Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Red Velvet Love

Oh, yes....its that time. That Red Velvet kit time. :) Actually, I was done these guys a few days ago..I just haven't had a moment to post them yet! So, for those with the September kit still waiting to be played with, a little inspo:

Yes, that's little Michelle...in her natural habitat. Okay, well...not the farm pictures. The caught-being-silly/dancing is much more natural than the farm...
And a clipboard that was super-fun to decorate! I haven't altered anything in a long while, so it was cool - plus, I covered it in this fab clear contact paper to protect it all once the paper was on there - love that stuff! :) Yay! Oh, I love me some new Sassafras Lass...sooo much, too! Such inspiring paper to work with and cut into pieces!

And have you seen the Red Velvet October kit?? Oooh...

It looks amazing! Everytime I see houndstooth I just swoon. :) Plus - It's kind of Halloween-ey and kind of not, too...which is lovely. I'm not usually one for theme kits, so I can't wait to play with its versatile goodness! Its up for sale right here, and there's a bunch of cool clearance goodies there, too! And if you need more inspiration, check out the Dt's gallery links on the right-hand side of the RVKC blog. :) Annnd...if that's not enough, this fab girl is joining us a guest for October - dude. :)

Anyhoo - more soon! I have the Dozens' "Rainbow Nerds" kit goodies to post, Pink Paislee pages from September (geesh, when did I get behindon my posting?? lol..) and more! Thanks as always for your sweet comments - and if you have questions or anything, please don't hesitate to e-mail me - I haven't had any time as of late to get back to questions and things left in the comments, but I always (eventually..) get back to my e-mails! :)

As for me, I think I have carpel tunnel in my left hand, which is odd...(I'm right-handed) but it hurts like crazy!! Silly work...Must get it on its way to better!! We're making Christmas plans...had the score from Jurrasic Park stuck in my head yesterday (random!) and am still giggling about Paris hiltons new show. Ugh - but I can't turn away...lol. Hope everyone is well - more craftiness, soon! :)

Sunday, September 28, 2008


So you should all go see "Burn after Reading"...sooo funny, such cool unexpected twists. It's a gotta-see. Love them Coens! Brad Pitt is hilarious, well..okay, they're all so funny. :) Loved it!Plus, the text on the poster rocks, if the amazing cast and the Coen's have yet to convince you! We went on a lil date nate last night - ice cream, vanilla vodka + sprite, popcorn, fab movie...it was lovely. :)

Oh! And the link to the rest of the summer Calgary pictures lives here! Finally made em public today!

I'm currently obsessed with Death Cab for Cutie's "The Ice is Getting Thinner", Hills re-runs, and am dug deep into my Red Velvet and Dozens' kits today! Whee! :) Its so fun - and its nice and sunny, so we went for an oddly almost-like-summer walk in the sunshine along the beach with our Cafe Mochas. :) Yum! Love Sunday for its chill factor...totally not looking forward to getting up at 5 am for work tomorrow (Ugh, one o'clock deadlines!) but after that, the week should be as chill as today. Yay! Eye candy will be posted soon! Hope everyone had a happy weekend!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Summer flashback...

Ahh...such a fun visit/finally-getting-to-meet Tzanko's brother this weekend! Fun, fun! We walked around the city a little, watched some movies, made some yummy food, drank some yummy drinks. :) And the house is all clean and organized, now, too! Well...at some point it will be cleaned again...ha ha.

Okay, so, I always joke that I'm always, like....4 weeks behind on my schedule of getting-to-it. Getting to everything, that is...it takes a while to sit there as an idea and percolate into an actual being. Ha ha..but, really, Calgary was way beyond 4 weeks ago so finally I edited and uploaded pictures for a moment tonight! Yay! Here's some of my faves from our weekend there in July:
And then there were the giant bubbles:Pictures of the summer are cool, though...cuz, well...I'm not ready for Fall. I still wear flip-flops to work even though its chilly - I am in denial that the leaves have turned red and orange. lol...just a little. For now, I cling to what's left of the sun. Anyhoo - the rest of the backyard Calgary pictures will be on Flickr shortly, if you're so inclined! (my computer is a dinosaur tonight, I'll link the gallery up when its there!)

