Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Last Scrapper Standing 4...whew...

Yes, I made the 3rd contest cut! It's down to 25ish people right now, and I feel so sorry for the girls cuz they have to pick 1 page out of 25ish awesome pages! And, yikes! I just made the deadline!! I spilled ink over my hand-cut swirly pieces not long before this thing was due...yikes! geesh, this last minute, the contest has been really fun...buuut...i think this girl who has already featured on their website is gonna win it...I'm happy to have gotten this far, though!! And I now have some awesome, artsy pages that I never would've thought to do if I hadn't had the push to do them from the effers' girls....=) very cool..all of the entries are so awesome! Very talented ladies...I am waving good bye to the paper prize....he he....s'okay....i love doing this artsy stuff, so I love it either way...anyways, the challenge was to use 10 patterned papers...which I rarely do, and have definately never done this many crazy bright colors altogether...i now have to pack up my supplies, cuz film start day is officially Sept. 18!!! Ahhh!! And now, back to my homework...then I have to clean up the scrapbook things that are all over my little living room!! =) he he...Oh! And just found out today that there are 3 new managers at that's why there is no schedule past this saturday...and I'm kinda worried that they'll want me to work more, when I'm not even sure if I can work at all!! argh! We'll see....Good night!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


I just had to post, because, in my I've-only-slept-for-30-minutes tonight stupor, I was attempting to sleep on my couch with Muchmusic on, (trying to be as uncomfortable as possible so I wouldn't fall into can't-wake-me-up-ever sleep) when, lucky me, Justin Timberlake came on and said "I mean, like...Nirvana determined what pop was years ago.." Ha ha!! Anyways, I was wide awake after that cuz I was laughing at the general stupidness of this whole 'celebrity' concept...we are expected to look up to people who, though it happens to be their career, don't understand different genres of music?? Oy..Nirvana? Pop? Albeit, they became popular, which totally went against everything Kurt Cobain strove for. Justin, can you even begin to confuse grunge rock with pop? Wow. I need coffee. I reached a point where I know the thing I stayed up all night working on will not be done by the end of today...and frankly, I can't work on one thing for that long a stretch without getting sooo bored with it! So I'm happy...he he...just thought I'd share me laugh..=) Good morning!

Monday, August 28, 2006

How is it that once I start downloadin tunes, I can't stop?? I find all these awesome little bands with names that make me Crash Romeo, The red jumpsuit apparatus, and Armor for cool is that? And once I hear part of a song, I download as many as I possibly can til I find all their good ones..and at least once every few weeks, I latch onto a fave song and listen to it constantly until I find a new fave one - currently, "through glass" by Stone Sour (if you have not heard "bother" by them, too..shame on you)....see the bottom of the page...And, since I'm not one of those crazies who looks up every detail of every band member, I never know when some of my old faves (ie: the Donnas) have released something new, so when I find that...I just have to be all over it...and these little bands always somehow lead me to other, equally awesome, little bands with awesome names that latch me'm such a indie(?) band junkie...Only, now that I have a quick music fix and a new cd to burn, I have to stop today, cuz my film storyboard (the first version) is due tommorrow...and I...have not....done....much. ha ha...totally not stressed though, vacations are such therapy! =) Off to blast tunes and draw all night (literally, all night). he he...hope all is good!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Party at Paul's!

Who-ho! As promised, party pictures...this is my friend Jake, a little drunk, with a condom on his head; We were all hangin out, having just watched Jackass (influential, obviously..not saying that he's a jackass, just saying that the show makes some people wanna do crazy things after seeing it for an hour and a half straight), and having just finished gambling a little...when me and Paul realized we were $6 up...sooo...thus started some talk which ended up with the condom on the head. He got $5 to do it. No, wait...$5.01. Which was kinda funny, cuz he did it once a while ago before, and didn't get anything for this time he almost forgot to collect his earnings...he he...anyways, they had to blow it up first, then shove it on there, then once it was over his nose, he was blowing it up like crazy til it got so big that it popped...ha ha...such a funny guy...It was so cool to jus chill out with everybody....calgary was so fun!! Got to hang out with my Paul and my best grrl Mandy lots...and my was busy, went by way too fast...but it was awesome to see everybody!! Miss you all already! =) he he...*disclaimer: though drunk at the time, Jake said he wanted to be famous, so I could go ahead and put the pictures on my blog. lol..


