Saturday, May 31, 2008

Pause. is my breather day. For my sanity and well-being. lol...I'm almost, almost done the animation gig - a few more fixes and a long day of work tomorrow and hopefully it's all done! yay! It'll be nice to be at the studio all the time - ever-changing deadlines are hard to juggle around! But I made it through the busy week, so it's all good.

Anyways, yay! Today there was no alarm clock (fabulous). I passed out at like 10pm last've been putzing - this house needs a serious cleaning and I still haven't had a moment to find my summer clothes, tidied up, listened to some tunes, cracked into my Dozens' kit...There are yummy blackberry muffins cooking in the oven, Z is coming home from his Saturday-morning 3D animation class soon and we're gonna head to the beach. Ahh..I can hear the buzz of yard sales and beach coming in through the window. Also, we're gonna try a deep-fried Mars bar (yum!) that we just found out they sell down the street, and then head off to see Indy tonight. I was hoping for a Sex and the City/Indy marathon, but that's eating up like 6 hours of a sunny way!

Booked some bed and breakfasts for our trip to Tofino at the end of June..yay! Also, we're gonna go to Bowen island this upcoming weekend - never been there, but it's an island...its gotta be nice, right? =)

So heres to relaxing - so, so sorry if you've e-mailed me and I haven't responded...there's a few I have on my list-to-get-to. This week you'll hear from me! =) Hope its sunny and bright where you live, and happy weekend!

Oh! And there are some cards, felt donuts, and Lola drastically marked down (like, half-price-or-more off) in my Etsy Shop - making some room in my home for the slew of new goodies I hope to make for the shop soon! The felt toys are perfect play gifts for little girls, and you can stock up on some cards for yourself! Thanks for peeking!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Or, "while I wait for my work to render here at work."
(....inspired by this lovely list.)

journals of all sorts. burts bees in every hoodie pocket. freshly air-popped popcorn. toes in the chilly surf. rays of sun to soak in on the couch. a soft blanket. snuggling. reaching for eachothers' hands. made up silly words only we understand. figuring out movie psychology. the first drops of light rain on my cheek. samson. polka dots. beached canoes. seeing the ocean on the daily. acoustic tunes. a lovely large purse to take the house with me, or to bring a new house home in. antique shopping. vintage paper bits. paper cut-outs. my grandpas cologne. waking up with the sun shining in. the sound of a fresh pot of coffee in the making. library reserve list. lantern festivals. funky embroidery. good luck dolls. a fresh loaf of bread. aged leather. happy mail. gut instincts. guacamole. handmade cards from a certain boy. saving the best for last. treating yourself. chocolate cake in the morning. amazing homemade tequila straight from mexico. kawaii fabric. real life pirate ships. monsters of all shapes and sizes. first kisses. roasted marshmallows. sleeping in a tent. worn grey jeans, my favorite old runners. stepping out on a limb. creating. picking blackberries. flip-flops. bare feet. the first hint of a tan. reruns. finding a hidden perfect quote in a song for the first time. something to look forward to. long beach. flowers from hubby.

Annnnd...the lovely Rebecca of Pink Paislee is giving away a stamp set cuz of my lovely skull card (omigoodness - I'm blushing!! he he), you have til Friday to sign up here! These stamps are fab, so make sure you leave some love for a chance to win them!
This lovely Red Velvet kit peek I saw yesterday also brings me joy - love the bright summer feel of it! And this new kit club, Paperminx, a lovechild of the ever-so-fab Stephanie, maker of livingroomfloor goodies and her friend, is also happy. Check out the peek at the new launch and their fab guest designer! I'm excited!! Wish I had time to just scrapbook all day long with kits and kits and more kits...he he.

