Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Fun, fun....

First of all, thanks for all the sweet words in the comments, girls! Glad everyone stopped in and said hello...=) Loved the mention of Pixar's "Birds" short...=) he he...And Jessica totally cracked me up with this: ACK! The textures remind me of an old it's a Grandpa Owl! he he...I made them with brown cord and this wierd old-man woven fabric from old-school that totally made me (By the way, got the package in the mail yesterday Jess, and you totally rock!! thank you soo much! I'll post a pic tommorrow...he he). Have to say thanks to Michelle, too for the coolest pirate card on the face of the earth!! eeek!! Thanks!
Anyways, got a lil off topic, there...The winner (by random scrolling and pointing):

Hi Michelle!
Your owls are so very cute & happy birthday (again).
From Kristy
Yay! So Kristy/Kaybell...e-mail me: with your address and I'll get the lil lovebird set out to you! =)

I really really wanna give you girls all something, but alas, I'm pretty much still, or at least soon to be, a starving So you have my mucho thanks for stopping by!!

And as for the questions you left....(thanks, by the way...=)...there are some cool questions!)

From Lovelymisskait
Do you have patterns that you follow?

...No! I just wing it. lol...well, when I made like 50 donuts, I made a pattern myself and used that. When I made the felt camera, I had to draw a sort-of dimensional diagram so I could figure out how the pieces should fit together and what I needed to cut out....And for things like the chickens, the birds, and the lil octopus guys...I just cut them and started sewing from scratch....usually there are mishaps and I have to trim or cut a new piece and waste some felt..but it's a good brain exercise, I

From Christina C.
so, here is a question for you. how did you get your mad felt skills. Also, if you ever teach a class, please sign me up.
...he he...=) Thanks Christina! I actually haven't sewn much felt stuff I'm glad it looks like I got some My mom is a really big into sewing (she quilts, used to make our clothes when we were tiny, etc.) So she put me and my lil sis into sewing classes when we were like 7...and I kind of always loved it. I took Fashion class in highschool, and made things like tailored suitjackets and all that craziness. I've also made a few pretty simple quilts. I wanted to go into Fashion Illustration as a job for a long I guess, the knowledge I gained over the years works with felt goodies, too! =)

From Momma Twitch
You are way good with all that felt. How long have you been making stuff like that?
...I think I just answered this one up there..he he. I've been sewing since maybe 7 years old til 18? And here and there since pillows and things for my apartment...he he.

From Jenni Haywood
My question is... Do you have a favorite blog or scrapper that you look at all the time that gives you mucho inspiration?

Oooh..there are so many inspiring blogs and scrappers out there. I'll list a couple that I've always loved/really love right now:
Elsie Flannigan (he he...Also love her taste in films)
Erikia Ghumm (she's one of my fave scrappers ever!)

...and all my bloggy buddies, of course =) but there are truly too many to list...=) I love when someone has their own style and sticks to it....and I love blog surfing and finding more and more inspiring artists...

From Ask P/Amy
Are you going to have some DOH-nuts on your ETSY site?
I hope so! It's a matter of when I'll have time to make some, right I'm also hoping to design some paper tags in the near future. And, of course, other lil felt creatures. And felt cameras, too! i just have to rework the design away from Bam Pop's a lil...=)

From Cobb809/Jenn
I just have one question...the journaling on you it stamped, a font, handwritten, or rub ons. I love it.
Almost all my journalling is done using individually wood-mounted stamps. Mostly Hero Arts, but also Image Tree by EK and a few randoms. I think I have like 6 or 7 sets of the lil guys now. =) I love em!

Annnd....I'm gonna answer these babies tommorrow. =) Cuz i just cleaned my scrap space and it's the perfect excuse to take a picture...and I also just made a page that was inadvertantly inspired by a music video...he he:

From Nichole
I have a question for you-how do you decide what you're going use on a page? do you let it just come to you (pick whatever you want) or just go with it?! you seem to have so many fun goodies..I would get overwhelmed!

From Micayla
.....Where do you get your inspo' from for scrapping?

And some pictures Z took over the weekend for good measure. (What's a picture-less blog post, anyway??) lol...Needed some Tatt shots for a special project..he he. That lil skull I drew about a year's my fave, most secret tattoo...
Work is nutty. Back to it I 7 Pucca episodes are due I have the help-everyone-and-juggle-all-shows job...ahhh! =) Thanks goodness for Kimya and The Moldy Peaches! And I'm super-excited to check out all the new blogs from the comments yesterday...yay! Thanks again, guys =)


claudine hellmuth said...

i found you from google alerts! love your blog!

Michelle said...

I'm so happy you liked the card. I hoped you would. I enjoyed reading your answers to all those questions. Those pictures of your tattoos are really cool. I've never wanted one before and you've made me think about getting one. But then I remember my fear of needles. ;) Hope you met all your crazy deadlines.

Marie said...

Yay pucca! Hehehe love love love the tats! Those pics are wonderful!

Jennifer said...

ummm...that skully tattoo is insanely awesome!!! for real!!! wow!!! i loves it a lot!!!