My little nephew, Damian is the cutest little dude ever! While in Calgary, my mom, sister and I drove up to Drumheller to check out the dinosaur's some pics from there (thanks to my mom for the pics - tell me if you don't want them on here, Nay) he he...argh...just realized I didn't get any good ones of my lil brother this time...I was concentrating too much on chasing down the d-man to get a not-blurry picture....he's so speedy! lol...

Saturday, August 26, 2006


I just realized I lost my favorite new hoodie on the way back here...=( I wore it constantly for the last few days, I loved it so much...(sigh) least it was cheap...=(...Oh! And my fishy is still alive! he managed a week with no food, poor fishy..and I finished the surprise contest page that was sprung on me on Thursday's how my friday looked; Doctor's appointment, race home and work on the page, Haircut, race home and work on the page, Dentist appointment, race home and work on the page, pack, Party!! who-ho...Saturday: came home, worked on the page while I hung out with the family...packed, flew here...took a cab home (and lost my hoodie) and finished and posted the hour before deadline even...ahhh...hopefully I make it to the last challenge...hopefully there's only one more, cuz I have lotsa homework to do!! anyways, it was to use some kind of liquid medium..meaning like paint, watercolors, etc.'s done. Oh! I have some awesome pictures from the party...and of my lil nephew and will post later.....must unpack and do laundry. =) Oh! and for all the artistes out there, the drawings on the page are just doodles, and have no sense of perspective, etc. whatsoever. I was in a hurry and on vacation. he he...

Thursday, August 24, 2006


Yay! having soo much fun here in Calgary..this week is going by way too fast! So much to update...but this computer likes to randomly say 'there has been an error' and shut down all the windows you have open every 10 minutes or so, so I'll keep it third contest entry is done and was supposed to just have circles and more circles on it...and I just got home and checked the site today, and it has been cut down to 40 people and I am still in!! yay! Only catch is, there is a layout to be done inbetween now and the last (final)'s due on Saturday...the day I happen to be flying home..he he..sooo...guess what I get to do tonight?? he he...a very cool happy accident though...there is always time to be artsy...=) More on my week later...(when I have a reliable computer at hand)...=)

Friday, August 18, 2006

Wow!! Wow...WooOwWww....
I just saw Ca60's films and I am blown away! Congrads, guys! You all did awesome, made us laugh, and inspired me like crazy! =) I can't wait to make my film! (sure, i say this now..) Not only that, but I am blown away that my class is halfway done!! Two more classes grad and then us!! ahh! Cool but scary at the same time..I'm starting to feel that vfs is like a long sentence without a pause, (I don't mean, like..a prison sentence..) when you read an essay and there's a really long squished together sentence and you can't catch your breath til the end...So many details to get everything in all at once..kind of overwhelming...but still awesome...It has come up that I am kinda a quiet vfs person, too..he he..(I'm quiet? Really??)..I mean, my friends wouldn't say I'm quiet..I'm one of those take-forever-to-get-to-know-people people, and having to do animation 24/7, plus apartment upkeep, plus work, plus I'm a slow drawler...I am frankly baffled how people find time to do anything but work!! (Where? Where is this time, guys??) Besides...I like my peace and quiet...=) really, I go crazy if I talk too much in one day..(though I think my boyfriend would beg to disagree here..cuz I'm pretty chatty when I wanna be) he he..Plus, I think I am the only person at vfs who doesn't play some sort of video/computer game, therefore I am the black But seriously; watch out for the shy ones. =p Ooo! My class hung out altogether for the first time today..very cool..and the deadlines all got pushed to Monday, so the stress level was non-existent...ahhh...And I made the contest cut again!! Yay! Only 85 people left of 470...I feel honored...considering the girl whom I think is going to win has already been published lots, and has guest-scrapped for the contest's website's cool that I get to keep goin; this challenge is to use only lines whatsoever..which will be hard for me...I have a feeling their last challenge will be something like "use only a white pen and white cardstock", or "use no paper at all"..he jus keeps gettin more interesting....but the girls are awesome and it's fun..=) Leaving for Calgary in the morning...that's why I raced home from the grad...stuff to do, packing, then flying off tommorrow...then off to the dinosaur museum with my nephew, sister, lil brother and mom on Sunday...yay! Drumheller!! Hope the vfs'ers all have a great break..=) Ahhh...finally....=)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Last Scrapper Standing #2...

