Monday, February 26, 2007


Lookie, lookie....I am officially a VFS grad!! Who-ho! Friday was the big grad day....Cory did an awesome speech for us, made us all roll around laughing in our seats...and Jared's speech was equally awesome....and everyone laughed at the right spots in my film(s)...(yay!) ...and there was champagne and a cool party (even though we all didn't hang out together as a class the whole night, it was still awesome)...and a cool guy...and some job offers.....and the weekend was so awesome; my family was here til Sunday so i got to hang out with them, eat yummy food, drink yummy wine, and then after they left I had a cute lil date at the Vancouver Aquarium and then more wine..=) Sooooo cool, this weekend.....Such a nice breath of fresh air after the toils of film...(sigh).....So we went shopping at Granville, the pics are some cool things I love...the paper-Ya store is my fave.....found some cool green felt ribbon, and some little post it notes that I thought would be awesome for journalling cuz they're so full of attitude...and the buttons I had to buy, cuz the definition of "Maraud" says, 'make raid for booty'...hah...and the other one is "Rigor Mortis", which reminded me of my scary dance teacher when I was 11 who always told me to relax my hands cuz they looked like they had rigor mortis (nice guy, hey?) so, being scarred for life from that teacher, decided it would make a cool page..he he...and the deck fo cards I'm going to use for Emily's challenge, cuz they are as big as my hand, and even though I started making the deck already...i could not resist a deck of cards so giant...=) Anyways, I'm hoping to have some days off here...this week is packed; I have to finish up my Design Team projects, give my landlords notice, do my portfolios, check out the job prospects, decide where I want to work, look for a place to live, start a more "professional" blog, make both them blogs look hot, post my film (yes, it will be up soon!) I have a few shifts this week...and yeah. Buh bye, spare time. =) But today, I get to hang out in my J's a scrap cuz I need to. Check out my new slide show to the right!!...and Happy day!
*Oh, and TracyG, I haven't been able to find you! Please leave me your e-mail address if you read this! =)

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I fixed that silly post (below) that wasn't showing up..with the really cool Scrapjacked page, and me and Mandy in grade 9, me with the bad short hair...(sigh) Love that pic of us, grrl! So cool to finally catch up on the phone....anyways, had to post the cool stuff I found in China Town yesterday....check out the cute lil alligator and monkey stamps!! And, of course, the skull buttons....And all the old ledger paper, I could not resist....I'm obsessed, I know. So this morning (some of) my class went to North Van on the Seabus to visit Monkey Paw studio...pretty cute, small little place in a cool old building that reminded me a lot of a dance studio I used to go to in Penticton....I am lovin all the old buildings that the studios are in..anyways, this one had a cool rickety ladder and we got to climb on the roof...and we also stopped at the Lonsdale had a cool market like Granville Island has.... =) fun, fun. Took some buses. Cleaned out our class....carried piles and piles of stuff back to my was like I lived there, when I was cleaning, I found breakfast food, coffee, 2 pillows and a few blankets, some random clothes, about 30 cds. Weird things. House things. Gonna be weird not being there.....grad's in 2 days!! And my family is coming tommorrow, so I gotta go clean even though I'm dying to make art and/or sleep. =) Happy night!


....whew....can I just say I've had a whirlwind last few days!! I've been working on my portfolio/demo reel since Sunday night frantically trying to get it all together for due dates and studio tours...we went on three studio tours yesterday...very cool to see what they were all up to...but at the end of Tuesday, around 6, when I finished my last portfolio, I realized I hadn't slept since about 3 or 4 hours on Sunday night....(sigh) I had good intentions of calling everyone I needed to get back to and cleaning and stuff...buuuut...I ended up crashing on my couch until, he he...=) So I should be home tonight to catch up with everyone. Have to shop for grad clothes (nothing like the last minute), and have to clean. Oh! I went on a date on Sunday, too...had some awesome wine with a really cool's kinda crazy cuz I feel like I've known him for a long time already....he he =) annnnd...that's about it for new stuff. We went to China town in our travels yesterday and I bought some paper...really cool handmade paper, and some little skull buttons, of course. And some cute stamps....there was a whole store, pretty much, of Nightmare Before Christmas stuff, so I had to rip myself out of there without buying anything. Tough. =) he he...anyways, one more tour at school today, so I have to go get ready..=) Happy day!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

yay...more art......

k, somehow, I ended up not at school yet. And I told myself I would be there by 9 am. heh. I had good intentions; and now I guess my new intention is to stay at school all night to catch up for my sleeping in. he he...soooo, there's a cool challenge at Scrapjacked that I could not help but participate in, cuz Amber Skolnick's style is rockin and the prize this week is from Hambly (sigh). It's a really old pic of me and Mandy in grade 9..he he....speaking of, Mandy, I hope your date was awesome...I won't be home til Wed. night, but I'll try to call you then!! I am sooo dying to talk to you!

