Friday, November 07, 2008

A Quick Boo...

Hello, all...just popping in for a quick hello + an update (finally, I know!) Thanks so much for the sweet words on my Purple Onion stamp designs! :) So exciting...glad you like the cute lil polar bears and penguins and roasting marshmallows! Once again, you can only get them here.

(sigh) As for me right now, I'm buried in work - work, work at the studio. This week has just slammed me and I've been sleeping but 4-5 hours for the last few nights, getting up and arriving at work well before the sun is all the way up, and needless to say I have ginormous bags under my Argh. Not to mention, work is really dead - everyone who was sitting with me on the floor was done on Wednesday, so I'm alone in a room that holds like 60 Oh my. One week left, and a short week at that - Monday is a Remembrance Day in-lieu-stat-holiday-day...woot! I'm so excited to be done this episode and chill. So much to post and catch-up on and share, but for now just a lil peek of a lovely, lovely kit I can't wait to play with!

The November Red Velvet kit! Yummies, yummies..
Isn't it lovely? I so love every bit of it! You can read Rachel's kit description here and you can nab one for youself right here! The Dozens design team gallery is up, too! Yay! Anyhoo - judging by the lovely weather here, I have a feeling this weekend will be full of cuddling on couches watching the rain fall outside...and, of course, making stuff. :) tee hee...laters! Happy weekend! Eye candy soon, promise!

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Beth Perry said...

Can't wait to see what you do with the new RVKC kit!
Hope you are having a great weekend!