Thursday, March 29, 2007

easily distracted....

....about sums me up today.
I want to go shopping, badly. Any kind of shopping. I am just hungry to spend money. And I need pants. And an umbrella. But I sure can't because I have no funds. I also need antiques. Many, many antiques...heh heh.
My nails are so long it's driving me insane!
I've been going through clothes, and why I have some of the stuff I do is beyond me; I was having flashbacks to Jr. high when I used to wear those button down shirts, and, like a studded choker for this kind of preppy/punky look. Geesh. I love getting rid of old stuff though. Feels a new start.
I am dying to go for a run and work out, which was put on hiatus because, well, I made a film, and got a job, and am moving, and have design team projects, and. Yeah. I can't wait til Monday. I'm gonna go for a run, specially cuz I won't be able to see the ocean from my new place, so i'll have to check it out as often as I can.
What else? I'm dying to scrapbook. Not because of monthly requirements, I want to do a good old fashioned, grab-everything-from-everywhere, all the cool things I like from a million different manufacturers and make an awesome page just no because I have to. You know?
I also, though I haven't moved yet, am just thinking about how I can rearrange/decorate the new place. That's all that's on my mind.
And the necessary cleaning/packing still left to do and looming before me.
And I so badly want to have a nap and do nothing tonight, but I can't.
And I'm on the computer! See, easily distracted. Back to packing, I go. =)
Happy night!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Ever noticed you don't know how much stuff you really have until you have to put it all in boxes?? Or is that just me?

Stuff coming out of my ears!!

And I was reminded yesterday that animators shouldn't have a lot of "stuff", cuz they're supposed to be able to pick up and move to animate on feature films in other countries, cuz those oppurtunities are slim to none nowadays. And stuff gets in the way of that. (but it's also said that animators should be single for the same reason, and, well, that sucks!)

I want stuff, and I want to not be single forever. And, hell, after packing up all of this stuff, madly, in a's not goin anywhere but to my next apartment. I couldn't possibly part with all of my stuff!!

How can you make art with no collection of paper and paint and brushes to make it with? And how can you not have your own baby pictures? And an occasional pair of shoes you've never worn? and some pots and pans?

I like my stuff. And that's that.
It just really sucks to pack it.

And I'm still gonna be an animator. With stuff.

=) .....(just some taking-a-break-from-packing thoughts)

Also, took a little walk-break by the ocean today at work, and surfed the net a little, and still got like half my assigned scenes done. Who-ho! Animation rocks. =)

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Thanks you, lucky stars... seems someone up there has my sanity on their mind; I just found out that i don't have to work at Purdy's til Good me one more day this week to pack, and even some time to party on Friday night...yay! Also, I managed to get my Fancy Pants projects done in 4 hours last night 9which, my mom will agree, is a record for me)...funny how my style seems the same when I do more than one page on a day, but if I was to do a page today, I feel like it would be totally different..ya know? Anyways...still fighting my cough off, it just won't go away completely....which is good, I'm getting lotsa sleep...also, am being surprised with cute bouquets of cherry blossoms and such from a certain cute guy....and work is awesome...only 3 more packing nights left and counting!! Oy. I feel like I have so much to do I'll be busy til list is being pushed (ie, finishing the blogs I was gonna finish weeks ago, ordering pictures to scrap with....) til after I move. Also, check out the Memory Purses site, they're having a new guest designer every 2 weeks for a while now...there's some very cool design stuff goin on there....Happy me, having found awesome itunes music at work today, too...I have been obsessed with this awesome video by The Sad Little Stars, called "Don't F*ck with Love", that I saw the other day at Spike and Mike (it's made of paper cut-outs and is awesome and is winning all sorts of awards)..not only do I love the lyrics to the song, but the band rocks, and I love paper cut-out animation....=) I'll try to get the vid up here...but anyways, it was good that I listened to some old school Silverchair, Nirvana, etc. rather than listening to that song over and over again like I have been since last Wednesday....(whew). Anyways, off to pack..Fancy Pants projects above. =) Happy night!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

can I stop time??

..just for the rest of this week?
cuz I really, really need a few days....

...I'm still getting over my cold (my whole head is still stuffed up, my throat is still puffy, etc.)
and I'm trying to pack, and it's going slower than I thought....
....and I have projects to do this week...and I have to clean the place before I move out, and I think, on top of the full-timejob, I work once at the part-time on Friday night....(sigh) on top of all this, I'm still nursing myself with tea and vitamins and chicken soup and having to get a whole nights' sleep...and...