Hello all...Just finished the second contest page; the challenge was to use 13 pictures...There are about 190 ladies left in competition...and everyone is so awesome!'s my contribution...And no, it is not photo-shopped. I don't know anything about photoshop...!! Now, I have to clean up the creative mess that is trailed all over my little apartment, and then head back to school all night to finish the last 2 imperitive projects..wish me luck! I have a little bit of sleep to run on, at least; I went to bed at 2am last night for what i thought would be 3 hours, tops, and woke up 9 hours later...only to miss adam's class again!!! Argh!! I don't know what it is about Wednesdays, I just can't wake up!! I can't wake up at all lately, my body is protesting, I think. So, if I feel the urge to nap, I now know not to! Maybe I should just stay awake til Friday night. Maybe I'll have to!! least the contest for this week is done..ahhh...=)

Monday, August 14, 2006


Done one homework thing. 6 (?) to go. he eyes are starting to close involuntarily, though...and my throat hurts so I'm taking echinacea like crazy and drinking lotsa's only Monday, i can't be getting sick already!! Just realized my fish has no one to feed him while I'm gone next week...such hassle for such a little creature...I'm frankly surprised he's still alive because of how often I've fed and cleaned him lately...sheesh. Had a good day, though...I'm working on water splashing out of a bucket and am really happy with how it's turning out...=) Oh! And I get to see my boyfriend while in Calgary...just not right away...he he..=) Annnd...I am psyched for the dare I have to do, but it's due on wednesday...hopefully that's'm not a quitter...must do everything I take on..if only I weren't so damn detail oriented...he's a curse and a gift, I guess. Back to the homework; final film storyboard! (you can't hear it, but I am pulling out my hair right now.)

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Random stuff... smells like skunk outside..why? because a skunk lives in the garden outside my apartment building...I almost ran into him one day; literally...I got lost in this little 'maze' of turns, ended up at a silly little lookout point that goes nowhere and is right beside the I turned around, found the sidewalk, and walked right beside the lookout point, and who was there? The skunk. Eeew. And, the apartment directly across from me outside still has their chirstmas tree up. Still. I thought it was odd when i moved here in January that it was still up. And they always have it's lights on. And apartment chores suck; I used to not mind cleaning and stuff, it was kinda cool cuz it was my own place. It's still cool that i have my own place, but it sucks at how much time is wasted sweeping and doing laundry and the pile of dishes i've let sit there all week. Argh. Soo..thus starts homework week; 4 1/2 days til deadline. I know I will not get everything done. But 1 project is done and most are halfway there. Not soooo bad. Just a little..daunting. And I get to do another dare for the contest! Honored to be in the running with so many published scrapbookers. Very cool. Annnd..I get to go home to calgary and visit everyone soon! except...I've just been told I can't even bring chapstick on the plane now (thanks a lot, terrorists.....wreck it for us all) and I think I am going to die because I put it on at least twice an hour...=( Stupid terrorists. boyfriend may not even be in Calgary when i get there..=(...he has to go out of town for work and they keep pushing back the date..! I'm reverse-psychology-ing the whole thing. Cuz i really wanna see him...2 months since I saw him last time...=( Anyways..homework!! Homework. Gotta go...

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Break time!

