Wednesday, May 30, 2007

he he...

Oh, Kim..your comment is the best ever on that last post!! made me giggle out loud...he you have a blog? a gallery? was...meh...chugging along at work...feels really good to make progress! =) ...and the best thing ever the other day...the episodes start to air in about a month (I thought it was June, but it's July)...and we were checking out some almost-finished episodes at work, and there, right at the top...was my name in the credits!! made me all giddy...made me forget what a pain it is to work 24/7 right COOl!! I mean, they whiz by on tv..but I know they're was an awesome feeling..=)

..patiently awaiting my Scrapmuse and Zingboom...and some time to hang out at the beach...omigosh, it is so nice here!! at least this year I can walk home from work at 6 pm when it's nice out...whereas last year I was stuck drawing at a desk and all I saw was moonlight...he he...eatign chocolate chips rights now..bout to start animating...thanks for checking out the purse! I (heart) it...and (heart) YOU for looking! happy night!

*he he..kay, your sister is cool, too!! gusy rock, and thank you for the happy words....* =)

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

oh, happy skulls...

Check out my most favoritest project I've done in a while; complete creative freedom! ahh...

Tracy at Memory Purses sent this awesome purse (both sides come empty so you can make your own scrapbook goodness and slip it in there for all the world to see) to me as a guest designer for the memory purse website in June(the purse will be up there on the blog soon...) And this is what I made! I filled my craving for felt goodies after making those charms, and stamped on felt, and used Fancy Pants Designs stuff all over! (the paper, ribbon, and stamps)...the purses are totally cute and would make awesome personalized gifts..check out their store!!
It's so cute! I could just squish it...thanks for checkin it out! =)

Monday, May 28, 2007

rant? at work my first thought was "I have to get groceries tonight and do laundry..aww, so gets in the way of work"....he he..shouldn't it be the other way around? Work getting in the way of life...hmm.

resolutions for this week;

1- don't tell myself to work out this week; hello! I can't sleep this week, let alone try to drag myself out of bed to go for a not to feel bad about that.

2- stop checking on the "stat-counter" I installed on the is so awesome to see how many times people visit it a day..and where they're cool! I thought, like..5 people checked it...he he....and don;t worry, can keep lurking..=) It doesn't tell me who you are or anything, just which country you're from...

3- apologize to all the children in my brothers' generation, for they have to suffer through a throng of not-well-animated 3D movies about animals, animals and more animals.

(okay, really..that last one...I can't apologixe to every kid..but I want to..I saw a preview for that new penguin movie - penguins, you say?? nobodys ever made a penguin movie before!! hah! - and I could not help but shake my head and be sad for kids today that missed Animaniacs, and seeing "The Lion King" in the theatre and the whole Don Bluth phenom..cuz, well..I like those..and people poured their hearts and dedication and the health of the joints of their hand into those...and now kids just see animals with no weight voiced by celebrities who can't voice act..) I could do on and on about that...sorry for the mini rant, but I learned a lot about animation in a year...and I just can't do 3D movies anymore...and people can star in stories, too, man! cartoon people! Cartoon-looking people! Argh..

Back to it!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

my visual dna

Everyone has been posting these and it sparked my interest; what you do is go to the site, choose the pictures you like in response to a question, and then they tell you a whole lot of cool stuff about yourself based on what you chose...super cool, super accurate, super fast and now I know what "visual dna" is...he he...

(I should be in bed, cuz work isn't working..and I meant to go to sleep, but I got sidetracked checking out's wishing me a productive but scary busy week! in the all about me below!)


Happy Sunday!
hope everyone's having a fun weekend....=)
...some goodness I made last week with my new yummy Fancy Pants goodies..(I got the "Pollen Dust" 12 x 12 set of stamps, and there is just so much cool stuff on there that I couldn't help but make a billion cards!!)

...there's also supposed to be some changes to the website and the Fancy Pants blog soon, I'll post that when it's up! =) Yay!

...I am drinking some insanely strong coffee right now (which is standable, but not intentional, cuz I'm just too impatient to measure the right ratio or coffee grinds and water out so I just dump the stuff in the maker and hope it's okay..he he)..yesterday, I should have been animating...but I organized my scrap stuff instead , which will really be less stressful in the long run cuz there's only 5 weeks til I go to France and every day til then is booked up! I just needed a breather...slept in til 3 in the afternoon, ate some awesome crepe/ice cream breakfast...hung out with Z...the calm before the storm? Cuz this week is nutty and I just made it nuttier by missing yesterday, but that's okay...I always make it happen and get done what I have to get done...only 5 weeks til France!! wow..I still can't believe that...! anyways, off to animation I go...check out the Art Blog, too...I just found the sketch I did before I got my tattoo and posted it there..=)

Have a happy sunny day!!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

dun dunn nah nah....