ARGH!! too much to do!

And I don't want to be sick still at the end of the week....or, worse, get the same cold again...cuz that always sucks, when it keeps coming back...

so back to packing I go...if you know how to stop time, would ya? for me? =)

hope you're all doin better than

Thursday, March 22, 2007


Happy birthdays to my mummy!!
(Okay, it was yesterday...and of course I already said happy birthday to her, but she's the coolest mom ever, so I had to post for her)
This is us (moi, my lil sis, and mom) at the ballet in December....

As usual, I was laughing in the picture. (sigh) Well, it looks like we all were..he he

in other news.....I get my first pay cheque tomorrow!! Yippee! Cept it's all spent on April rent, argh...this silly, expensive I have to be good and not shop...

Also...I'm sick!! So the list of things to do has skidded to a halt while I eat ginger, drink cups and cups of tea, sleep under a billion blankets, chew on garlic, gargle with salt water...I have tried everything to fend it off, and sitll, i got sick. Just because I have a million things to do, like working my scecond job, packing my entire apartment, cleaning my entire apartment, finishing up my dt projects for the month, and calling the giant list of people I have to call...Oy...just what I need. Thank goodness I have a cute boy who makes me ginger/lemon/rum concoctions to make me feel better and help me kill all of the yucky cold germs. =) So I have to sleep this off, then madly get all my stuff done....then get up and go to work the next, the weather here has been sooo grey and yucky, I'm sure that isn't helping the morale or anything...

Umm..that's all..I'm off to eat more chicken soup and attempt something productive..=) happy night!!

Monday, March 19, 2007

can you see....

The two rainbows I could see from my balcony today? Weirdest weather ever; the sun was setting and was really bright, but it was dark because it's been cloudy all day, and it was sort of raining/sleeting when I took this picture....but it was all happy and rainbowy, too. Hmm. Anyways, my blog looks the same, so (big surprise) I'm not quite done the paper part of the process....heh heh. Still lovin work, actually got stuff in boxes tonight, made a dent in the list....looking forward to my first day off in a while on Saturday (already, and it's only Monday..he he)...going to see a SPIKE AND MIKE sick and twisted animation festival on Wednesday...omigosh!! So excited...for those who aren't animators, it's basically a bunch of animated (mostly hand-drawn, still) short cartoons that can't usually be seen anywhere else because of their racy content. Yippee!! Can't get enough cartoons, up in here. Back to my laundry and packing and art! happy night!

Sunday, March 18, 2007


..what a relaxing weekend (??) Can I just say, I have next Saturday off, and I am soooo happy. =) Forgot how busy it is to work 2 jobs, juggle a guy, and still get all the other schtuff I have to get done done. Speaking of, Blogs will be up tommorrow. Yes. Yes, they will.
Scrapmuse: check it out!! Us Design Team girls have been downloading our projects to the gallery all weekend; lotsa cool stuff goin on there!! The March kit rocks!!

I am dying to see "Premonition" (Twists and turns...yay!! can't wait to see it!)
I have officially been not single for a month. We started talking over wine, and we're gonna go celebrate with a bottle in a few minutes at the very cute pub we hung out at a month ago. =)
Also, we have this cute "chicken Sunday" thing. This means awesome food/dessert/movie night. Very cool. It has now been moved to Saturday, but chicken Saturday proved to be just as cool. Just in case I mention chicken sunday later, you'll all know what I mean. =)
Bought packing tape + boxes in my hallway = wow, I haven't started packing yet. Hmm.
Bacon rocks!
Okay, that's all the randomness you get today. I'ma go antique shopping soon. And shopping for any article of clothing with a skull on it. And I'ma decorate. Must wait for money. Really, I've been to the mall for 2 weekends and haven't bought anything. Yay, unusual self-control! Wait! One last randomness: I think my fave spongebob is 'Jellyfishing'. Season one. Check it out, y'all.

Friday, March 16, 2007

I love this little dude.
I've had the instrumental version of the theme song stuck in my head all day, and that's cool. And, also, I brought my little spongebob's to work, but they're not cool, sound-making spongebob's. So one of the animation directors let me play with his spongebob's, which sing. =)
Oh, happy morning.

All the good stuff right now;

Blasting Ac/Dc
Eating coffee beans/chocolate chips
Scrapbooking/Getting ready for some early St.Patty's drinking

Did I mention my job rocks? And that animation rocks? And that it is maybe one of the only jobs where you can come in whenever you want, drink beer on Friday afternoon, and play video games? Not much in the name of workplaces can beat that.