Joy, also in the fact that my mind is a-churning. Yesterday, all day long, random ideas for notepad designs just kept popping into my head. It was odd. But inspiring - I need to design something pronto or I might just go a little crazy! Also, contemplating a new blog and wishing I had some website building skills for my little Bubbly Shnooks...I miss making things for the shop during this busy-ness...all I can do here at work is set up a mailing list - so stay tuned for that! =) I'm planning on releasing new goodies and small scrapbook supply goodies at least once a month, but I'm bad at sticking to those things, so we'll see how it As for today - I'm doodling ideas for the new digi collections I will be releasing in June. yay!

And to feed the fascination I have for felt cameras; the only other felt cameras I have ever seen on Etsy and it is way, way cooler than mine, and also from Vancouver. he he...loooove the whole shop!

Almost one-jobbed. One more scene to go, a whole lotta fixes, and a few later-er nights than usual and I should be all finished! Looking forward to a weekend of no alarm clock, the beach, baking, a relaxing bath, a pedicure, watching movies with Z, and eating ice cream. excited. =)

Monday, May 26, 2008


Today, my thoughts are in some whimsical place full of bright colored sunsets and pink sparkly ice cream and sand. =)1. candy pop land, 2. A postcard for the Margarita island, 3. Butterfly Show 2, 4. one with the sea, 5. mmmummm..mummm...mmmmummmmumumum, 6. IMG_7477, 7. Paradise*, 8. Mallorca 2007 -- Waiting for summer to come, 9. Beach fire

But I am stuck here at work...ha ha....=) We had our holiday weekend in Canada last weekend, so work today, it is! I am seriously dying to go somewhere hot and bask in some relax on a lawn chair. Lovely...=) So at least my eyes can enjoy that thanks to some gorgeous Flickr love...soooo much inspiring stuff there!

Anyways, hope everyone's weekend was fab! I worked from day til night both days on my animation, but hopefully I'll be done by Friday and can sleep in and be done and enjoy the sunshine!! Yay!! Sooo excited...I have about 6 scenes of 28 left to finish off, so it's going really well!! The end is near, if not right in front of me....=) There were a few ice cream at the beach breaks over the weekend, though...and I have a little bit of pink tan to prove it! hah...and a lovely friend shared some tunes with me and that made the day much more bearable...=) It's hard to work when the sun is shining through the window right beside me!! lol...but I had some Guster, Anna Nalick, and Ting Tings to help me focus.

Oh! I also got this delicious book in the mail:

(Totally borrowed this pic from Elsie's blog...) yesterday and it's amazing!! So happy I snatched one up before they all sold out...I very rarely buy scrapbook goodies anymore, but this one I just couldn't pass up! All the pages are amazing - and it was so awesome to see Rachel and the other girls in it, too! Sooo..inspiring! So it is now waiting for me on my desk, amoung some other new goodies like my May Dozens' kit (there are still a few left!), a Maya Road chipboard tree album, and some lovely Living Room Floor stuff that's waiting to be played with! It's all just't wait til the end of the week when I can dive into my kit! And have you seen the Red Velvet June kit peek?? Yummy!!

Also, Jodie over at KittyRobot is doing little featurettes on us DT girls every week - this week is moi! Check it out over on the Kittyrobot blog!

Happy day everyone! Here's hoping you dipped your toes in the ocean and had a cone of two over the last few sunny days! =)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Nature Day...

It's nature day here on Michelle's blog...=) I had a moment to sift through all of the pictures we (okay, Tzanko...) took at the park over the weekend and had to share the warning: snuggly goodness and a picture-heavy nature post coming your way!