Z thinks it's silly that I'm so excited bout paper, but it's here!

(borrowed the pic from Elsie's blog)
How cool is Elsie?
I have a box on it's way...and I think I am not alone in saying that I've been waiting so hardcore for her stuff to finally hit stores! It's even more cool that she's around my age, and that there are skulls involved...(sigh) Lotsa happy mail days coming up!

and *hint*..Scrapmuse has the most awesome kit ever coming up...!!

My productivity at work slowed down once I realized my pay cheque will deal with working in animation under a quota is that you get paid when you get a certain amount done, and it goes through a little pipeline of approvals..which means sometimes it's impossible to get even paycheques...but as long as the rent is covered, it's all good...=) So i took a breather to edit some project pictures...(little sneakie for you..)

Soon there will be more sneakies here...
and check out Pink.Sugar.Pop, whom I fell in love with tonight....

..and yay, mandy! I'm so happy you got the package! I apologize; the only time and places I had to shop were tourist stores...Oy...=) Love you grrl!

More work mojo is back..=)
"George, george, george of the jungle..."


...yay! 11 more scenes, 11 more days!! still a ton of work, but I managed to whittle it down to that...(sigh) I might actually make muh deadline...awesome...cuz I was so behind there....

...also, on MTV last night, it was pirate day (everyday should be pirate day..)...
...and also, in response to: "what kind of music do you like?".."I listen to everything" girl said, "everyone says they listen to if you were deserted on a desert island, which 5 cds would you want to have with you?"

1) Incubus "Make Yourself" (cuz "I miss you" and "stellar" are all-time faves)
2) Def leppard (it would be hard for me to pick an I'd say greatest hits)
3) Dashboard Confessional (the new one..what's it called?..heh)
4) Ac/Dc (again...everything of theirs is awesome..hard to pick one)
5) Dude, this is hard...

I just can't do it.
So what are your 5 cds?

happy day!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

tidbits about muhself...

....I like to plan, and used to be super organized....still am pretty organized....but I never look too ahead...ya know? I mean to say, I plan up til a certain point and then whatever happens,"I'm going to move to Vancouver and go to film school and then get a job"...I only think of what makes me happy now, I guess....I'm never like "where will I be in 5 years?" cuz ya never know...stuff like that can't be planned, in my opinion....don't know why I thought of that just now, but I was compelled to write it here....maybe I looked ahead of three months from now, which is unusual, and was a little freaked

...busy, busy...I hope I'm not the only busy one here!...summer is once again passing me by....(last year, I spent my summer drawing a film, which was super hard to do cuz I grew up in a beach town and summer is my favorite...) I don't want to miss this summer, too!!

..what else? Once again I am reminded how awesome my Mom and Wayner are...=) I am bombarded with the same workload and am still so happy when I get a scene done and it looks alright...the anticipation is building to when I can actually make the art I want to make...I have not yet learned a word of french...(I meant to start attempting to learn a few weeks ago..) and snooze buttons should not exsist. This morning; I got out of bed repeatedly every 20 minutes to walk across the room, hit snooze, for 2 hours, and all I could dream of was that I was waking up at 10 am and was late for work and not rested...cuz, surprise! snooze doesn't help me get any extra sleep, it's just restless wasted time that I can't help but be enticed by...but thank goodness I got up at 8 and not 10..I have some art done for deadlines that is super-cute..but no time to take pics and edit them tonight!..argh...and back to work i go!

And pirates is coming out this soon?? I had no idea...I don;t know what to think, quite frankly..I was mad at the second one cuz they started 3 new story lines and didn't settle a single all I have to say is, if I hear there's a 4th in the works, I'm not gonna see this one. Money-hungry hollywood, just leading us all on..argh...! I still have yet to see Spiderman and Shrek...(sigh)...happy night, anyways!!

Monday, May 21, 2007

happy holiday monday!

