picked it up yesterday and had forgotten that it was coming, so i was happily surprised!! We all looked at it at school today...=) thanks!! happy night!

Monday, November 06, 2006


always good for the laugh of the day!:

"I like an intellectual girl who likes to conversate."

ha ha. That about sets the intellectual bar, there. Just caught a lil episode of 'Next' and this was the first thing I heard...oh, next. Off to bed; gotta try to stay up all night tommorrow after Chiro. wish me luck!!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Profiles need pictures. And pictures need to be posted to link to these profiles. Argh. Internet. This is for 2peas. Yes, it's a scrapbooking thing. Yes, it is dorky. I can no longer explain that it is not a dorky hobby. Even the word hobby sounds dorky in this sentence. But honestly, my stuff is not dorky. So the gist; just ignore this picture. =) he he...

right now...

Things I am lovin; Apple-pears...i buy them every week...crunchy like an apple...the color of a pear...but tastes like both. yum! This band called Five Times August...a song called "Up to Me" has been played by me constantly for the last 24 hrs....bought an Edward gorey calender that is making me smile...(Edward gorey is a cool old dude who wrote morbid, happily-rhyming stories with disturbing but awesome illustrations...kind of pen and ink style...it's kind of like Happy Tree friends...you can't look at it for too long cuz it makes ya crazy) Erm...saw more shirts with skellingtons on them at winners that i had to rip out of my own hands so as not to buy...same with coats. I love coats. But I have at least 10. No more for me. I also have almost filled up a whole journal...in the last two years. very funny to read the old stuff. Wanting to buy a new one...also, dying to read Margaret Atwood's new book...but hardcovers are so outrageously priced!! Ermmm..it sounds like I just want to spend money...but I've been good....=) that's all...Again, check out the band. Five times august. Awesome...=) good night!!

*kay, I said band; but really, it's just this dude and his guitar. Very..Dashboard confessional. Which I love..=)

Saturday, November 04, 2006


I am lovin Jared Leto. I mean, he was cool as an actor, but he is way hotter as an emo boy. (See video below)....I saw 30 seconds to Mars live on MTV and he/they sound sooo good acoustic...awesome..=) laguna...drama as usual. My OC was on thursday, and it was actually better than I thought it would be; they weren't dwelling too much on Marissa having died...but Summer as a granola is kind of..irking me out. Umm..what else? Bought some cheap halloween candy. Yum! No tootsie rolls though..=(...feel gross from eating microwaveable food all day...gawd, it sucks eating canned stuff for weeks and weeks...Must take better care of my hands...they are cracking and calloused in a billion different places from all that drawing I'm doin..and it's not even clean-up yet! Annnd...I'm gonna have to pull a few all-nighters to get my stuff done..but it's fun stuff I'm animating now; like udders shooting and cow's jumping around..he he..wish me luck! =)


Wednesday, November 01, 2006

can I stop time?

Really..i feel like even with an extra week it will be impossible to get my stuff done...well, not impossible..it isn't..it just feels like it is today...argh! I just have to remember that...even though there is a "deadline"...that's not the be-all-end-all of it all...there's a few weeks of give in there...but my, I do have a lot to do....today, we had production meetings, and the head of department said "wow, you set yourself up for a lot of work...". Then I realized, wow...I always do this. Always clean stuff up when i don't have to. Always do more projects than I have time to do. Always take the...long road, I guess. Maybe it's a good thing; doing more work....but it's really..hard. lol...At least i can watch Laguna and Top Model while animating tonight...hopefully that will work for me..=) Happy night....and happy belated candy day!! =)