As for me - I need to get up in the wee hours for work tomorrow - the production schedule isn't kind to me this week....but hump day is over, so its okay - I can see the weekend! I got my Red Velvet September kit in the mail tonight and it is lovely - dying to play with that and My Dozens' kit so badly!! Eeek! The new Sassafras is amazing! They always rock that patterned paper... :) Oh! And hubby's music video for the Canadian group, "Art of Fresh" was on MTV (MTV Canada) tonight! he he...they played parts of it as a trailer for the guy's performance 4 or 5 times - we were all giggly about it! Mtv?? So cool!!!

Anyhoo....off I go! Craftiness to share, soon - I'm totally jonesing! Visiting your lovely blogs soon, too! Thanks for the sweet words, as always! :) Can't wait until work cools down and I catch-up and chill....ahh. Pictures from Victoria and Galiano island still need to be posted! lol...Happy day!

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Okay, I will soon hop back onto the regularly-blogging bandwagon, I swear! lol...I've been so MIA lately, sorry loyal, lovely readers!! :) You know I love to blog, I just pshycially have had no time!! Oy, soon work will chill out and I'll be working on 1 show a week, not 4...ahh! Thanks for sticking with me! Anyhoo - Z's little brother is visiting us right now - he flew in Saturday night, and yesterday we hung out and went to Granville island and ate yummy food...it was nice and chill. So happy to finally meet him!! He's with us for a few more days, so it'll be fun!

And I don't have any new scrappies to share, but I did design this lovely paper a few weeks ago exclusively for The Dozens and a peek has just been released!! Its my fave, so far! Largely inspired by my Catalog of Type, the '80's and Bam-Pop, here are "Boss" and "Slang Jam": Anyway, these little babies (one 12 x 12 patterned paper and one 6 x 6 die-cut) haven't been released yet, but there's a little giveaway going on over at the Dozens blog! (You could be the first to have these guys!!) So head on over there, here (scroll down and read the rules), for a chance to win! And while you're there, read Dana's lovely interview (The Dozens' was featured all over this month!!). Yay! Stay tuned for the release of those papers for sale, and soon lines of cards and prints inspired by this here paper will be released in my shop, too! :) I'm largely obsessed with hand-type right now....

Anyway, hope everyone is well! Off I go - more soon! :)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Oh my...

Oh my...is it Friday already? Where did this week go?? Oh, waaait...I've been busy Spring cleaning....ha ha. No, seriously, that about how far behind on my list I am. lol...so I've been MIA cuz the house is finally clean and organized and in order - dude! Well, okay, we still have to do the kitchen and a few more odds and ends. I've been so antsy sitting here at work, though, cuz my nights haven't been very creative....lol. Must.....make...something.

Next up on the good ol list - Etsy shop hunkering-down-for-the-holidays, making products for the holidays, finishing up some stamp designs (so excited about this!!), designing the new portfolio/website....Oy. Neverending. :) One of these days I'll be in order - just in time for hot chocolate and mittens, I bet! lol....

On the scrapbook-front, Marie posted the first in a bunch of fun Red Velvet Kit Club challenges from us DT girls! Yay! :) It's right here - go play along!

As for me, kind of buried in work at work right now....soon the production is coming to an end and I'm so excited to have a few months off...aah. Well, its exciting and always a little scary, too, but its the breather I need. And "Rainbow Nerds" is up at the Dozens!! Dude - such a fab kit for September...so much yummy goodness! I'm eagerly awaiting my kits so I can get my scrap on soon....:) Whee! And no post is complete with some fun colorful goodness, so here's one of my fave recent Etsy purchases: Moody Monster Postcards by Falldowntree:

I think they were made for me....he he. I am slowly becoming addicted to that shop, too: I glance there every few days and fall in love with goodies like this Skunk + Pickle and this Pirate Ship (sigh). :) Lovely. Happy weekend, all! Z's brother is coming to visit us Saturday night and staying for a few days - Yay! I finally get to meet him. :) So excited!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Dude, its Monday....