....thanks for the happy comments on my little place, guys! =) I am dying to finish hanging pictures up and stuff, but I just can't right now....(sigh)
...on this lovely Monday, I am working...cuz I have a LOT to do by my deadline in 2 weeks...and I am super relaxed now cuz I sort of had a weekend..yay!! Yesterday was my last day at my part-time job, Purdy's...sad to leave cuz I've been there for 5 years, which, now that I think about it, is almost a quarter of my life..eek! sad and happy at the same time cuz I get weekends "off" now..and also, I ate waaay too much chocolate in the last 2 days...he he...have to say; "Dreamgirls" is the worst movie I've seen in a while (sorry mandy!! he he) Z and I tried to watch it and it just kept getting cheesier and cheesier...we were comparing it to the uber-coolness of "Grease", that may be why...also saw "Taxi Driver" (finally!), "Fargo", and yesterday I had a little time to do crafty stuff - will post pics soon, I can't quite yet...he I watched "The Holiday" (again) and "Failure to launch" cuz I love Sarah Jessica Parker and was sort-of sex and the city-ed out. =)
Got me thinking of my fave actresses; I love Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Shannon Sossaman (spelling?) cuz they're sort-of obscure and pick interesting roles...I used to love Julia Stiles simply for her cool, I-don't-give-a-damn-what-you-think- vibe in "Ten things I hate about you"..and Juliette Lewis, too...and Amanda Peet, cuz she's so silly. =)
So, I'm all full of happy felt-thing-making craftiness from yesterday...and I gotta get back to my have a good one!!

Saturday, May 19, 2007


"Crash" Dave Mathews Band
"Oh Yeah" The Cliks
Go Go Bordello (Z has me hooked)
The Sad Little Stars
..and lots of The Donnas

..quite the mish-mash of good tunes while cleaning...
...and I've been listening to a lot of Eve 6 at work all week...Love them!

I should have started working on my animation stuff by now, but somebody (cough - Z - cough) has me all relaxed and happy, so I've just been puttering around...pretending I have time for a weekend...he he...
..I've been caught up on some cool movies this past week; "Brazil" last night..way cool for an 80's movie..."Natural Born Killers"; dude, Juliette Lewis kicks ass...and "The Big Lebowski" a few weeks ago..awesome, awesome...We have a list of movies goin that I have to see, cuz unfortunatly most of the movies I've seen were cheesy 90's teen flicks...and that's not cool..

..also, today..can't stop thinking about the part in "The Science of Sleep" where he just randomnly says "Let's make an animated film!" he that movie...

and this shirt;

is making me smile..everything should be as happy as that shirt...=)

And here's my new place! teeny, yes...but how much space does one really need? It's big enough for me...and check out my giant crafty-wall..the craftiness hasn't quite been organized yet, but that's where all the cool vintage finds are hiding...=)

..happy saturday!

Thursday, May 17, 2007


..I am in love with that Kraft mandarin dressing...and chewable vitamin C...and I was compelled to buy oranges this week, too..hmm..just noticed that little immune system is writing my mental grocery list now...heh, I sunk and ordered Zingboom...but I am so excited cuz after Paris I may just have a night to scrap whatever the hell I want, and I want that yummy vintage stuff for just, Elsie
schtuff is coming out soon and I am sooo dying for that stuff...and it's in the next kit, so I couldn't not order...not in a long time has a line of scrapbooking stuff been so cool as Love, Elsie...(except, of course, Fancy Pants...*wink...)

...watching "Real World"...this girl is shocked that her boyfriend is mad that she cheated on just was trying to wrap my head around why people cheat..and I just can't understand it at all....if you cheat on someone, something, if not obviously, subconciously is not happy/doesn't want to be with the person you cheated on...the part I really don't relate to, I guess, is why are they with someone they aren't happy with enough to cheat?..there's my philosophical blurb for the night...

..check out what I made!! while planning/testing for a weekend project (okay, I'm just impatient and wanted to start it tonight..) Plus, had to teach myself that blanket stitch...

Oh, how I want to sew bags and skull things....he he...