So the card is another challenge (I know, I am just not stretched to my limit yet - must take on more projects) he Emily Falconbridge's blog. You alter a card each day for the whole year based on a prompt she gives you, and at the ned of the year you have a whole deck of 52 cards full of awesome artsy stuff about you. i could not resist! So they're already on week 6, "Love" was the prompt, so now I gotta catch up a lil. My card has one of my fave quotes from the book "The Five people you Meet in Heaven" by Mitch Albom. Puts it all in perspective and makes me feel lucky. =)

And these just looked so gorgeous today while I was taking pictures..he he.....they're all giant and blooming this morning. =) So now that there's enough stuff to look at to last ages and ages...I'm off to school! Wish me fast portfolio-putting-together. yay, photoshop! =) Happy Day!

Yay!! Art!

Here's my pages from the Febraury Scrapmuse kit......this kit had so much cool stuff in it, I got a few different looks on my pages..=) Will post more art later...

Friday, February 16, 2007


yes, I'm alive..=) he he....I'll call ya tonight if I'm home early enough - we're going to celebrate that we have no more films to finish!!! I finished, of course, a second before the deadline last night - but I got to put my own sound on this film, which was really fun. I'm gonan start an art blog here, I'll post some drawings and my portfolio stuff..and later on, my films!! Ahhh....feels sooo nice. Well, it's not like I have no work to do....but I will get to chill at home tomorrow....(sooo excited about that) and I even have time to (gasp) go out on the weekend. =) Anyways, I'm putting my portfolio together as I type, so back to it. =) Happy days!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy V-days everyone!

Hope that everyone's day was good....=) Mine, well..I haven't had any chocolate today, so something is just not right there. he he...naw, I am super happy to not be is a busy Purdy day; the first Valentines I've had off in years.....and I would be super happy to be working on my flash film if it wasn't due tommorrow...(sigh) Wish me fast animating! That's all I want for this Valentines day. =) A good film. And some cheap chocolate come tommorrow when it's all on sale....I did, however get some beautiful roses from Andrew....he gave them to all of us girls in class cuz we have no Valentines...he he..=) Who needs a Valentine, anyways? he a sneak at the new Scrapmuse kit today...yippee!! There are some awesome kits coming out in the next few months with all the cool new CHA sure to check it out! I will post my pages for February soon when I'm allowed...he he...other than that....hope all is good! Tommorrow night I will get to sleep, and, well, sort of have some "time off" making my portfolio and demo reel for Monday. heh. No rest for the wicked....til then, I will force my eyes to stay open here by my is so hard to stay awake when staring at a screen!! Happy night! =)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


.....I am freakishly unconcerned with the amount of time I have left to do this film right now. lol..I'm sure it's a phase that'll pass, cuz I have til Thurs at 10 pm to have it alll done. (sigh). Anyways, I stayed up on Sunday night, well, had a nap for like an hour....and I was tired yesterday that I kept falling asleep while I was trying to animate, so I'd wake up every few minutes and notice that something had been moved or wrecked or what have I went home to bed last night. I did, however, go for a run on Monday morning cuz I was awake early, anyways, and thought it would wake me up more. And it did, but I am totally achy right now..=( All my muscles hurt. So it was smart and not-so smart. But I wanna start working out in the morning, again, anyways...cuz soon I'll have time and the ocean is just so pretty! =) I'm trying not to take on more scrapbooking projects, cuz I really want to right now but can't. And I bought some new tunes yesterday to keep me un-bored here; Alkaline trio's new album, and Fall Out Boy. I wasn't gonna buy Fall Out Boy, cuz I hate that new single "..arms race.." blah, blah. But the rest of the songs are good. =) Oh! And I saw Finger Eleven (ie: James Black) on Mtv the other day, right after the random post. And he is still a cutie..=) he he....I bought a really sweet card this weekend, too, while perusing the Valentines aisle - oddly enough in the "for husband" section....there are some awesome handmade cards out there now! Anyways, I'll post it later, cuz it's so cool, and I'm dying to make a page with it....can't wait til the weekend so I can make some art and get all covered with paint!!!! Also, some cool plans for Friday are going celebrate that Flash is done...sooo excited! =) Happy day, everyone! back to work I go...