...well, almost not anymore! lol...it was a busy day of only a few hours of sleep and lots of work at work and, well, it was Monday. Mondays are never fabulous. However, today was my day to blog over at Pink Paislee so I have a new project to share:
It was super-fun to make this page - the pictures are of me, my little sister, and my grandpa and grandma climbing our backyard apricot tree one Penticton summer. Love it! Such good memories of that little house and the grandparents' visits to our little town!! Oh how I loved growing up in a town of fresh fruit and beaches....

You can check out my blog post right here, and while you're there, scroll down to see the reveal of 2 new Paislee lines: "Sweet Cakes" and "Tinsel Town"...they're so yummy!! Holly just rocks the designs every time! :) So excited for those lines!

Oh! And a big ol thank-you-I'm-blushing goes out to Sassafras Lass for featuring us Red Velvet DT Girls' kit goodies made using their amazing products! I love Sass Lass!! :) (Special thanks to Katie for pointing it out, too!) And speaking of Red Velvet - there are some yummy project reveals goin on over there, too!! Yay! So excited to get my kit in the mail!

Weekend was fab - film screenings; nothing like indie animation and a beer. :) Ikea. (we are now the happy owners of both a bathroom shelf and a workspace shelf unit. Dude. So happy!) Sunshine. Top Model re-runs. I was just oohing and aahing over an all-time fave site that I haven't had a moment to visit in forever and am now jonesing to do. I've also been oohing and aahing over Rachel's fab Faulty Heart art journal class (sigh). I can't work in my space at the moment as its ripped apart and its killing me! I'm dying to take a small business course or two, but am realizing all around me that these things are better built up slowly over time - Rome was not built in a day! ha ha....baby steps are hard for me to do when I want to dive in.

Anyhoo - off to sleep! Busy, busy week ahead of me. Thanks, as always, for stopping by! I miss having spare time to check my fave blogs and say hello and I hope it changes very very soon! And PS...I'm so excited bout the Dozens' kit reveal - you'll know why very very soon as its up tomorrow! :) tee hee...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Well, hello

Oh, man, is this blog driving me crazy, now!! lol...I haven't updated it in what seems like ages..so antsy. I think the new Red Velvet design has me itching to update!! he he...I am working on a website right now (well, sort of..the best in web-building I can do) to consolidate my internet self and I'm so excited!! My contract's nearing its end at work, so its time to start revamping my portfolio and therefore the blog, too. :) Yay! Oh, yeah...and job-searching! he he. Speaking of Red Velvet kits, some page goodies from the September kit are up on the blog - keep peeking there for more new happenings coming very, very soon!

As for me - I can't stop thinking of the line in "Nick and Norah's infinite playlist": "I'm taking a mental health day." Hah. Dying to see that movie, too! Z got to stay home yesterday morning (our production is somewhat 'caught-up' so there was no work!) but I had to go in, I was all pouty. I've been dying for a creative day...Anyhoo - last night I finished all my work (at 8pm, mind you) so today I got to stay home and play! Yay! Z's home, too. Tomorrow will be crazy busy at work, now, and I missed a day of pay voluntarily..lol..but my mental health is thanking me as I'm about to sit down and draw for a few hours. Also, picking up shelves and other vital workspace stuff tonight, so its all good! Yay!

Annnd...the Dozens' September kit projects are up! The girls' lovelies are now posted on the blog - I finished mine last night so they'll be up on the blog soon, too! Whee! :) For now, here they are:

It was so fun to scrap with this kit! :) And it was also so fun to see what all the other amazing DT girls made with the paper + stamp I drew, too! (giant post of eye candy+ inspo right here!) And, kay, maybe I'm a little biased, but the cut-out paper I designed was soooo fun! lol...I had some leftover, so I couldn't resist making some little home-decor inspired cards for the shop:The "Nice Digs" set and the "Happy Home" set. :) Okay! Off to draw (and maybe sift through the 400 pictures we took in Galiano!!), thanks for the sweet words and for peeking in, as always! Happy day!

Friday, September 05, 2008


I was totally hoping for a weekend of catch-up. Where do these 2 precious days go? I know, I think I say that every weekend...but really, they just disappear! lol...Instead, I had a weekend of sleeping in, eating with birthday friends at a cool restaurant with yummy Afghan food + shared vase drinks + belly dancers, my fave lovely dovey funny movie, some scrapbooking, some drawing, some great wine + homemade chili (that I made!)...some lounging. I worked at the pace of a snail, but its all good...lol. It was a lovely time!