Oh!!! And the film is almost, almost, almost up on what will soon be my art blog. Almost, promise. By Monday night for sure it will be up there. I'm still working all weekend and have a distracting guy in my life now...he he...but for sure, by Monday. =) Also, just realized that I don't have a day off til April, and also am already making plans that day to go antique shopping on Main Street (cuz I've found out that there are a billion antique stores there, and not the trendy, expensive, Granville Street "antique" stores. I just want to see some. And ooh and ahh. Cuz old stuff rocks). And with that, I'm out!! I'll be posting my March Scrapmuse kit projects here in a few days, too. Yay!! Happy night!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

these are-a some of my faaaa-vorite things

I love the show I'm workin on...=) And no pictures have been posted, so here's one I took to show off my teeny tiny scrapbook place (I keep all of my stuff in a wardrobe for now, cuz my apartment is itty bitty) on Scrapmuse. It's getting my very excited to move and get to re-set up a new scrapbook place..I have all sorts of ideas and tons of vintage stuff to use, so i can't wait to move!! Made a teeny dent in my list, got to hang out with my guy, and my place is sparkly clean, so it's all good! =) And it's been so sunny here lately...awesome..=) happy spring!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


....did I mention the all-you-can-drink coffee at work?

this is or is not a really good thing. he he...

....the work is picking up, getting a lotta harder, but I'm learning lots, too...still getting used to Flash, again....I am in love with the characters on the show I'm working on, it's fun even though I wanted to rip out my hair a few times today...thank god, it's fun...he's a really funny show...can't wait til it's on tv!! =)

I have a ginormous blister on my entire heel, and had the crankiest bus driver on the way home, and missed my chiropractor's appointment, and have to clean my messy house, still...among a million other things. And my phones have died. ha ha...soo....I am still happy, after all of that, which is awesome..=) And I'm supposed to enjoy my nights off while I still can (says my co-workers, who are pulling looong days right now) so I'm gonna. =)

Monday, March 12, 2007


I am officially a full-time revisionist at Studio B!! (Soon-to-be animator, that is) I have a month to remember the ropes of Flash and get up to speed, and then I get to animate!! So exciting!! So thankful I got a job right away and that the show and the studio are so awesome!! Love it, love the 9-5 gig. Love that I am home right now and not scooping ice cream for way less money. Love that I'm gonna have some time to scrap this week....catch up on my list, chill out, watch my fave new episodes of my fave shows. he's all good!

Also, have to say, I walked the 40 minutes it took for me to get to work this morning, and it was sunny for the first day after a string of rainy, cloudy days, and there are cherry blossoms out here already, and I walked by the ritzy waterfront, all the way across downtown, and it's so cool here!! I am lovin this city! Everything from really touristy areas (ie, my new stompin grounds; Gastown) to yacht clubs, to beaches every 10 blocks, Stanley Park, busy Davie Street, cool old heritage homes, etc. I'll have to take some pictures when I move to my new place, there's an old house/museum on the way there, and the neighboorhood I'm in is so quiet it doesn't even feel like the city!! I loved the walk....hope it doesn't pour on me tommorrow...=) I have to say, though....I've never seen so many rowdy incidents as I've seen in the last few days; the other day, saw a wicked bottle-throwing bar fight at like 7 pm, someone got kicked out of a Roger's Video store while we were there, and today there was a crazy lady yelling at some skateboarders about art. (sigh). Keeps it entertaining. It's never personally threatening. It's all good. It doesn't even feel like downtown, to me. Anyways, my place is a crazy mess, and I have art to make, so happy night!! =) More updates soon...

Saturday, March 10, 2007

aww, dudes....

I totally threw my back out yesterday......I bent and twisted funny (lifting bins of paper, of all and reversed, like, everything my chiropractor has been doing for my lower back....well, k, at least it felt like that's what I did. We're talkin it hurt when I moved my hip bones, which is kinda, ermm vital to movement. (sigh) But it's getting better tonight.... list of things to do is growing!!! geesh. It will just not go away....deadlines, deadlines, boxes waitin to be packed up (I know, I keep saying..lots to do. I'll stop. But, it's all I can think about..)

....watched lil Miss Sunshine (I fall more in love with that movie everytime I see it..) and drank some wine and had some yummy food last night = totally relaxing and cool...also = not getting much done, but it's all good...I have some free nights next week to be busy. =)

...still can't wait to move!!

Friday, March 09, 2007

....guess what?