Oh! and thanks for my fave cereal, mom!! =) I just picked up the package this morning...and I haven't looked at the pictures yet, but I can't wait to see em!

Sunday, February 11, 2007


...weekend, anyone? I seem to have lost mine....hmm.

he he. No really. I should be used to that by now, though. I have to admit...I am super, apartment-peeking crazy. I mean, not bincular apartment-peeking crazy, but when I'm out walking, I always kinda look into apartments so I can see what they're like inside, how people decorate, what those awesome heritage houses look like...(sigh) they are so gorgeous around here. So not in a creepy way. Another random thing about today; I totally hate it when movies have previews on tv, and they always say "The best movie of the year", or "the must-see movie of the year"......cuz, well, nobody's seen it, so really, it's just one or two people's opinion that it's a "must-see". Kind of false advertising, no? he he....just irritates me. anyways...just got here to school to settle in for a long night of animating =) You should see my computer station, there's about 50 cds scattered around me, a pillow next to me on a chair, pop, coffee mug, various flash notes. lip gloss (of course) some clothes. Umm..halls. I also stocked up on Echinacea so as to keep me healthy. Oh, deadlines. Off I go!! =)

Saturday, February 10, 2007

a mental health page...

...for my sanity. I needed to cut up some paper and schtuff. =) Plus, the new Dare is awesome! And, since I can't take a mental health day off...I took a few hours for myself. Check out the Dare site, I'm in a lil slide show from the last Dare (they pick faves every week now and make a lil slide show on their blog) cool. Anyways, this week's was to document a Bold moment; mine was when I broke up with a guy who was treating me crappy by saying, simply "I deserve better." Never talked or spoke to him again. Felt fabulous. =) he he...anyways, I'm off to work, then groceries only cost me $10 thanks to my awesome family who spoil me. =) there are strawberry wheats now, which i am totally excited about. vanilla mini wheats are my fave ever. Went to Chiro this morning..ahhh. Can't wait to see my lil brother and family in a few weeks!! It'll be his first trip on a plane...who-ho! And I just realized that i forgot to order pictures, so my next batch of design team pages will probably have the same ol self-portraits on em. Argh..that's getting old. Speaking of, I have no pic of the guy for this page, so it's me. lol...I had to put some picture on there. So, Happy weekend!

Friday, February 09, 2007

need a break... here's some random things about me (I would write about my day, was the same as it has been all week.) Enjoy the random tidbits;

- In highschool, I was in advanced english (kinda dorky, I know) so we got to do a final presentation project on whatever we wanted and I did mine on Kurt Cobain. (everyone else chose an author of some sort..heh) So I talked about Grunge music. And Kurt. I think he's an incredibly smart person, with the exception of the killing-himself thing. And I love his viewpoint on popular music. And how Nirvana related to that. And I love his notebooks that they published a few years ago. =)

- I used to really crush on Wes Borland (that weird guy who wore the makeup in Limp Bizkit), and James Black (Finger Eleven - the guy who used to have crazy spikey hair), who is a cool artist, too. And George Strombolopolous (totally butchered that last name). So I like these crazy guys, but have never gone out with anyone who remotely resembles them. Hmm.

- I only drink pop if there's alcohol in it. he he....

- I can write things I'm thinking down waaay easier than I can try to explain what I'm thinking.

- I knew the words to the main Pocahontas song before it even came out on tape, I loved it that much. =) It is still my fave Disney.

Otay...that's all the randomness I can muster today. =) Happy night!

