Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Some red velvet...

Hello! =) Oh my....it's been super-cold here in Vancouver...and it snowed for the last day and some...(it never snows here..)!! eek! Yesterday on my way to work, my shoes had the grip of, say, vaseline, and I was slipping and sliding all the way there...longest walk ever!! lol...it is kind of cool, though..because a new Jennifer Aniston movie is fliming here in town and the crew is set up just a block away...pretty cool...keeps it interesting..=) Not like I've actually seen Jennifer Aniston, just the trucks and lights and trailers..but you know. lol...

Sooo...I got to finally do some things on my list to-do, like this:

...a peeky peeky for you. =) (sorry the file is so teensy...lol) That would the name of the etsy shop..it's coming, I promise!! lol...I'm all about starting things and finishing them the right way (well, at least to my liking) so I'm going all professional with the shop. Not all professional, but I don't want to start selling and have no business card or proper packaging...=) I'm weird that way..lol. It gave me another chance to play with Photoshop, too. yay! Digital is addicting, man. Already Prima hybrid is sending me e-mails about sales..and it's horrible!! I did find this really cool company, Weeds and Wildflowers through Prima, though, and I just love their goodies!

..and, on the weekend I had a chance to finally dig into my Red Velvet December kit and play around with some Christmas pictures...yay!

..mostly pages about my cutie nephew at Christmas...he he... =) Still have lotsa things to do around here...And some old Dozens kits' to finish off...and tonight Z and I are meeting with some film school friends to talk about a project we're starting together....Hope everyone is great and staying warm, wherever you are! And as always, thanks for the cute comments...=) happy day!

Monday, January 28, 2008

"let's get digital, digital..."

...said in sing-songy voice. =) My first digi page ever for the Overlooked challenge numba 1: I used a bunch of freebie things and also some stuff from Prima Hybrid. You can see what I used here...it was pretty fun, I just missed getting ink and paint all over and the whole hands-on aspect of scrapping....(which is mostly why I do it..) but I feel like I leanred a ton and Z was there to help me, too...=) So excited about the new challenge, too...hmm..what do I collect?? I'm pretty sure it may be coats. I have billions. lol...or purses, too...(sigh)
How was everyone's weekend? Mine was pretty chill....rented movies on Friday: "Good Luck Chuck", which was surprisingly funny, and was also filmed in Vancouver (it was so funny to see the pier at Granville Island that's usually covered in people eating hotdogs and hoards of seagulls as the romantic evening-walk setting....ha ha), and "3:10 to Yuma"...a Western. It was pretty awesome; lotsa shooting and also lotsa psychological story..and Russel Crowe and Christian Bale? need I say more...lol...I picked this one:
Cuz I liked their costumes and new I would like it just by the cover...lol...Z just laughed at me, and then within the first 5 minutes, he was like.."how do you know the perfect movies for you??" he he...It's about 2 totally socially awkward dorky people in a relationship of sorts...I laughed the whole time....I love indies. (sigh) And on sunday we walked around the park, fed some swans and watched some cute raccoons, grabbed some coffee, and then putzed around a flea market a block away from home....I love flea markets!! There was some cool stuff, but I didn't buy anything..exceot this book which Z and i both wanted: ...I'm so excited to rip pages out of that baby and scrapbook with em..=) he he. Realized I'm also a sucker for vintage suitcases...oh my. =)

I scrapped a ton yesterday, so those'll be up tommorrow....still have yet to do the blog rounds. Still workin on the etsy header and business cards, and once that's done it'll be ready to go! Still wondering why I give myself so much to do...ha ha....happy day everyone!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Tgif...still. and Lola:

....yay, Friday! I just remembered the coolness of tv on Friday nights when I was like, 12...ha ha. Boy Meets World, Family Matters...(sigh)...lol. I posted some of these goodies on Flickr yesterday, so my apologies if you're seen em and they're old news...lol...But here's some recent stuffs i've made:

Lola! My little whale...(she's kind of like a prototype)....She has beans in her bottom to weigh her down and a cute floppy tail....=) I hand-stitched the embroidery on her mouth and eyes, cuz I'm crazy that way.
...and I did my second day of Holly's art journal challenge, "friend"..and then realized friend wasn't even on my list..ha ha...so I changed the list already, cuz I don't know why "friend"wasn't on there...lol. there was an cool price tag on the vintage trim, so I left it..just a quick simple one page cuz I'm a little (cough) behind on this challenge...
...And then I made a page for the latest One Little Word challenge, cuz I started writing down "still" prompts and couldn't stop...lol. and I know I just used this picture, but seriously, the paper camera fir perfectly, I had to use it! And that rainbow paper has been calling to me for a while..he he...I made the journalling on a notebook-style pad and stapled it onto the layout so I could fit it all. To read and see a few more close-ups, go here.
Hmmm..not much else is new. Work is Supa-busy and very empty because the show is coming to an end and all the animators are finished...just us last-step-in-production guys left. =) Dying to announce some things I've been up to, but I gotta wait!! argh...lol...Happy about Tutli Putli's Oscar nomination...sad about Heath Ledger....wondering what new movies are out..Still wanting to see Juno again...Happy that Z keeps getting cool freelance gigs...still attempting to open the Etsy store...(almost ready!) Loving the CHA peeks that I've seen...specially here at the brand-new Pink Paisley....yum! And also, how sweet is Prima Hybrid?? duuude...I had some birthday money to spend so I treated myself to a few things to play with...there is so much great stuff there, I was excited..for a girl who thought she'd never try digi, whew...I'm gonna do my Overlooked page this weekend all digi, so that should be interesting...he he. Anyways, lunch is oevr..back to work for me...happy day! And, as always, thanks for the sweet comments girlies...=)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

oh my word...

...thanks so much for the sweet comments, ladies =) You all rock! I haven't had a chance to visit your blogs in the last few days, but hopefully today there'll be a lull at work and I can make the rounds...=) see what everyone's been making! yay!

As for me..lunch hour is almost over, so a quick post: Made these Betty Boop cards with a cute stamp Z found at a garage sale for me a while back...=) I colored her in with watercolor pencils and stitched the hearts around...they look really Valentines-ish, but really they're just thanks you cards....lol

And I got my Dozens' kit this weekend...had to play...
Also made some stuff I still have to share..and stuff I can't share...tee hee...
Last night Z and I got to go on a date courtesy of birthday money from Mom & Wayne (you guys are the best..thanks!) and we went to see Persepolis .....an animated film for adults. lol...we've been dying to see it and saw it was still playing and finally went...it was awesome: awesome story, awesome animation...awesome. =) I was giggling and almost crying and I loved the designs and everything...super-cool. =)
Also, feeling super-humbled and excited and jittery that I get to continue trying to become a Fashionista...eek! I can't believe all the amazing talent on that list!! Trying to remain calm...the only thing that goes through my mind everytime I get selected for something like this is when I applied to film school, and my admissions advisor asked me if I thought I was a good artist, and when I answered "eer..I dunno...I guess so." She was like, "Great! That means you're probably okay, because chances are if you think you're God's gift to art, you're horrible." lol...weird analogy? Probably...lol..sorry. It just reminds me to not get too excited and to remember why it is I do these things and just keep plugging away and learning and growing in my art no matter what....=) Anyways, that's all for today! Lots to do this week: some deadlines, some drawing, some painting to do, some Etsy-shop-opening-already to do (lol)....should be fun. =) Happy day everyone, and thanks for stopping by!

Monday, January 21, 2008


...I feel like I made so much this weekend I don't know where to begin with the posting of it...lol..it was wonderful..=) The perks of being also married to a workaholic (okay, maybe I'm a little more of a workaholic, but..) was that we both hung around home all day Saturday drawing and creating and being artsy. duuude. Love it. We went out on Saturday to a cute lil pub called The Irish Heather, sort of for my birthday...talked animation with a few boys, fun fun. =) On Sunday there's always the normal Sunday stuff to do, but we did get out for a walk in the sun to feed the ducks....very cool. I finished up a really cool project last night that I can't tell you all about yet, but I'm super-excited about it!! eeek! Anyways, this weekend was nice and low-key and fun...it was cool to get out of the house when the sun was about and it was happy happy!

In other cool news, Scrapmojo has a cute new look, and Rachel Denbow is our guest designer this go around, which totally rocks! The girl can rock the paper..and also the sewing machine. Go check out the challenge! It's to use trash and staples....all the girls rocked it, seriously....here's my take:
I was looking for a word this year, a la Ali and decided on "Rest". not stop completely. Just...step back. Don't overload myself this year. Only do what makes me happy and just...rest. =) I used a piece of cardboard, some paper scraps, the front cover of an awesome journal I got in town at Paper-Ya (which I looove and bought just so I could rip the cool notebook paper out of..lol) and some other Martha Stewart and Elle's Studio goodies, too. =) It's one of my faves I've made in a while....and it was inspired by this video that Z pointed out to me: Lollipop. Sorry if you don't like Mika, but the art direction and animation is pretty freakin cool! Love it =)
Also, I started doing a 30 day challenge with Holly....make an art page a day (she's also taking a picture of the day..but I can never stick to those...lol) based on a prompt to better embrace creating for yourself...pretty cool stuff. Here are my 30 words/prompts about myself:

1 - quiet (in public)
2 - quirky/silly/a total utter goof
3 - indie movie lover
4 - Capricorn
5 - new wife
6 - daughter
7 - older sister
8 - patience tester
9 - sticktoitiveness
10 - lover of words/writing/lovely quotes
11 - poetry reader
12 - messily organized
13 - non-domestic
14 - antiques/aged things
15 - bright colors
16 - chocolate fiend
17 - photographer wannabe
18 - learning as I go
19 - journals/art journals
20 - creating with my hands
21 - the ocean/water/beach
22 - I get over it quickly/accept
23 - I know what I want and I want it now.
24 - difficult/the love of "no" (my favorite word)
25 - chocolate martini/a resistance to beer
26 - secretly tattooed
27 - independent to a point
28 - wary of big groups/nervous
29 - puppies
30 - finish. My need to complete things at a certain time/all at once.
Yet the need to keep doing new things nd not completeing them.
They're kind of more then one-worded and all over the place..but I wrote them on a spur of the moment. =) ahh...art journalling. It is so cool to get messy. Here's the cover and the first page, about me being quiet until you get to know me:
I used distressed cards and such for the pages...just pieces I grabbed from on and around my desk...=) I was making an altered book, but it wasn't looking like it was ever going to get finished, so I ripped a chunk out with the quote "the job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery"...that I thought was perfect, because quiet=people don't know a lot about me at first-mystery. =) More to come (but probably not everyday...lol..I'll finish it eventually)
And last but not least, A cool album and necklace that Jessica sent me (how cool is that album?? oh my word...I was stunned when I got it!! Thanks Jess!)
And this is the uber-cool pirate card that Michelle got for me...eeek! It folds out and the ship is all 3-Dimensional..love it! It now lives in our living room. =) Thanks again, Michelle!
Whew...thanks for bearing with me today....lol...more to come tommorrow! Lots more!
Happy day =)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

some peeks...

...Just made the blog rounds from the RAK comments...super-fun to discover new scrappy people...=) yay! What's new? Well...my lunchtime is almost over..work is nutty again (it's like that: Monday and Tuesday there's usually little to no work..and then all the calls for fixes come in Wednesday - Friday...crazy non-stop, but good busy) I had the most grumpiest of grumpy nights last night. Mostly because wrestling with my computer and scanner setting up and wacom pen settings, etc. were interfereing with possible sewing time. Argh. Dying to sew something. lol...There was this funny moment when I was all frustrated and Z and I were just standing there after I said something like "argh, the whole world is working against me tonight" and after the perfect movie silence length, a piece of masking tape came fluttering off the wall and hit the ground....and we both cracked up...ha ha. Like a movie, I swear...so tonight i'm hoping to make some goodies without any interruptions.

And it turns out taking pictures of my scrappy space in a dark room does not work..ha ha...silly me. So I'll answer the last of the questions with pictures on the weekend. =) Til then, here's the sneak of my Mojo page (it goes up on the 20th..and we have an awesome Guest designer!!)
And Holly M is doing a cool 30-day embrace making art for yourself dealio..which I thought was pretty sweet...it will probably take me 60 days to do..lol..but i haven't art journalled in forever, so it felt great to do again. Here's what I got last night: I'll post my 30 days' words and better pics tommorrow....
Til then....happy day! =) Hope everyone gets to make something yummy today...

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Fun, fun....

First of all, thanks for all the sweet words in the comments, girls! Glad everyone stopped in and said hello...=) Loved the mention of Pixar's "Birds" short...=) he he...And Jessica totally cracked me up with this: ACK! The textures remind me of an old man...like it's a Grandpa Owl! he he...I made them with brown cord and this wierd old-man woven fabric from old-school Junkitz..so that totally made me giggle..lol. (By the way, got the package in the mail yesterday Jess, and you totally rock!! thank you soo much! I'll post a pic tommorrow...he he). Have to say thanks to Michelle, too for the coolest pirate card on the face of the earth!! eeek!! Thanks!
Anyways, got a lil off topic, there...The winner (by random scrolling and pointing):

Hi Michelle!
Your owls are so very cute & happy birthday (again).
From Kristy
Yay! So Kristy/Kaybell...e-mail me: michelle.a.clement@gmail.com with your address and I'll get the lil lovebird set out to you! =)

I really really wanna give you girls all something, but alas, I'm pretty much still, or at least soon to be, a starving artist...lol..=) So you have my mucho thanks for stopping by!!

And as for the questions you left....(thanks, by the way...=)...there are some cool questions!)

From Lovelymisskait
Do you have patterns that you follow?