Stanley Park is but a step from our door, and we regularly go for walks around this little lake that's on the way to the beach. There's tons of wildlife and babies there right now, and they're all out and about. This is the scene: Snuggly baby goslings. =) Goslings? I think that's the name for baby geese....Anyways, they look so cuddly! The mummy geese, however, are super defensive and always ready to chase you away if you get too close. Scary!! Don't know how Z got these

There are a lot of swans there year-round, and there were a few nests...but no babies yet. We found what seems to be the only nest full of eggs the other day just off the pathway so we'll have to watch it and see if we can see them hatching when its time...=)
There are also snuggly little ducklings swimming behind in packs of 8 with their cute!! They're super fast in the water, zipping around like crazy....he he...and when they're not swimming or jumping up onto rocks, they sleep snuggled together...aww...
And the turtles hopped up onto rocks and logs to soak in the sun - we hadn't even seen turtles at the lake ever, so that was cool! You can see them swimming, too..they just poke their heads funny!And we saw this crane hunt and catch a fish or very cool. See the turtle on the log behind him?

And there are also always raccoons here, and they are quite people friendly...they love the snacks everyone gives them...and they (and the swans, birds, and squirrels, too...) walk right up to you and grab the food from your hands....he he. Did you know raccoons swim? I had no idea until we saw a few in the water....and this guy climbed all the way to a stump on a very tall tree:And its unbelieveably green and full of colorful flowers here right now:
Wow, it looks like we went on a giant nature expedition, when really its just a 20 minute walk around the Feel so lucky to live here and close to all this nature...=) And its so fun to watch the same animals and figure out their habits and things day after cool!

Anyways, I'm out...back to work. Or back to waiting for work to come in, wishing I was at home working. The animation project is seeming further and further from being done, even as I stay up til the wee morning hours...there's always a point where it gets boring and feels like it will never get done, and I was there last night. Feeling totally unproductive and like its impossible to finish right now..but I know it'll pass! It's just frustrating...not to mention I keep getting lovely stuffs in the mail that I want to make stuff with and I can't!! And one starts to feel lumpy and gross after eating and sitting on ones bum in a chair at a computer literally all day long wishing they had time to go for a run. Argh. Only a week, only a week. At least there's hot chocolate to get me through the day. I'm hankering for piles of real chocolate.

Annnd we just realized that our big impromptu martini and art gallery date on Friday was actually our 6-month wedding anniversary...he cool is that?? We've been married for 6 months already! Duude...=) Soo cool. Happy weekend, everybody!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Woodsy Love

Hello, Thursday!
I have a little woodland-inspired eye candy to share today:

This is a project I did for the Pink Paislee blog - today's subject is "Thursday Trends", and the Paislee goodies are just so awesome for making trendy nature-inspired pages, I couldn't resist! I hand-cut the tree out of patterned paper, as well as the bird stamp, and added a few coordinating nature-touches like Hambly woodgrain, tags from Sushipotparts, and walnut ink splatters. Yummy! =) I found this random picture of my when I was small being goofy, and I was struck by how similar I am to the me I was when I was little...thus the journalling. =) You can check out the Paislee blog for my post here, and make sure you also check out Dani's cool stamp-stitching technique - such a great insipiring idea!! Must try it...

I'm just dying to sew - I got some embroidery patterns I bought from Elsie the other day and they have me hankering...=) I was big on cross-stitching when I was like 9 - so dorky, I know! lol...but I need to make something with my hands soon or I will burst; all this computer work in a row has me wanting to whip out the paints and sewing machine....soon, soon!

Oh! I meant to mention that I've had to step down as a Scrapmojo girl - in lieu of more product design work, I've had to step down from the design team so that I'm not too thinly spread (my hubby likes to hang out with me sometimes, too...he he)- so I'm sorry to say I won't be a part of the team anymore. =( so sad! I love those girls and the challenges have been so fun!! So thanks Marie for having me as part of the team, and I'm still going to be checking in on the girls and their fab work over at the Mojo blog!

