Thursday, November 13, 2008

Goodbye, my friend....

Tee hee. That's right, folks. Moving on up to a new Typepad blog! :)

Same old Michelle, same old blog, just in a brand-new, super-spiffy (if I do say so myself) location right here:

I hope its not a terrible inconvenience and that you'll come visit me there! It's annoying though, yes, as I've been here for more than 2 years!! Old habits die hard - so I'll leave this lil post with the new link of where to find me. :)

You'll find those same old daily ramblings in my new home, here. ( for those who had me linked up).

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

La la la..., I had all these things to say and blog, but they're escaping me right now. It was a nutty morning. I was up at 5:30 (way too early!!) to head to work this morning to catch-up after a lovely 3-day weekend (yay!), but, I arrived at the studio bright and early only to find out that my alarm code, which worked last week and many weeks before that, was just not going to work today. 30 minutes of constant beeping and stress and manic phone calls later, I finally get at it for my 11 o'clock will-barely-squeek-by-now deadline....after learning I had called the wrong people...and...Egads. Not a cool day, so far. But I somehow met the deadline and I will never ever come to work that early again cuz of that dang alarm (ha ha...) and now I'm sitting here catching up on what I can and pumping myself full of coffee...yay! lol...

Anyhoo, I found these lovely Dozens' kit club peeks this morning of the December kit + add-on kit: Oh, yummy! I feel like I haven't scrapped October Red Velvet kit went MIA on its way here, so maybe some dude from the post office is enjoying Okay, okay, I guess I played with some Pink Paislee again, but its been a while. Oh yeah! Did you see that Pink Paislee is having a call for their new 2009 DT? Read all about it here! Yes, so sadly...our 2008 term is coming to an end. I *heart* Pink Paislee and its seriously the most lovely, fun, generous company to DT for ever!! Love it to bits! :) Not to mention that Holly just rocks the designs and everything's so fun to work with! I will miss it...and, ooh! They redid the site recently, too, and its amazing. Check it!

Anyhoo - work is so quiet. I've been plugging away at a new blog design and some new items for the shop (you may have spied a few new embroidery patterns there..he he). I have some earrings, paper tags, and another embroidery pattern that will hopefully be done at the end of this week, and I'll do an announcement all about that new stuff when the new blog is up. I have to animate part of a lil freelance project, too, among a billion other things this week before our weekend of film-making....yay and ahh! lol..thankfully, work is winding down and I'm turning into part-time for now, which is super-great for the to-do list and the soul. :) Ahh....happy day, everyone! Hope all is well!

Friday, November 07, 2008

A Quick Boo...

Hello, all...just popping in for a quick hello + an update (finally, I know!) Thanks so much for the sweet words on my Purple Onion stamp designs! :) So exciting...glad you like the cute lil polar bears and penguins and roasting marshmallows! Once again, you can only get them here.

(sigh) As for me right now, I'm buried in work - work, work at the studio. This week has just slammed me and I've been sleeping but 4-5 hours for the last few nights, getting up and arriving at work well before the sun is all the way up, and needless to say I have ginormous bags under my Argh. Not to mention, work is really dead - everyone who was sitting with me on the floor was done on Wednesday, so I'm alone in a room that holds like 60 Oh my. One week left, and a short week at that - Monday is a Remembrance Day in-lieu-stat-holiday-day...woot! I'm so excited to be done this episode and chill. So much to post and catch-up on and share, but for now just a lil peek of a lovely, lovely kit I can't wait to play with!

The November Red Velvet kit! Yummies, yummies..
Isn't it lovely? I so love every bit of it! You can read Rachel's kit description here and you can nab one for youself right here! The Dozens design team gallery is up, too! Yay! Anyhoo - judging by the lovely weather here, I have a feeling this weekend will be full of cuddling on couches watching the rain fall outside...and, of course, making stuff. :) tee hee...laters! Happy weekend! Eye candy soon, promise!

Monday, November 03, 2008

A Purple Onion Christmas and More...

I feel like I have so much to blog! ha ha....well, cuz...I do. Miss a few days and it all goes crazy!

Hope everyone had a fab Halloween!! Ours was fun but calm. We watched what may be the worst "horror" zombie film ever - "Diary of Death". Blah. Don't rent it...but then we made up for it with "The Strangers", which totally creeped me out...ate enough Tootsie rolls to last me til next year, too...ha ha. I love candy + movies....

Soooo - first and foremost, cuz I'm super-super excited about these guys - I was asked to design some stamps for the lovely Michele of Purple Onion Designs (only one of my fave stamp companies ever!) And they've just been released in time for some Christmas stamping - Whee! Here's a little peek:And you can snatch them up (and see the rest of the designs...) right here and right here only in the Purple Onion store. They're not available in my shop. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for a fun giveaway of these stamps right here on my blog, too! Fun, fun!

I'll also share some of the goodies I made with the Dozens' October kit (I know, it's November...I'm all the way up here in Canada! lol...) So if your kit is still hanging out at home with you, a little last-minute inspo: I have some Pink Paislee pages to share, still - haven't had time as of late to upload anything anywhere - ack! Playing catch-up a little right now. I also have some new goodies debuting in the store tomorrow/in the next few days that I am in love with, may see them pop up around Flickr and such before I blog about them. He he...and a little shopping deal, too, for the month of November that I'll spill. :) I have a busy 2 weeks of work left and no idea when I'll get Christmas goodies made for the shop and the craft fair I'm in at the end of the month - not to mention upcoming software classes, studio stuff, the 58-hour film weekend, anniversary, website building, making Christmas stuff, etc. thats looming before me - Whew! It's gonna be a busy November! Here goes nothing... :)