I really was hoping for a weekend of finally getting to work on my own stuff, which is making me seriously take a step back, cuz there was no time for that. I have to look at my schedule and stop myself from taking on all that extra guest-stuff that is so fun and such an honor to do, but just cuts all into my own creating time - a tad bit bummed about all my ideas sitting in notebooks, tonight, but super-happy at the fun guest-design oppurtunities I've had thus far. Things will be a changin' a bit very soon on that front as I focus on the shop more and get a handle on my DT/design work with a few months off of work approaching!

On the upside (the super-fun upside!!) - a lovely new batch of designs for The Dozens' is done (this may be the funnest one ever!!) and you'll be seeing peeks very very soon! Seriously, I love these designs...I just want to roll around in em'....they are very much inspired by this fab book (which I can't stop leafing through and falling in love with - so far my best artsy book investment for a girl who loves type so much!):
Also, have you seen this?? Danielle Thompson asked me (and a whole amazing, amazing group of fanulously talented ladies!! Eeek!) to use some designs from her brand-new digi shop, Kitschy Digitals....the shop just opened up, and I have yet to dig into the goodies and make some lovelies, but check out the rockin' gallery! So, so honored and thankful to have been asked to scrap for her! :) Thanks girl! Look for pages from me using those wonderful goodies soon!

And....a little blog re-design over at Red Velvet went down this weekend, check it out here! Man, did I have fun making the new blog goodies with woodgrain + scallops + handwriting...there will probaby be a few tweaks still this week, plus our DT gallery links - I hope you like! :)

As for me, tomorrow is a super-long-crazy-overtime day - a whole lotta episodes due, not a whole lotta time to do it all alone. A little stressful...must get up at the crack of dawn, which is never fun. I'll be posting the Dozens' "Dress My Nest" pages very soon this week, amoung other things....(hopefully Galiano pictures - there are some funny ones involving moped helmets...he he) and we're finally hunkering down next weekend and cleaning/organizing the workspaces/house this weekend - I've never been so excited about cleaning in my life!! We won't have bathroom stuff in the closet? We'll have shelves so I don't lose my scissors 26 times while I'm working, or get paint on my Wacom tablet? Ahhhh...so lovely. So bear with my if I'm scarce while I reorganize myself for my sanity! lol...Happy week, everybody! :)

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


The weekend away at Galiano island was fab - a nice low-key, close-to-camping feel about it. Great almost-scary teeny plane, lots of purple starfish, rocky beaches, climbing, exploring, a moped rental, roasting hot dogs, Top gun, hitchhiking, Orcas, etc. Just what we needed - though our legs seriously hurt from all the climbing we did...hah. Pictures soon! I have yet to go through the last 2 weekends away (ha ha) so hopefully I have a spare minute soooon. it's been go-go-go since we got back with design stuffs.

I am craving plaid. and wool. and thick dark tights. but not fall - fall here in Vancouver is not very fun - it just rains and rains in record-breaking amounts. It's always gray. I love the sun + summer, but I think the back-to-school-shopping bug has bit me good - I seriously am in dire need of fall clothes. I'm stuck in the budget-of-a-student rut, still, though, as I pay off those lovely school loans....argh. I'll manage to get a few yummy new pieces and I'll be satisfied, though. Yay! I'm already Etsy-surfing cuz my tee-shirt fix does not ever seem to be met at the mall.

This weekend has been dubbed get-life-and-home-caught-up weekend. It feels all a-shambles. I can no longer put off Spring cleaning cuz the reno's with the pipes in the apartment are now officially done as of 2 weeks ago! Well, it's celebrate Z's birthday weekend, too. Whee! I'm always up for a little beer and animation friends. :) Speaking of, Happy birthday to my best hubby!
There will be cake and toasting. He's the bestest - I'm still pinching myself that I found a guy as silly as me who likes motorcycles and animation and makes me lil handmade cards, too (shh..) and carves me hearts out of driftwood at the beach (double-shh.) he he.... :) Love him!

More from me very, very soon. :) Thanks, friends!