Thursday, August 30, 2007

yay, scrappy contests!

Thanks for the cute comments, ladies! he he...Mandy! I'm dying to know how the barbeque went with your boy and the family the other night!! Hope it was good..miss you, too, girl! I'll be there in less than a month..yay!..and Michelle...I feel like I know you, too..he he...and Mom, you're so cute. =) Anyways, no pics of the pages edited yet...cuz I'm still workin on the pages...(big surprise there)..

And how excited am I about Last Scrapper Standing Part 2!!! Duuuude....that was the most awesome contest ever, I made some of my most favorite pages ever..and it was just a great artistic challenge!

Also, super-excited about the grandjack!! how much does that rock?? I gotta get crackin, though...3 pages...whew! August always has such great contests, man! Also...some cool new things coming from PinkSugarPop in like..2 days! he he...just wait til you see what it is...!! ...and me? I'm dying, just dying to make a idea involves Flash, a cute girl pirate, and help me figure out how to set it all up...he he...then I can get rid of that dang-blasted unused art blog...and also, am finally wanting to get on Facebook, like everyone's been hassling me about...only cuz there's pics of my cute nephew on there...he he....hope everyones' week is going good! That's all for now!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

whoa!'s Wednesday already?? duuuude...I feel like a sponge, soaking up all this After Effects's a really cool program, and I had a chance to use it already, and I have 3 dvds of massive tutorials that are helping immensely with the learning...! It's really making me want to take Flash and Photoshop tutorials...because I literally know the basic basics only of Photoshop and Flash, well..I know enough to animate. So thankful that the new job is cool...and the crew on Pucca Season 2 is cool...=) Though technically I'm still working on George of the Jungle for another week. =) however, I get to go home at night and sleep. =) he he...

...What else? Z and I made an awesome homemade dinner last night; potatoes and meatball-like was so yummy and I was impressed that it did not come from any box or can...I'm pumping out Fancy Pants projects like mad right now, so those will be on here soon for some eye candy...and I also found the little film thing I had to make before France, so that'll be on here soon and also my poor neglected art am loving having coffee everyday again...ahhh...anyways, some pictures of Z and I from the dinner cruise on was such a cool old paddle-like boat...awesome food and wine...a John Mayer sound-alike live band...though a whole lotta cold by the end of the night, it was gorgeous!

(the super-cute boat)
(me pointing at where I used to work my part-time job across the lion's gate bridge)
(me and Z...I finally have a cute pic of us together...he he)
Happy day!!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

oh, sunday....

...just finished cleaning up the place and doin know, those sunday chores...we went out last night with a few friends for a birthday and drank a lot of cheap beer = headache this morning...Oy...which calls for McDonalds' breakfast, as you me and Z strolled to McD's this am and then grabbed a ton of groceries (i don't think my fridge has ever been so full..)'s cool to have a cute roomie...he he....OC marathon on MuchMusic..yay! Love those old seasons...miss the show "Nip/Tuck" a lot..feel the need to rent a boxed set..mourning the loss of my summer went by waaaay too fast! Have lotsa scrappy stuffs to do and no time right now to do em...and worried a little about the job situation again, as usual after talking last night with a bunch of newly graduated animators at a time when the industry has slowed down a little for a few months...eek! we'll see what comes next...=) Just a temporary worry....Gotta round up my work things and get ready for the little dinner cruise tonight! who-ho! happy night!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

...some pictures

Hello! Hope everybody's weekends' been's kinda gray and cold here today, surprisingly, the first time all week it's been gray...perfect day to lounge around, watch newfound movies with Z and make some cards and such...Anyways, some pictures from the Wooden boat festival at Granville Island that we went to on Thursday...there were cool old boats docked all around, some of which you could sit in, look at, see pictures from when they were made, etc. Z jumped into the
Viking ship for a pic, and there's me beside one of the boats..they're so big and awesome! Totally made me want a boat...

