Sunday, February 18, 2007

yay...more art......

k, somehow, I ended up not at school yet. And I told myself I would be there by 9 am. heh. I had good intentions; and now I guess my new intention is to stay at school all night to catch up for my sleeping in. he he...soooo, there's a cool challenge at Scrapjacked that I could not help but participate in, cuz Amber Skolnick's style is rockin and the prize this week is from Hambly (sigh). It's a really old pic of me and Mandy in grade 9..he he....speaking of, Mandy, I hope your date was awesome...I won't be home til Wed. night, but I'll try to call you then!! I am sooo dying to talk to you!

So the card is another challenge (I know, I am just not stretched to my limit yet - must take on more projects) he Emily Falconbridge's blog. You alter a card each day for the whole year based on a prompt she gives you, and at the ned of the year you have a whole deck of 52 cards full of awesome artsy stuff about you. i could not resist! So they're already on week 6, "Love" was the prompt, so now I gotta catch up a lil. My card has one of my fave quotes from the book "The Five people you Meet in Heaven" by Mitch Albom. Puts it all in perspective and makes me feel lucky. =)

And these just looked so gorgeous today while I was taking pictures..he he.....they're all giant and blooming this morning. =) So now that there's enough stuff to look at to last ages and ages...I'm off to school! Wish me fast portfolio-putting-together. yay, photoshop! =) Happy Day!


christiane said...

awesome art!! love your stuff!! have a nice day!! :)

Mom said...

Heh Girlie - have fun at school and your tours and all that wonderful stuff.