I did have some (okay, lots...) of picture Z took at the park of all the Spring babies: raccoons, a fishing crane, baby ducks and geese...but alas, left them all at maybe tomorrow! For now, I have to share this girls' super-inspiring tunes: Kate Nash. Oh yes, if you haven't heard her must. That is, if you don't mind 'explicit' lyrics, catchy beats, and a cute english accent....(D******d is my favorite song - even Z likes it a lil bit) it to pieces and it's gotten me through working at home for the last 3 days. I'm hankering for some Donnas' tunes, too...I've resisted buying their new album for some time now...and I've been repeating "Breathe Me" by Sia constantly, too...Oh, I love you. =) Which reminds me, I may actually buy an ipod now that I have an income again. There are thoughts of buying a new computer, too..cuz I am surprised my little machine has been able to handle a big 2-minute project, actually...(knock on wood)...but I would much rather spend money on summer vacations than a computer for now...sooo excited to go away somewhere in June!

Anyways, off I go to leave some blog love all around! =) Thanks, as always, for stopping by with sweet words everybody! Only one day left til the weekend and almost a week left til I'm one-jobbed!! Woot! =) Happy day!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sun and Animation....

....that about sums up the weekend for me. =) Well, more animation than sun...he he. It was a fabulous day on Saturday here - hotter than I remember it being anytime during the summer last year. Needless to say, way too nice out to not take a break from work and go for long walks on the beach and through the park with ice cream. Heavenly...On Friday we were lucky enough to score free passes to the brand-new animation/comic exhibit at the Vancouver Gallery: I'd never been to a gallery open, much less the coolest opening ever, so it was awesome. Wine, comics, and animation?? Duuude....So not only were there fabulous original comics (which I don't know much about, but they were amazing), drawings from the 'first' animated film, "Gertie the Dinosaur", original storyboards and cells from Disney's "Dumbo", boards and concept drawings from movies like "Toy Story" and even some Wallace and Gromit....I was taken aback when we got to a room that was filled with my favorite pop artists originals. That's right - Roy Lichtenstein lacquer-on-steel from the 1960's. I was so excited...he he....this is one of them that was there: Yay!....*love* his work!! It's so perfect and amazing up close...(sigh). Z and I went on a date before the opening to have some yummy martinis and dinner...and then after the show we grabbed 27 Dresses (finally..) and watched it. =) So cute! Does anyone else remember James Marsden from a tv show called "Second Noah" way back when?? I bet my sister does...we were in love with him, then, and his girlfriend and himself on the show used to make a heart with both of their hands together all the cute!! he he...anyways, random. lol..

So other than Friday, I had to work lots..and I think the weather change made me very sleepy, because it was necessary to take a nap every now and then quickly, and it was a struggle to stay ontask anyways. Buuut....I did get stuff done. Whew! Only a week and half of two jobs left, and I'm counting down the days...hoping it will be rainy til then so I can stay focused...and I woke up to super-loud thunder and rain today, so it's lookin our walks, there was lotsa sun, lotsa little baby geese and ducks at our lake in the park, and lotsa brownie chunk ice cream this weekend, so at least I'll have that to look forward to again, too...he he

Anyways, I'll be back on Thursday with some Paislee goodness....I'm dying to scrap...=( And to sew, too!! And anxiously awaiting some Etsy purchases in the mail. And excited to be going back to the art gallery tonight for a talk from the amazing Marv Newland all about animation. =) Happy day! And thanks for all the sweet words, as always! I'm also dying to make the blog rounds but there's no free time in sight....soon, hopefully!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Love Me Some Red Velvets...

Hello, hello.....and Whew! It's been busy around here.
Get-up-at-6-and-work-til-2-am busy. Sucks.
Especially now, because it's supposed to be the nicest, nicest weekend we've had here in months. It'll be hard to work, I tell ya....but I have to: 2 minutes of animation to animate in just over a week is nutty. Just nutty. Fun, though....=) But nutty.