Thursday, February 08, 2007


...almost done posing my characters in flash (which means I can animate..yay!) I've been catching up on some old tunes while being stuck in front of the computer working, which means I've been hearing old school Donnas, the Warped Tour 2003 cd, and some good ol Kurt Cobain. =) Happy times. I am such a music nut, dude. My fave songs right now are "Boxcar" by Stairwell, " Your Own Disaster" by Taking Back Sunday, and "Pop Punk Band" by Avoid One Thing (because, frankly, it sounds like a pop punk song, they poke fun at hot topic and Tom Delonge, and cuz they say the line '..I'll have spikey pop-punk hair'.) he he. Love it. But they are ever-changing. Too many good songs. Hmm...what else? Got my hair cut today...jus a little...did not feel like getting out of bed this i slept in a lil bit (we have no class during the day, technically, but so much work that we're usually here anyway), cleaned up the apartment, and to my surprise, just as I sat down to have lunch, the brand new episode of "The Hills" that I missed Monday was on...yay! made me happy. I am so badly wanting a day to chill at home in my jammies. Maybe next weekend...hmm..I may have to make that happen or I'll go crazy..=) anyways...back to work for me...=)

Wednesday, February 07, 2007



I have the biggest craving for marzipan right now...weird, yes? I really wish I had time to add a new banner to my blog..=(....I almost ran into a skunk the other night!! seriously; it saw me, tail went up a little, and it just stopped dead in it's tracks and eyed me down as I walked by from 3 feet away. scary....scary. It has been super foggy here all, so foggy i couldn't see any buildings around me. weird. Flash is giving me serious mental health issues. I keep messing stuff up. Or, flash is just messing stuff up to mess with me. It's out to get me, man. grad in 2 1/2 weeks!! Umm..what else? Oh! check out Scrapmuse! I'm on the design team page now..he bio is silly. And also, check out Elsie! her new line(s) of scrapbook stuff's coming out soon!! There is a set of stamps with a skull in it!! I feel like I need this or I will die. lol...really. That's all for now; just working on flash. maybe I won't feel like pulling out all my hair today...we'll see....=) he he...I have some scrapbook stuff done to post, but it's a secret for a few weeks still.....anyways, happy day!!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


I did something that forced me to change to new blogger..=( grr....just when I got used to making changes in old blogger..=( anyways, it'll look kind of..sad....til I have time to figure that shtuff out...til then...I got a video on here, at least...=) Happy day!

Monday, February 05, 2007

whew...ya know I'm busy when I don't blog..he he....

So, me. Hmm. Not much new here; just trying to catch up on my Flash film (little behind, sleepless nights are in order)...I worked this weekend and today, which was a nice change...I miss that place; the ladies, the doing something other than staring at a computer, and, of course, the yummy Purdy's chocolate..=) So that was cool. I finished all my scrapbook projects this weekend, too..yay, deadlines!! However, cuz I did all this other stuff on the weekend, I now have to stay up all night...he he..thas alright...I'm pretty wide awake, I'm all pumped full of echinacea so as not to get sick, and I only have a week left; nothin like the motivation of not wanting to stay up for 3 days like I did with the last film..=) he he...I'd rather stay up a few days spread apart than do that all at once again. Oh...and I decided I'm gonna move in April..into a more affordable (teenier) place....which I'm totally excited about, cuz I love the whole moving thing..I mean, it is kind of a pain, but I moved lots when I was younger, so it feels weird to me to just stay in one place. I like the change, the setting stuff up, the making-it-my-own..=), there's so many cute lil apartments that I see to and from everywhere I walk...=) anyways..thas all...can't wait til a few weeks from now when i can sleep on and have a whole day off...=) Happy night...I'm listening to my old fave, LiveonRelease, to keep me awake tonight...oh, and some Nirvana!!! (Mandy..I'll call you back on the weekend when I'm home at night! =)..)

Friday, February 02, 2007

"strange and beautiful..."

Is a song I am obsessed with. "Strange and Beautiful" by Aqualung. I downloaded it a while ago and just played it yesterday and have been listening to it since. (sigh) So good. I couldn't find the video code for my blog here, but googling them led me to realize that I'd already fallen in love with them before; they have an awesome song (see video below) from one of my fave movies "A lot like love". Just never realized it was the same band! =) Love em, love em. So that's all my news. trying to get my Scrapmuse projects done before the animation deadlines get tight...Flash is hurting my brain. So is waking up early; we rarely have to for school now, it's kind of wander-in-at-your-own-discretion before class at 5 pm, so getting up for the morning is tough. I literally was trying to figure stuff out for three hours and barely got anything done, which is kinda freakin me out. Trying not to shop online. Oh! and I just watched "The Triplets of Belleville", an awesome French animated feature. Sooo good. I can't believe I haven't seen it before!! I was mesmerized and amazed and I was so in awe of Sylvain's genius, man. His characters are incredible. =) Off to bed!! happy night...