Thursday, March 29, 2007

easily distracted....

....about sums me up today.
I want to go shopping, badly. Any kind of shopping. I am just hungry to spend money. And I need pants. And an umbrella. But I sure can't because I have no funds. I also need antiques. Many, many antiques...heh heh.
My nails are so long it's driving me insane!
I've been going through clothes, and why I have some of the stuff I do is beyond me; I was having flashbacks to Jr. high when I used to wear those button down shirts, and, like a studded choker for this kind of preppy/punky look. Geesh. I love getting rid of old stuff though. Feels a new start.
I am dying to go for a run and work out, which was put on hiatus because, well, I made a film, and got a job, and am moving, and have design team projects, and. Yeah. I can't wait til Monday. I'm gonna go for a run, specially cuz I won't be able to see the ocean from my new place, so i'll have to check it out as often as I can.
What else? I'm dying to scrapbook. Not because of monthly requirements, I want to do a good old fashioned, grab-everything-from-everywhere, all the cool things I like from a million different manufacturers and make an awesome page just no because I have to. You know?
I also, though I haven't moved yet, am just thinking about how I can rearrange/decorate the new place. That's all that's on my mind.
And the necessary cleaning/packing still left to do and looming before me.
And I so badly want to have a nap and do nothing tonight, but I can't.
And I'm on the computer! See, easily distracted. Back to packing, I go. =)
Happy night!!

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mom said...

Hope you got lots done girl. You have a busy and exciting weekend ahead of you!!