....also, I'm reminded me that I'm wearing glasess right now, and they hurt...cuz there was a head bashing incident this morning with Z (you know, when you both accidently move fast to exactly the same spot at the same time and...smack!) and his head is little stronger than mine, so I ended up with, yes, a bleeding nose and some tears cuz it hurt so bad (believe me, and my mom will back me up on this..I rarely that was surprising...) and then a giant headache all day...and a reminder each time I touched my nose, which, evidently is a lot more than I realized I did in one day...he he..but true to form, I'm pretty sure I laughed 10 minutes after it happened..=) and the bump will go away...=(
..and I still like Z lots and lots...=)

I have some animation to do, now! and that was enough random blogging for one night...=) have a happy one!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


...who-ho...I have officially pulled an (almost) all-nighter! Which is a feat, I have to say...cuz I usually say I'm going to stay up and get work done when I have to, and it never happens...I give up at like 2...I guess the impending job application was a good driver to keep me going, cuz I was wide awake til erm, 5 am...and then I went to take a nap on my couch (cuz it's the only place I will wake up after 2 hours) and opened the blinds (to aid in the making-sure-I-get-up) the sun was already up...ahh! and I'm not so it's all good....=)

..and congrads to the Zingboom girls! I am dying to subscribe to those kits...buuut...I am sad that I will just have to stare at them longingly cuz there's no time to scrap for me...and also the funds are an issue...=)

...that's all that's new....=) so excited to sleep tonight!! happy Tuesday!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Not much new with me;

Pucca, George...garlic. Throat.

..stopped at Shoppers' on the way home yesterday; Why on earth a basketful of things like toothpaste and hairspray can add up so fast, I am still so amazed and baffled...things you don't know til you have to buy them yourself..ya know? These things should be free! And why oh why does there need to be 15 kinds of toothpaste? And why can't they make the non-gross-smelling flexible hairspray I finally found and like anymore? Thus making me send 20 minutes deciding which yucky smelling stiff hairspray to buy much more time-consuming then I meant that trip to be...

..and today...why must I get into the grocery line behind the woman who obviously never gets groceries, needs them carried out, is still deciding which things to get as she's loading them onto the belt, and then whose card is declined and she has to run to the bank?? Argh...

Word I always never know how to spell: Definatley. definately? Argh.

May Scrapmuse projects! Some of em not my bestest work ever..but thats what happens when scrapping the day before your deadline..he he....still, I got to throw paint around and have fun, so that's all that matters...

Also, you may have noticed my photo-some-days has now turned into photo-no-days...but I found one I forgot to post! The topic was shoes...

How silly that I just noticed that 2 of my 3 pictures in 15 days have been of my feet...ha ha...(sigh) back to Pucca test with me! Hope everyone is awesome! I'm hanin in there..dreaming of...being able to actually spend time in the sun...and sleep..and Z. =)

Monday, May 14, 2007

...happy monday!

....(ahhh...) big giant sigh of relief as I printed off my timesheet this morning....the work I've done for the whole month, pretty much, is on there....again, is paid! Whew! cold is (hopefully...knock on wood...) on the way out, I never full-on got sick....but I had a wicked headache yesterday and my throat is I've been trying to sleep lots and eating tons and tons of garlic and gargling...the whole nine it could've been worse..however, it threw a wrench in my work schedule....but I got to chill and hang out with Z and make lotsa yummy food; Gnochhi (which may just be my fave Italian food EVER...but who am I kidding...I can't pick a fave Italian food..he he), and Crepes...and a little blast from the past: Blueberry syrup from "Summerland Sweets"...Yum! Summerland, a teeny little town, just so happens to be 15 minutes from where I grew up, Penticton...and we used to go to the Summerland Sweets factory on field trips and check out how they made the yummy stuff...=) So I was excited bout the syrup..Also, cuz my town was so small...we did happen to go to Tim Horton's a lot on feild trips, see how they made donuts, and there was a taxedermy place that we frequented, a building full of once-alive stuffed animals to a bus full of kids = kinda weird...but there was nowhere else to

...anyways, back to work with me...I have a ton of stuff to do and I can't stay up late or else my cold will start up wish me luck!! =) Happy monday!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

happy day!! well, sort of...

....I am supposed to be doing my animation test, but I feel yucky and have a giant "to-do" list, so I'm working on, I'm still so in awe that I have weekends "off" it's hard not to lounge around...I have lots to figure out France-wise and deadline-wise, and what has to get done and I'm organizing....have lots to post, too!

First off: check My Art Blog cuz I finally had time to upload my portfolio pages and the 2 films I made! =)

...and happy mail day, to me!

Fancy Pants Designs rocks!! I can't wait to dig into all these goodies and make some pages...I feel so spoiled this morning!!

Yesterday at work there was a really cool Art Show where some people from the studio had their paintings, drawings, little felt toys on was so awsome! Made me want to go home sew some felt cuties...or paint something...and then Kelly and I took a stroll over to This really cute store, Occupied, that was just step away from us is Gastown..and it has so much cute stuff! I was in love..(sigh)..and am now dying for some spare time so I can make art (if I wasn't dying too enough, already...)