...No! I just wing it. lol...well, when I made like 50 donuts, I made a pattern myself and used that. When I made the felt camera, I had to draw a sort-of dimensional diagram so I could figure out how the pieces should fit together and what I needed to cut out....And for things like the chickens, the birds, and the lil octopus guys...I just cut them and started sewing from scratch....usually there are mishaps and I have to trim or cut a new piece and waste some felt..but it's a good brain exercise, I guess...lol

From Christina C.
so, here is a question for you. how did you get your mad felt skills. Also, if you ever teach a class, please sign me up.
...he he...=) Thanks Christina! I actually haven't sewn much felt stuff ever....so I'm glad it looks like I got some skills...lol. My mom is a really big into sewing (she quilts, used to make our clothes when we were tiny, etc.) So she put me and my lil sis into sewing classes when we were like 7...and I kind of always loved it. I took Fashion class in highschool, and made things like tailored suitjackets and all that craziness. I've also made a few pretty simple quilts. I wanted to go into Fashion Illustration as a job for a long while....so I guess, the knowledge I gained over the years works with felt goodies, too! =)

From Momma Twitch
You are way good with all that felt. How long have you been making stuff like that?
...I think I just answered this one up there..he he. I've been sewing since maybe 7 years old til 18? And here and there since then...like pillows and things for my apartment...he he.

From Jenni Haywood
My question is... Do you have a favorite blog or scrapper that you look at all the time that gives you mucho inspiration?

Oooh..there are so many inspiring blogs and scrappers out there. I'll list a couple that I've always loved/really love right now:
Elsie Flannigan (he he...Also love her taste in films)
Erikia Ghumm (she's one of my fave scrappers ever!)

...and all my bloggy buddies, of course =) but there are truly too many to list...=) I love when someone has their own style and sticks to it....and I love blog surfing and finding more and more inspiring artists...

From Ask P/Amy
Are you going to have some DOH-nuts on your ETSY site?
I hope so! It's a matter of when I'll have time to make some, right now...lol..super-busy. I'm also hoping to design some paper tags in the near future. And, of course, other lil felt creatures. And felt cameras, too! i just have to rework the design away from Bam Pop's a lil...=)

From Cobb809/Jenn
I just have one question...the journaling on you layouts...is it stamped, a font, handwritten, or rub ons. I love it.
Almost all my journalling is done using individually wood-mounted stamps. Mostly Hero Arts, but also Image Tree by EK and a few randoms. I think I have like 6 or 7 sets of the lil guys now. =) I love em!

Annnd....I'm gonna answer these babies tommorrow. =) Cuz i just cleaned my scrap space and it's the perfect excuse to take a picture...and I also just made a page that was inadvertantly inspired by a music video...he he:

From Nichole
I have a question for you-how do you decide what you're going use on a page? do you let it just come to you (pick whatever you want) or just go with it?! you seem to have so many fun goodies..I would get overwhelmed!

From Micayla
.....Where do you get your inspo' from for scrapping?

And some pictures Z took over the weekend for good measure. (What's a picture-less blog post, anyway??) lol...Needed some Tatt shots for a special project..he he. That lil skull I drew about a year ago...it's my fave, most secret tattoo...
Work is nutty. Back to it I go...like 7 Pucca episodes are due today....lol....and I have the help-everyone-and-juggle-all-shows job...ahhh! =) Thanks goodness for Kimya and The Moldy Peaches! And I'm super-excited to check out all the new blogs from the comments yesterday...yay! Thanks again, guys =)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

duh dun nah nah....

.....whew! Day 12 of the 12 days of crafts, man. And I have officially posted all the stuffs I made for presents and such over the holidays. =) Looks like I was busy, huh? In fact...I haven't made anything in....um, a week? And I'm dying over here! Gotta make something tonight or I may go nutty....

So...I made these 2 lil love birdies before the holiday and then had made too much and now they are lonely! They need a good home. =) So all you gotta do is leave a comment. Or a question for me. Or whatever. =) If you've been lurking, say hi so I can go check out your blog!! But I'm picking a winner tommorrow...so you only have today and tonight to post!I like em =) They're fraying and beautifully imperfect...he he. I loved the shot of the feet:
Last night we had chocolatey chocolate cake with chocolate icing for supper (yum!) and then went out to the movie. Oh. my. god. When I was 16, I so wished I was as sarcastically witty as Juno. I still do, but seriously. She rocked my world. The movie may be one of my most favorite ones ever!! And the new haircut:
The mirror did a weird double thing on the last shot, but I like it....And I took them cuz all of Z's pictures ended up like this:Which I happen to love. The blurriness. The composition. Weird, I know..I always like the shots most people would throw away....lol...
And I so wish my Etsy shop is ready to launch today..but alas, it's not. stay tuned! Maybe by the weekend...I have a few deadlines to finish up before i get to it. Also have some cool pictures to post that Z took of the tatts over the weekend...

Anyways, don't forget to say hi to win some birdies!
Happy day =)