Anywho...enough of my complaining. It'll all be over soon enough, I know...he he. Onto the fun stuff: Red Velvet Projects! Here's what I made with the yummy May kit:

This kit was sooo fun!! I wish I'd had time to make more goodies, there were lotsa leftovers! The journalling on the "Backyardigan" page is hidden behind the photo on mini bear stationary...that's me toddling around with my toy lawnmower when I was 1 and some. =) Hah, I just noticed now that my pages get kind of crazy and messy and artsy if I don't scrap for a while....I kinda go crazy. lol...I'd been working on a computer straight for days, so when I finally got a moment to make stuff with my hands, I was all over that. =)

And do you see that lil clay owl? That's a kittyrobot owl...he wasn't in the kit, but he matched so perfectly I just had to stick him on there...he he. The quote on that page is from Ingrid Michaelson's "Far Away" it!Also, all of us girls in honor of Red Velvet's year anniversary this month did a Step-by-Step tutorial. So go here to check out the girls' galleries and tutorials if you're in need of some inspo! They're fab!

Here's mine on Filling in Hand-Written Titles with Paint:

Step 1: Gather your supplies - a fine-tip felt pen, a pencil, a kneaded eraser (or a normal eraser), a fine-tip paint brush, acrylic paint. Lightly draw you title where you'd like it to be on your page in pencil. Make sure you make your letters "filla-able"; give them loops or thick edges that you can paint in.

Step 2: Once you're happy with your letters, the placement of them, and are ready to paint, lightly rub away most of the pencil marks so they're faint enough that you can still see them, but they aren't noticable in case you paint over them and can't get rid of the pencil line after. Using a small paintbrush, fill in the parts of the letters with acrylic paint. Don't worry too much about getting it perfect, as you'll just be doodling over the paint line, anyway.

Step 3: Paint all of the letters in and let them dry.Step 4: Using a fine-tip pen, doddle over the letters following your rough pencil sketch of them. I made my letters very loose and loopy so I didn't have to follow a perfect line. This way you can go over a line a few times and get a loose edge that covers up the paint and looks more fluid. Step 5: Finish drawing all of the letters, let the pen dry if needed, and then erase the raimaining light pencil marks. And voila! A cool, hand-filled title for your next page. =)
Oh! And as if those pics aren't enough, I also made this lil matchbook album that came in the Red Velvet kit with my scraps:
And I noticed a question about how to out the album together, so I snapped a picture as I was binding it:
The holes are super-small, and the pages are very thick in the middle. I used the chipboard inside pages as a template to cut my own inner pages out of patterned paper, poked the holes in the bottom, and then used a needle to thread some ribbon through the bottom a few times to keep it secure. =) Hope that helped!

Oh! And I have to say thanks to Mandy for blogging about my little felt donuts. She had a tea party with her 2 little girls and the eco-friendly little felt cute!!

Annnnd...The Dozens' May kit is being released on Sunday 10pm EST. See the deets here. Sooo excited to see the whole lovely kit!

Otay, and that's a wrap. I was waiting for work here at work and now I have some...I brought my other project to work on here, but the files got all messed up and didn't completely transfer, therefore are not here...argh. Going to an art gallery opening tonight for an Animation exhibit...yay! Getting a much-needed drink before everyone has a fab weekend! And thanks for peeking at my lil projects today...=)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Paislee Love...

By way of cards, I show my love for all the wonderful Pink Paislee goodies: You may find that last skull card veeeery similar to a skull card I made during my lil term with Pink.Sugar.Pop...I just loved that last one so much I thought I'd make a new version with the smaller skullie stamps...=) I don't think I'll be able to part with either card, though...hah...I just think they're too cute!

Anyways, there's another Paislee project coming when it's my turn to blog there next week..yay!