...and what I thought was gonna be my fave page...I hummed and hawwed over it last night...and it didn't turn out so cool as I thought, but it's still kinda cute...that girl with the skull is a postcard I picked up in Paris and fell in love with, so I had to use it...and the little card with the pirate ship is from that vintage deck of german cards I picked up in La Rochelle...I was in a total pirate mood; Z and I had a pirate marathon the other day, we watched Pirates of the Caribbean 1 & 2, and then saw #3 at the cheap theatres was so cool! So needless to say, it's a page about pirates. the pic is me when I was in Mexico way back when, the wings are from Alt+Scrap (stay tuned for more goodies from there later in the month...) and just used some stuff from my stash for all the papers and's for Darejack #4; Nisa.

..I still have a kabillion things to do, or at least it feels like it, but I'm still on vacation for 2 more days, so tonight there will be rum and pubs! =) Happy night!

Friday, August 24, 2007


...hmm..feel like I haven't been on the computer much this week..which is weird, but a nice break...=) Been doing some scrap stuff...I seem to have deadlines piling up on me, but fun deadlines..and a litle bit of time it's all good...=) There's been some beach time, but I got a little pink (I never used to get pink ever, seems I'm definatley an animator now!! lol..we get to go on a dinner cruise on the weekend, compliments of Z's cool parents...and yesterday we headed over to Granville to check out the Wooden Boat Festival (I'll post pictures later..) and, of course, stop by my fave paper store, Paper-Ya to grab a journal. Dude, that store sooo rocks. I could spend hours looking at all the cool goodies! So anyways, for some eye-candy, and cuz I want to souvenirs from Paris. Not the cheesy Paris ones (I mean,I got some of those, too..) but the cool old game and a deck of cards I got at the farmers market in La Rochelle. There was so much cool old stuff to look at, I was in heaven...=)

This is the game...the top slides open, and the whole top of it comes off to reveal a tiny deck of cards and some boxes...the old french instructions are there, too..I might alter it into something eventually...I thought it was so cool!

...and the small deck of collector cards from German cigarette packages...the typing on the back of them is German..the guy who sold me them had a whole table full of war stuff; a gas mask, old propaganda booklets, flasks, etc. Really cool old war stuff!

...and so I leave you...I'm in the middle of making what may be my most favoritist pirate page ever...=) happy night!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


First off....My DRIMN trip from France is on the VFS blog cuz I finally had time to send update e-mails around to people who helped organize and publicize the trip...whew...
...and second....

...somebody moved in with me over the weekend....and brought Wolverine with him...=) he he...and I thought it was the perfect occasion to reorganize some stuff and make room and hang up pictures that were still laying here's what the living room looks like now:

So that was the weekend....finished off some scrappy Darejackage yesterday...

...went a little crazy with the handmade-ness on this one...sewing, painting...etc. but it was fun and I love those cute pics of my brother and me!!..yay, yesterday! Happy mail day; I got a yummy box of Fancy Pants schtuff

...and also a yummy box of Alt+Scrap stuff...that are just dying to be played with....Can I just say...check out the new 12 x 12 stamps sets that FP released.....yummmm...I had to make a card last night with them..will show ya soon!
..and a picture of a cute plant that Z found outside that now makes our window ledge a little bright and sunny....

Sunday, August 19, 2007


...pretty's everyone's been? was Z's grad on Friday night!! His films..and his whole class, actually...was awesome...there was much shmoozing, vodka tonic, and a cool afterparty at Jesters here downtown...Moose and Adam even joined us all...which was pretty cool...=) Had fun..drank good tequila and rums...ahhh...which means Saturday was recovery day...sleep in, ice cream at the beach..pretty chill day. Today I haven't done's so cool to actually have Z at home now that he's not at school 24/7, so we putzed and made omelettes..and now he's at home packing up his things to move here, and I'm cleaning and just about to do some Darejackage...=)

Happy night! I'll have some artsy stuff to post soon!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

lazy day...