...I fell asleep at 5 pm last night. Hah hah....really, I did. I was just hangin out here, doin my projects, and just put my head down on my cozy pillow for what I thought would be, like, half an hour...and I wake up at 7 pm...and then went to bed, saying "okay, just another half hour" and I woke up this morning at 9. Wow, am I gonna miss being able to do clue why I was soooo tired, though.....Hmm. But nice, all the same...

..what else? Done my projects, but I can't post em for a few weeks...he he....must set out to scrounge around for some boxes today...just realized how busy I'm gonna be this month with 2 jobs, packing, and 2 dt's to make stuff for. Ahhh!! But I live for the busy-ness...

...animation is so awesome and laid-back, dude. Not only do I get to wear jeans to work, but I don't even have to be there til 9:30. Who-ho!! I was thinking 8 o'clock or some equally horrendous early time. Yay!

I can't wait to get into my new place to decorate..he he....especially re-organize my scrapbook stuff. I'm weird, I know. I like the organizing.

..and I finally, finally bought the right kind of coffee for my coffee maker....geesh. It's been a struggle; last weekend, I poured the last of the grinds in without a filter, which kinda messed that all up..and then I was so excited when i finally bought more, but then realized I bought the un-ground kind. Geesh. So finally, finally...had me some coffee today. Some super-strong, yummy, vanilla-hazelnut coffee. Yum. =) Oh, happy morning. lol...

...and maybe, just maybe, I'll get the art blog done so you can all see my films!! yay!! Let's hope..

Thursday, March 08, 2007

hmm...feelin some randomness coming on... know when you meet someone and it feels like you've known em for a looong time?? Lovin that feeling right now.

Still feeling lucky..=) and thankful...still know I have tons of work to do...

It is hard to coordinate a move; when I have to be out, when I can go in, coordinating movers with these times, and also coordinating the oh-so "specific" (anywhere between the hours of 8 am and 4 pm) Shaw cable set-up schedule. Oy. The place is vacant now, hopefully reno's are done soon and I can get in early and be stress-free....=)

Had way too many beers and tequila shots last night..Oy. Thankful I don't get hangovers. On the bright side, I learned from some VFS friends that "Michelle" in Mongolian means smile. Made me smile, cuz I fitting. I mean, I never smile. Ha ha. =)

I'm gonna miss my ocean view, here in my lil apartment...

"Babel", which I rented yesterday (I had to go to Rogers to rent Borat..) has got to be the most depressing movie I've seen in a while. I mean, I sort of understand it's we're-alone-in-a-big-world-yet-all-interconnected message....but it was like..okay, so some kids are really traumatized, some are dead, and someone could've killed herself but didn't...why did we waste money making this movie?? My thoughts, was good at first, but the story kind of...disappeared...after a while. They were just related stories, not one big story with some kind of resolve. No likey. Made me not want to travel to Mexico, actually.

I want to see "Little Miss Sunshine" again, just simply for her dance at the end....=) oh, happy.

This blog is so boring it's driving me CRAZY!! Gotta get on that....

Anyways, I have harsh computer lag here, and stuff to happy day!!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Sooo....did I mention I might go to FRANCE!! Yes, France; I, who have barely travelled anywhere! I am jumping up and down right now....=) But I gotta finish the application, was a VFS related go to France and see all the animation schools out there. WOW. wow....Granted, I think I was the only one who applied....but who-ho! So I got that phone call today.....and then, as I was reminded last night, realized that everything is freakishly falling into place so fast and well, perfectly, and there's all this cool extra stuff goin on, too...And now...Now, I'm kinda thinking something is going to go terribly wrong, soon. Everything can't just work out, right?? There's gotta be a catch. I can't just have landed a job and the apartment I wanted, and movers right away, and a guest dt gig, and box of goodies, and a cool guy and France. No way. So, I have to just say that I am feeling so freakin' fortunate today for everything. Including the fact that I get to finally have a J-day here at home, just scrapbooking. And please, fate, please keep it up, dude!! he he...I am just so thankful that I went with my gut and picked up and took a chance in a new city...I am totally feelin like I made the right choice, today. =) awesome! Hope everyone's feelin as happy as I am, today...=)

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

some grad-ness....

Came across some grad pics today in the pile of billion cds I'd used to back-up all of my school work...Myles is a little over-exposed there in the front....Perry's next to him, then me, and Kelly on the far left....Thanks to Nader for the pictures (cuz I don't think any of us gradding actually had a camera with us..ha ha) I miss my class...=( he he...It's so weird, we literally live at the school for the whole year, and then it just ends super-fast!! (sigh)

in other news....still waitin on the apartment...but I called, and he asked if I could come sign the papers today when he hears back, so that's gotta be good, right? I just can't stop thinking about decorating, already. ha ha...

waitin for my B contract, and I will officially be employed as a "revisionist"...yay!!

