Thursday, August 24, 2006


Yay! having soo much fun here in Calgary..this week is going by way too fast! So much to update...but this computer likes to randomly say 'there has been an error' and shut down all the windows you have open every 10 minutes or so, so I'll keep it third contest entry is done and was supposed to just have circles and more circles on it...and I just got home and checked the site today, and it has been cut down to 40 people and I am still in!! yay! Only catch is, there is a layout to be done inbetween now and the last (final)'s due on Saturday...the day I happen to be flying home..he he..sooo...guess what I get to do tonight?? he he...a very cool happy accident though...there is always time to be artsy...=) More on my week later...(when I have a reliable computer at hand)...=)


your cousin said...

Say hi to the family for me!!! It's been a long time! Congrats on the contest, the page looks awesome!

Cady said...

Hey Michelle!
Glad to see you agree that 60's films were just phenominal. Everyone in that class is so talented, and I personally cannot wait to see what our batch will produce. I'm so proud of everyone! :D
Also, congrats on the 'Scrapbook Survival!' You are still on the island! Time to break some scrapbooking kneecaps to ensure victory! Ha ha ha...seriously. :D
I hope your vacation is going well, and that Calgary is treating you alright. To my knowledge, B.C. still exsists.
One more thing....guess who not only figured out who I am from my blog, but is leaving comments nonstop - IN ALL CAPS! I'll give you a hint - TAKE CARE NOW. ________ AND STEELIX. WOW, THAT _________ IS TOTALLY SOLID. LIKE A ROCK.
Guess who? *groan*
Well, have a great rest of the break, dear!

The Evil StepMonster said...

Hi Michelle....Wow that is amazing, as is all of your stuff!! I love the colour you used. How is your visit in Calgary going? We have Nay & Bebe here, having lots of fun, wish you were here too! Love Me xo

Michelle said...

Hmmm, Kelly...the typing "style"looks sort of similar to an anonymous comment I got a while back...he he...And that's a good idea bout breaking some knee caps...buuut...I'm doin okay for know...least i hope I am...he he...Evil Stepmonster!! Calgary was fun, but it went by way too fast! How is the visit with Nay and bebe? Isn't he soooo cute! he's her all over! Like a tiny Nay! Say hello! love you..=)

Anonymous said...

you mom says - amazing girl - you will be in the next round. Looks awesome!! Had a good visit, much too fast - miss you already!! Have a good study day tomorrow!!!

Sara (Italy) said...

Michelle, I have your blog in my favourites!!
Your works are very very original and beautiful! you are GREAT!!!