Just a quick little break from homework day...I am still the only one in my class here...since 9 am...(sigh)...crazy guys....Oh! And you should click here, then click on "old time's sake" once there. My life drawing teacher was having fun with some teddy bears..It's so funny!! Made me laugh..=)


Okay, i am on my way to bed..just had to say, you know ya live in the West end when you hear Michael Jackson and Cher coming from all those hot, Friday-night parties..he he...For those who don't, the gay pride parade is held 1 block from my house. Made me giggle on the way home tonight. End of term, end of term!!! (Officially 5 whole working days for until everything is god! I hope I can do project (almost) down today!) Oddly enough, I was one of the few actually working on my stuff tonight, and I know I am not that far behind....I don't understand how people can not be stressed when there is so much to do and not so much time to do it til the deadline!! Not that I'm overly stressed, I just know I will not get sleep. =(. Oh!! But on a brighter note, I made the contest's first cut! They went from 470+ people to 190ish, I think...yay!! I mean, more to do, but yay! The competition is awesome, though..some very talented's all so subjective though, as with all art, everyone has such a different's so much fun bein all artsy though..not that I'm not artsy on a day-to-day The new challenge is to use 13 photos on one page..hmm...Anyways, in honor of the ikea catologue that came in the mail, here is a picture of my apartment. yes, ikea threw up all over my wood floors. All over. They should be paying me for advertising. On a sad note, I realized the other day that my classroom at school is bigger than my whole entire place. And now, I realize I am procrastinating bedtime because I did not procrastinate my school work today; I must have a daily quota?!? Off to bed with me...=)

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Last Scrapper Standing...

...ahh...done my first contest entry. The dare for the contest was journalling on a photo; I went a little crazy with spray paint and sewing, though..he he...I was up til 3 last night working on everything after staying at school til about 9:30 working on stuff; thus, I went to nap for 2 hours, and slept accidentley for 7, not even hearing my alarm (sorry Adam!), and then rushing to finish the rest of the homework at noon that I had planned to do this morning, because it didn't get done while I was accidently sleeping, obviously. Argh! And to top it all off, I had a killer headache all day, I think inhaling the spray paint fumes from the page were to blame for that, so came home early to snooze and feel better. Then, later, realized I had no batteries to take a picture of my entry, just ironically because I remembered that i should charge my camera batteries a few days ago and forgot about it until tonight. Sooooo off to the store I went, only to (happily) realize that I had cartoons to pick up from the post office (finally), Ben & Jerry's Choc. Chip Cookie dough was on sale, and I could buy an eyelash curler that doesn't rip out my eyelashes!! Annnnd I got my page submitted before the deadline! Yay! So my night took a turn for the better, now, off to eat ice cream and watch ren and stimpy...(which, I will not watch all night, but if I happened to, I would not miss Adam's class anyways because it is slotted safely after lunchtime.) =)

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Mixed feelings...

(sigh) I've had kind of an up and down weekend; it was nice to stay home yesterday, but work was nice, too...nice change of scenery for that one day a week, & no grumpy customers today!...yesterday I was kind of lonely for like..a second, then got a billion cool phone calls that made me feel tons and tons better...have so much work to do, but know it's because I took on more than I should have...but am excited about the fact that I can not possibly be bored doing anything because I have so much to freaking about my money situation again (loans, bills, loans, more loans), and then realized that it will all be okay...everything always works out how it's meant to. Ahhh....lit some candles, had a zen moment. And then, flipped on my favorite, TLC, and the WORST SHOW on tv is on; "The Messengers" Ugh. I mean, if you like listening to people preach for an hour, cool, but it's horrible! Maybe it's cuz I'm not religious, but this crap should not be televised. Sooo, I watch "Intervention" instead, because, despite the sad moments, it is actually sort of educational. anyways, I was trying to put this header (below) on my blog, but could not figure out how, so i have yet to renovate. And now I have no time. thus begins the countdown til end of term; 12 days to finish everything. AHHHHH!!!! Must go, need zen moment.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

How to cope with death

Watch this! Right now. Very, very cool. The quality sucks, because, well, it's You tube. (I saw it in class the other day and it really is really cool). Watch! & it's even all conveniently right here for you. =)