I have to admit (hanging my head in shame) I have been listening to Mr. Timberlake..."What goes around". But I think I block out his voice, I just love the beat. Hate the voice. That really makes no sense....

Have I mentioned how good "Stranger than Fiction" is?? It's awesome....the little animated numbers and calculations that follow him around are so awesome, and the story is cool, and I love Maggie Gyllenhaal. She always picks cool roles. So watch it!! And I gotta run out and grab Borat, cuz i swear I'm the only person from vfs that hasn't seen was making the rounds burnt for a while, and I still missed it...argh.....yay, Borat!

Oh! Check out Zingboom's Recycle it challenge page using old food packaging won!! So excited, cuz the challenges are so innovative and fun, and cuz I love all of that yummy vintage goodness...thanks Kristen!

Also, check out these cool Memory Purses I found out about yesterday - so cool!!

......have an Easter meeting today at my Purdy's....=) Maybe sometime today i can get my little hands into the awesome Scrapmuse kit that's been waiting for me since yesterday to play with....

....argh!! still have tons and tons to do, the week is gonna fly by..=( But it's so nice to just chill out and be doin all the stuff from home, anyways...=) Happy day, everyone!! Oh, and the film and art blog will be up in a few days when I have time to work on em....he he

Monday, March 05, 2007

check out....

....the March Scrapmuse kit!! Soooo much cool stuff in it....I am lovin the colors this month...=) Thought I'd just show ya a sneak peek....!! Anyways, off to my giant to-do list today; job, place, art, groceries, movers, mail, laundry, sex and the city....he, fun....happy day!! More projects to come, soon!! =)

Sunday, March 04, 2007


...some sunday randomness;

Bon Jovi + Bacon = happy morning

I have not even started packing and already I am dying to go to ikea and buy some new house things.....must exercise self-control...

I managed to find a place on Friday...of course, I could probably get more for my money....cuz all I managed to find was a teeny (even teenier than what I'm in now) but soooo cute little studio apartment that's literally being gutted and redone and still has some awesome character to it...I fell in love...and I am such a sucker for 'brand-new' anything, and would much rather live in a small cute place than a bigger ugly place....he me crazy, I know...but I'm kind of a homebody and I like it to look nice if I'm gonna be hangin out there lots...=)

So...I'll find out tommorrow if I get it...trying to figure out how to squish my current ikea showroom into such little quarters...

Also..job decision is looming; tommorrow's the day I let em know...(sigh)....

It's really not a good thing that I have a coffee maker now....(but it really is, thanks mom!!) cuz I just drink lots and lots of yummy coffee....

I am lovin the new Dare this week....and I habitually check out Postsecret every Sunday for some inspiration and a sanity it, love it...

I still watch mtv even though I've even seen the reruns of the week a billion times.

I was reminded of all the movies I used to love in Jr. high/highschool I watched "Can't Hardly Wait" (awesome soundtrack...fave old movie), and am gonna pop "Ten Things I Hate About You" in right now while I make some art....(Loooove Julia Stiles and her awesome indie-girl vibe in this movie...)

...these made me remember how cool Eve 6 was....

...I should not be blogging, I have schtuff to do, now that my weekly mountain of dishes is gone and I have free time (ahhhhh....) to scrap...=) Happy day!!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Yay, art!! Here's some DT stuff for Fancy Pants that I just finished up, using the new stamps, rub-ons and paper....and here's a page I did for Zingboom's Recycle-it challenge, using food packaging (the package has a little neon asian girl on it, on the left side, hiding under some paper)..which was pretty fun.....wanted to remember all the cool stuff this city has; cool people I met, cool places, like gastown, Chinatown, etc. Just so happy here right now!! New guy, new job (soon), new apartment (also soon). he he...I had a few meetings at Studios yesterday for what i thought would be interviews, but they pretty much just films were funny, and I'm nice, and I can choose what I want to it's all up to me now, and the decision is soooo tough!! Argh. But I am so thankful that I have a choice and that animators are desperately needed right now..he he...anyways, hopefully I'll have next week off, too....Need some time to chill and scrapbook and stay in my J's. (I feel like I'm always sayin that..)...cuz today is apartment-search day. Need a place to move in to, that would be So off I go, wish me happy apartment-hunting!! he he.....hope all is good...