And that new Mandarin Kraft dressing is so yummy!! And also, I am beyond addicted to coffee...and am still so sick of drinking tea from the last time I was sick that I'm having trouble trying to not drink coffee while I'm sick, right now...

And so I leave you with some sneakie peekies from the projects I did with the May Scrapmuse kit...

Thursday, May 10, 2007

I am officially cold-warding-off. =( Le throat is all gigantic and puffy...

I pulled all nighters all year while making my film, and never got sick...and now I was just sick a month ago and here it is again?? argh....I'm popping echinacea like there's no tommorrow and drinking tea (but I think I OD'd on tea with the last cold, cuz the taste of it still kinda makes me ....ehh.) and my plan is to go to bed at 8 pm know I need it, anyways, and I have to not get sick....

..that's all that's new, though....getting projects and animations done...thinking up a little obscure film idea...still dying to make a scrapbook page with tons of vintage junk and skulls on it...

....I watched "The Last Kiss" and thought it was one of the most pointless movies ever made...not a Zack Braff fan....the whole idea behind the movie wasn't cool; everybody's 30 and unhappily married and being cheated on or wanting to cheat. Depressing! Did I mention how cool I think it is that the 80's are coming back in style?? Got some awesome shirts on the weekend...Bluenotes was just teeming with 80's-ness...=) Wanna see Spiderman3...oh! and it sucks to make scrapbook pages when you run out of all vital forms of adhesive and your deadline is fast approaching....heh. =) Happy day, all!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Soooo....I was gonna apply for another DT (design team, for those who don't know the scrapping lingo...heh) this week, but that deadline is fast approaching....and have i started, No. And do I have time to do it? No. Sooo..I dropped that idea....Fate is obviously telling me to chill out...not take on anything else...hell, I can't even post my photo-a-day for more than a few days without it becoming too much with what I already am doing...ha I figure...maybe I can scrap for myself if I ever have a spare moment, instead of applying for something'm so silly...anyways, work is putt-putt-putting along slowly...I was bored yesterday so I didn't get much done, and when I went to work on the stuff at home, i realized I had left it at, fate is like "chill out!" So I worked out and slept...very cool. Which is good because my throat hurts today even though i slept...ahh! I have no time to get a cold!! weekend if nutty; now I have to catch up on the 24 seconds of animation I was supposed to do this week (how much have I I've been fixing last week's) and do the animation test for Pucca...and tonight I have to madly finish my Scrapmuse schtuff cuz its due tommorrow...and I gotta squish Z in there somewhere...=) again, time neds to stop for sec, dude...back to it with me!! Though I have to say.....I had a bath with some bubbles I got from LUSH the other day (they come in a block and you crumble them up)...and it was the best smeeling most relaxing bath I have had in a long time...and I made time to paint my nails amidst the chaos....cuz a girl's gotta do what a girls gotta do...=) so it's not all stupidly busy...he he..happy day!!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


...all-expense paid trip to France! I am still sooo excited....I just bought a "teach-yourself-French" cd on the weekend...Me and Z had a little shopping excursion to Metrotown...there's a reason why they call this mall "shopping city"....cuz I think, literally, they fit a cities' worth of people in there at any given time of day...It's just annoyig as hell to walk around in there...(sigh)...still super-busy...but I had time to cut some paper last night...well, I took time...for my back to animating I go...I now am up to normal quota, which means 98 seconds to animate in the next 4 weeks...whew! and I also have to take an animation test for my next job this week...and deal with some silly bank mistakes...and the list goes on, you know...I have been super-busy, so that photo-of-the-day is now a know I'm busy when don't blog..anyways, I have a dude to animate and some e-mails to get back happy day! =)

Friday, May 04, 2007

ahhhh!'s official:

I will be busy straight up til August. Serious. Days off? Hah! I laugh in the face of days off....

he he. No really; I just found out this morning that I have to make some kind of digital art thing before I head of for Paris (we're talking they're going to screen it, so it has to be good), on top of my ongoing crazy work schedule...looking for the next job (I do contract work, and I picked like the most unstable industry ever to work in; I have to look for a new job every approx. 6-8 months...a little more stressful then I'd imagined) cuz this one is done in DT stuff...a new dt I want to apply for...finishing my apartment...switching over all my stuff so that I offically live in BC....seeing Z...and, well..sleeping somewhere in there, too...(sigh). It sucks being this feels like i will never get a break!! On the upside, kind of excited about making a film-like thing again...=) Ideas churning in my head....ahh!! Back to work; my deadline is going to be missed i have to work on the weekend, too, to catch up..but I seem to be keeping pace with everyone else, so it's all good...and I'm going to see some stop-motion film goodness tonight! yay! =) Maybe if I wish really hard, time will slow down a little so I can get all my schtuff done. (sigh) Happy day!!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

through the peephole...