I had a chance to scrap with my Red Velvet kit last night..thanks oodles to Rachel for understanding the 2-job craziness that is this month...egad! I'll have them up soon....I'm supposed to have a bunch of work done tomorrow for a meeting that I now have to do tonight because I have to be at here the studio for deadlines today, and obviously I can't work at home while I'm! The last 2 week crunch is coming quickly!! Wish my fast working!! is still my friend.'s super funny cuz in the last few days I've had a few other job oppurtunities come up, which totally makes me giggle and smile...but then think, "why did this not all happen 3 months ago? All the jobs have to come at one time?" hah...that's my field of work, for ya...It was a super-stressful day yesterday, as I'm the last to have my hands on some scenes of a show that will be shown on tv and, no less, directly to the directors here, and my computer mussed up a bunch of stuff, and therefore a bunch of directors saw some not-so-hot looking renders. Omigosh...and then I had to figure out what was wrong with my software and fix it ASAP and get things back in order. Oh my. Keep in mind, like a year and a half ago I didn't know simple keyboard shortcuts, so I'm pretty impressed at my lil self right now for being able to fix it in a timely manner. Whew!

The Hills, oh the mad at Heidi for going back with Spencer.
So sad Audrina will probably move.
I used to think Lo was cool, and now she seems rude all the time.
Soo excited for next season!! =)

Thanks for all the sweet words, as always, too! You guys always make me smile...=)
I leave you with a yummy peek at the Dozens' May kit:
Soooo excited to get this lil baby in the mail!! And the fab Ashley Wren is our guest designer, and the new DT girls are joining in for the first time this month, so awesome! Read more here, and happy day!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Oh, Monday

A little Monday "what I love right now", cuz today has sucked at work due to my lovely computer messing I'm waiting for it to correct all the things it did wrong the other day. Argh, I say! As if normal Mondays don't suck
Here we go:
Totally loving mini-marshmallow infused instant hot chocolate.
Apricots, the first sign of fresh yummy summer fruit to come....
Nut and Bee, check out her shop and you'll totally understand:
I'm a sucker for "Oooo" mouthed drawings....what can I say? hah...and random octopus with bear drawings, and angry asparagus drawings? duuude...I'm in love with Nut and Bee. =)
Loving So Softies shop, too
Also in love with this album:
Currently "Gravity" is on my repeat over-and-over list.

Also in love with this girl, Ingrid Michaelson. How did I not buy the sweater song album back in December?? Anyways, I can't stop listening to "Die Alone" and "Keep Breathing". yummy...=) Double-yummy is the line "...And I think he's the tops, he's where everything stops" from a certain other cool song...(a scrappy page with this quote is now mentally in the works).And who doesn't love Dashboard? Well, I sure have since I was like 16....Chris is the cutest. Love his tatts. Love his songs. I just bought the new album (well, new a while ago), and love it to bits. =)

Totally dying to see this, cuz I know I'll love it. =) Ellen Page and can you go wrong?

Very (unexpectedly) in love with Rihanna's "Take a Bow", too...not usually the way I swing music-wise, but it has me rockin out. =)

Eeeh...That's all for today. I'm totally worked out and my attention span was that of a 5 year olds' was sunny out and I'd been up everyday at 7:30 working straight til the wee morning boxes of scrap goodies around...(sigh)..we did go for a walk and saw baby geese...yay! And I made a big dent in the animation project, so it's all good. =)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

To the best mum....

Happy mother's day!! Hope the boys spoil you with breakfast and flowers....=) Love you, mum!!
.....Hope you and yours have a fab mother's day, too...=) And Happy Mother's day if you are a mum! Hope everyone's having a great weekend, in general...=) As for me, well, it's been okay, but getting up at 7:30 every day to pose my characters is not exactly what I'd call the best weekend ever...hah. I'm looking forward to going somewhere like here for a weekend:
Ahhh....that's near Tofino, on Vancouver Island...sooo nice there!! We're trying to plan a weekend away in June, and cuz I have a job now, I can't take much time it might not be possible to make the trek all the way out there, but we think a B&B in Nanaimo somewhere might be doable..just hop on the ferry and get away for a weekend...(sigh)....=) Can't wait til June!! he he...

