Friday, August 18, 2006

Wow!! Wow...WooOwWww....
I just saw Ca60's films and I am blown away! Congrads, guys! You all did awesome, made us laugh, and inspired me like crazy! =) I can't wait to make my film! (sure, i say this now..) Not only that, but I am blown away that my class is halfway done!! Two more classes grad and then us!! ahh! Cool but scary at the same time..I'm starting to feel that vfs is like a long sentence without a pause, (I don't mean, like..a prison sentence..) when you read an essay and there's a really long squished together sentence and you can't catch your breath til the end...So many details to get everything in all at once..kind of overwhelming...but still awesome...It has come up that I am kinda a quiet vfs person, too..he he..(I'm quiet? Really??)..I mean, my friends wouldn't say I'm quiet..I'm one of those take-forever-to-get-to-know-people people, and having to do animation 24/7, plus apartment upkeep, plus work, plus I'm a slow drawler...I am frankly baffled how people find time to do anything but work!! (Where? Where is this time, guys??) Besides...I like my peace and quiet...=) really, I go crazy if I talk too much in one day..(though I think my boyfriend would beg to disagree here..cuz I'm pretty chatty when I wanna be) he he..Plus, I think I am the only person at vfs who doesn't play some sort of video/computer game, therefore I am the black But seriously; watch out for the shy ones. =p Ooo! My class hung out altogether for the first time today..very cool..and the deadlines all got pushed to Monday, so the stress level was non-existent...ahhh...And I made the contest cut again!! Yay! Only 85 people left of 470...I feel honored...considering the girl whom I think is going to win has already been published lots, and has guest-scrapped for the contest's website's cool that I get to keep goin; this challenge is to use only lines whatsoever..which will be hard for me...I have a feeling their last challenge will be something like "use only a white pen and white cardstock", or "use no paper at all"..he jus keeps gettin more interesting....but the girls are awesome and it's fun..=) Leaving for Calgary in the morning...that's why I raced home from the grad...stuff to do, packing, then flying off tommorrow...then off to the dinosaur museum with my nephew, sister, lil brother and mom on Sunday...yay! Drumheller!! Hope the vfs'ers all have a great break..=) Ahhh...finally....=)

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Emy Jo said...

I didn't play video games either!!!

Not that it matters now, since I'm DONE!!!!!!!!!!

My films are on my website, too, at


Enjoy your break!