Thursday, November 16, 2006

what would my obituary say?

haha ha...this is from a silly website;

'What will your obituary say?' at

I thought it was funny and random that it was art related, cuz what are the odds? All you do is put your name in...he he.....anyways, I'm alive and well...=)
And emtering that contest. Because, I've said a billion times before, I like to take on way more than I can possibly handle and manage to handle it all somehow. he's so fun to be busy and artsy and..too full of ideas. =) We had an awesome guest speaker at school was like; the "Psychology of Animation"....stuff about personalities and industry gossip...and cool stuff....and physics, lotsa physics...=) very made-me-think-twice-about-that...=) awesome...spent 4 hours laughing and learning instead of attempting to fix little picky things in scenes so they can be signed off...(sigh)..guess where I'll be all night? Hopefully I'll get lots done...=) Happy night!


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Mom said...

Well have fun girl if you decided to do that - you will do amazing!!! No worried there - just your mom and worry about you overloading!!! But like I said before like mother like daughter!!
Hope you have a happy night!! Glad you enjoyed a few hours of laughter.
P.S. Your brother was talking and playing with a spider last night and telling him COME BACK!! hee hee