Yesterday's photo of the day (we're taking them on the day and posting them the next...easier that way and a little more time forgiving..) was to take a picture of your entrance way...and I live in an apartment building, but I have this really awesome, old peephole that is almost 2 x 2 inches, the whole thing opens's really awesome...=) kind of useless, cuz people would totally see your whole eyeball if you peeked, but an awesome little detail nontheless....
..anyways, constant, stressful deadline meeting here....I feel like I will be busy til August..did I mention that?? sucks feeling that busy....gonna take a well needed day off this weekend, hopefully catch up on my work before a new episode starts on Monday, and I'ma spend some money!! who-ho! haappy night!

for those...

...who aren't animators, here's a little insight into how long it really takes to do all this stuff; there are maybe 11 people animating on the team with me right now, and we get a new show to do every 4 weeks...but really, it's 11 minutes, so it's half a show, because they put 2, 11 minute shows together for a full in 4 weeks, I alone can get 1 and a half minutes of animation done....
....1 tenth of a half of a show.

isn't that crazy?..he he....I just thought of that yesterday.....and we're not even drawing this stuff....that's why disney features took years to make....(sigh). It is sooo cool, though...=)

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


also...I can't get enough of eating eggs right now...I've been listening to Bon Jovi's "I'll Be There For You" all day..only, when I listen to it, I can hear Ashton Kutcher's version from the movie "A Lot Like Love"...he he....and I'm subconciously trying not to work right now. do I get to work?

My very well-worn feet, that's how...and now I apologize to people who don't like feet...=)
This is my Photo-of-the-Day from yesterday (the prompt was transportation); Scrapmuse turned three years old this month, so Susan is hosting a photo-of-the-day challenge all month....go check it out!! And that's just one of the goodies up on the message boards right now; there's going to be weekly challenges, each week there's a winner of a $35 prize pack, and then a grand prize winner gets a 3 month sub to the kit! sweeet, it's National Scrapbooking Day (yes, this exists, has a for a few years) on May 5, so there's chats and sales and all that fun stuff.... I'm gonna try to keep up with the photo-a-day thing...get used to my camera agin (cuz there's only 9 weeks til I leave for Paris) and also fool around with Photoshop cuz I still know barely anything about it...he he...

What else is new? I finally worked out last night...I've been meaning to since like december, but then life got in the way....funny thing, though...working out gives you more energy, but when you don't work out you have no energy to get motivated to work it's stupidly harder to get it started again...(sigh)

Oh! and have you seen that Martha Stewart article?? Calling us scrapbooker's "dowdy"? It's all over the net, some dude in New York wrote it about how Martha Stewart is going to bring new life to the scrapbooking industry with her new products...ha ha...everyone was kind of offended on other message boards...but it made me laugh, frankly...cuz now buddy looks stupid for not knowing anything about the industry, he has a million angry ladies mad at him, and of all people, isn't Martha Stewart quite dowdy herself?? I liked it...and really, I think her stuff is nothing too special...I never have been much of a Martha fan. That's all for today....still catchin up at work...dying to make some art...=) happy day!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


...either I'm getting sick, or I have horribly annoying allergies...cuz last night and this morning I've been sneezing like crazy!! is a piling up here, and I just want to stay home in my J's on this cloudy day and cut up some paper...=( but I can't...So much cool stuff at home waiting to be made into something!...(sigh) at least Spongebob is here to guard my coffee cup here at work during the night...cuz I am sooo beyond coffee addicted now, it's crazy...and it's nice to see his smiling face in the morning....=) Oh! and Susan is doing a photo-a-day challenge over at Scrapmuse
this month, cuz it's our third birthday over there! The deal is, she posts a challenge and then the next day we post the photos...I'm gonna try to do it....but I also tried to do Emily's Deck of Me, which was to make a card a week, and, well...I made one? he he...So if I do it, I do it. No biggie. =) Go with the to work with me....=) happy day!