Monday, April 02, 2007


...le move is complete! went rather smoothly, I have to say...I was still packing when the movers got there for a few minutes (surprise, surprise)...and then Z stayed with the mover guys and I ran to the new place, checked out all the sparkly new stuff, grabbed a key, raced back to the old place in time to see the movers off, tossed Z the keys and he went over to the new place with the guys while I cleaned the whole place like a madman for an hour, then raced over to the new place just in time for the guys to finish up. Whew! Busy, but awesome..couldn't have done it without my guy. =) So then, instead of napping like our plan was, we grabbed food, walked around Denman street, found an awesome independant movie store, a cool dollar store, a really nice grocery store, and a yummy Bulgarian cafe place all within 5 short blocks. I am still so happy that everything is so close!! My bank is right there, my chiropractor is right's all good...and my little place is soooo cute!! It has little old-school heaters on the walls, and awesome old wood floors, and cute little personality (like the antique peephole in the door...I'll have to take a picture of that) , but it is all brand new other than that...=) And all my stuff fits...kinda. Little squishy. It's also weird being on the 1st floor, cuz the people across the street can see into my place, which wasn't an issue when I was up on the 15th with nobody across from me...=)

..sooo...that was my weekend...and now I am trying to remember what box is what, trying to find some clothes so I can do laundry, and all that fun unpacking shtuff. Still dying to go shopping. Still anxiously awaiting my Scrapmuse kit. =) It's all good...I am loving the place!! Hope you guys had a good weekend, too!! happy night!

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mom said...

Glad to see your computer is up and running - connection complete to outside world and friends.
Can't wait to see pictures & stuff.