Wednesday, February 21, 2007


....whew....can I just say I've had a whirlwind last few days!! I've been working on my portfolio/demo reel since Sunday night frantically trying to get it all together for due dates and studio tours...we went on three studio tours yesterday...very cool to see what they were all up to...but at the end of Tuesday, around 6, when I finished my last portfolio, I realized I hadn't slept since about 3 or 4 hours on Sunday night....(sigh) I had good intentions of calling everyone I needed to get back to and cleaning and stuff...buuuut...I ended up crashing on my couch until, he he...=) So I should be home tonight to catch up with everyone. Have to shop for grad clothes (nothing like the last minute), and have to clean. Oh! I went on a date on Sunday, too...had some awesome wine with a really cool's kinda crazy cuz I feel like I've known him for a long time already....he he =) annnnd...that's about it for new stuff. We went to China town in our travels yesterday and I bought some paper...really cool handmade paper, and some little skull buttons, of course. And some cute stamps....there was a whole store, pretty much, of Nightmare Before Christmas stuff, so I had to rip myself out of there without buying anything. Tough. =) he he...anyways, one more tour at school today, so I have to go get ready..=) Happy day!

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Mom said...

You will have to fill us in later!!! The tours sound exciting.