Anyways, even though I have a deadline Tuesday, I'm still watching this season finale tomorrow night:That's about it! There were some slight breakdowns in my shopping resistance to Etsy and itunes this weekend, as I've been stuck here on the computer...heh...but I have new tunes and some cool stationary in the mail, now, so it's all good...=) Happy day! I'll be back this week with Pink Paislee projects to share and (hopefully..) some Red Velvet goodies, too! Trying to find a day to squish the last of my scrappy deadlines into...=) Off to make coffee I go...

Thursday, May 08, 2008

A quick post:

Otay! I can spill...=) Soo...those of you who looked for the apple kit in my Etsy shop would have been surprised to see it gone!! Yikes! But there's good news: ....I'm now designing digi kits and goodies among some fab designers over at SIStv! Yay! The new digi boutique just launched...go check it out!! =) I have a cute little kit involving cartoony foliage and home-decorating magazine-inspired summer colors in mind, but time to create until next month!! =) So I'll have some new goodies up then, and a few smaller things up for sale there this month, too. =)

Hope everyone is great!! I'm sitting here at work waiting for my computer to render out my la la...=) I'm counting down the moments til I can see Z, I miss hangin at home with him all day...he he...and he made the bestest lasagna last night, he's so good at taking care of me when I'm sleepy and chugging through my animation work. Happy day!! I'm counting down the days til I don't have to work 24/

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


First of all....the winner of the tag RAK! =)
Z randomly chose a number and that numbered comment ended up being:

Lori W said...
oooooh so cute! I love scrapbooking/art journaling because I need the therapy! It gets my creative juices flowing! Woohoo!

Send me your address Lori, so I can pass it on to Veronica nad she can get out those fab tags to you!

Yay! Thanks for all the feedback on that, guys!! =) Lovely answers to why everyone loves scrapbooking! As for me, I love scrapbooking for waaay too many reasons to list..he he....only wish I had time to do it right now!! But it looks like I have been scrapping (did these lil guys about a week ago), cuz I have some yumminess from my Guest Design stint at Scrapmagie kits to post:
I did a step-by-step of the dimensional hand-cut bouquet for the Scrapmagie site on this page, and it was highlighted on Scrapscene the other day...duude! =) It was funny to get that in my inbox..he he. Here's the page, and you can see the step-by-step here.And this page I made from the kit is for the latest Scrapmojo challenge: Recycle an old page (check out the blog for our different takes on 'recycling') and use 5 of something. I use 5 little paper circles from sushipotparts, and I recycled the idea/picture from and older layout, as I didn't want to literally rip apart my old page, but I didn't like it much so it could've used a redo. Here's the original page:And here's the new take on it:....still not in love with the new version...maybe some pictures just aren't meant to be scrapped? heh, anyways....go check out the challenge! The fab Elle's Studio is sponsoring this go around!

Anyways, thanks to Marina at Scrapmagie for having me Guest design for her this month!! The gallery is up and there's lotsa inspiration using the awesome kit there, too!! =)

And, to answer a few questions I've seen in the comments...those paint speckles on my pages are most often watercolor paint...or acrylic paint mixed with water. I get my brush really wet and hold it over my page and then lightly tap just above the bristles to get a splatter: the smaller the brush, the smaller the splatters. Takes a little practice, but it's fun!

The apple digi kit has been removed from my Etsy shop for reasons I'm not sure I can divulge yet...but stay tuned for an announcement, or perhaps you'll find out via e-mail from a special somewhere...;)

Annnd...thanks for all the sweet words!! Still haven't been able to do blog rounds, I'm just swamped in work!! My throat was starting to hurt the other day from lack of sleep, so I've managed to fix that, and still get lots of work done. It's a juggle between a crazy production schedule here at the studio, on top of remembering my old job and getting back in the zone with that....and also getting lots of stuff built and ready to animate at home...Oy! But I have been sleeping a fair amount, and Z and I have the occasional ice cream and cupcake at the beach breaks...he he. =) Hope everyone is well!! And happy day! =)