...well, okay....i got up at like 7:30 this morning and went to my old stompin grounds, VFS, to work on my demo reel. And I am so surprised I manage to work with computers all day and not be constantly just don't like me, I swear! So anyways...finally got that done..for now. And everyone there was like, "hey! I saw your thing on the blog!" and I was like....ooooh...Cows on a Plane! My film got picked up and is being screened on the Enroute film festival (i linked to this website the other day but didn't really explain..), so it'll be played for the month of October on all Air Canada flights....who woulda thunk?? I'm so surprised at my silly cow was so funny to see cow on the school blog... yeah, after vfs this am, I got some groceries...headed home..attempted to make some artsy stuff to no avail (it just wasn't working out...weeeird) and then took a nap, cuz my bed is such a comfy mass of blankies, i couldn't not. And then i continued to have a much-needed lazy, watch "shakespeare in love" and eat popcorn lazy night. Ahhh...i'm such a

Oh! And Scrapmuse August kit stuff!

My cutie's a pretty old picture, actually..he looks like a little man now....=) With dirt all over his face...can't wait to see him again!

(Z said this one was pirate-ey. he he...just some Mexico pics)

(me and my ex-boy in Puerto Vallarta)

Kelly and I lookin all posh on grad night...=) I dyed the photo and it totally turned out super-dark..woops!

This is some pics of the resort I stayed at in Mexico a few years pretty! The page is feelin totally 80's, though...I swear I had a shirt with those colors and some palm trees on it when I was five...he he

There we it looks like I did something creative today, when really...I was far from happy night everyone!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


....that's what today Argh!! day...with a capital "A"...I thought I was the only one, but my mom and sister had an Argh!! day, too...(sigh) It wasn't was just like..waste-my-time, do the boring appointment stuff, try-not-to-kill-computers day. Eye doctor. Doctor doctor. Calling UPS...which is an adventure in and of itself...just little picky things. I was trying to do my reel super-fast, realizing that I may have missed a job Op, so i think cuz I was rushing and cuz my computer is damn slow, it got me mega-frustrated...and then the files were too big to move to a computer with a dvd burner..and then I got some files to burn finally, and walked to school, and starte dworking, and everything was messed up and unworkable-with. lol...Argh!! is all i have to say. Okay, thanks for letting me rant...

...It really wasn't soooo bad, cuz I got some Zingboom stuff in the mail finally! I mean, cute robot stamps? how cool is that! and i have to do my reel anyways, so it's good that it got done...and I got to catch up with a few people at VFS, my old stomping grounds....=)i need another 3 weeks off, man..i feel like i haven't done anything and it's creepy up on me! akk! so off i go...need some Sex and the City or maybe some scrapping to cheer me up...=) ahhh...hope your day was cool!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


...that I gave myself tons of stuff to do on these day off!! eek! silly least I have time to do it all..but I don't think I've been outside in the sunshine well, lotsa time to hang outside with Z next week...=) got this in the e-mails this morning...

...the last day of DRIMN in France, right before people started leaving...we look so close and happy!! he it!

..some cute lovey-dovey Pink.Sugar.Pop those stamps!!

..that's the inside of the card!..he he...I used watercolor pencils to add the color after I stamped the images on white fun! I love the watercolor 'edge' that happenes when you don't blend...=) And this one, too...i was dying to use the rocketship:

...and I finished this last night while watching 'the Hills' premiere...anybody watch the Hills? I can't believe Heidi and Spencer are engaged...blech...he he...anyways, it's for the One Little Word challenge, cuz it was just perfect for the picture...the journalling is about seeking a new/different perspective..a different view. I never would've got that picture unless I tried a weird angle, and realized I always naturally seek an odd point of view in life,

...(sigh)....back to the ever-growing 'list'...Thanks for looking! Happy day!

Monday, August 13, 2007

squish! goes; squish a few days of bloggin into one day!

....this morning i got an e-mail; some interesting things will be happening here! I'm not on the website yet...but how cool is that?? An airplane film festival? sweeeet....

....Check out Pink.Sugar.Pop's contest!! Just take a picture of the cool way you store your clear stamps, and send the pic, a linky to your blog (if you have one), and why that storage works for ya by August 30th and you win some yummy stuff! And there is also some exciting things happening there starting in stay tuned!

...and Fancy Pants has a cool contest going on this month! You can read all the details here and also on Pubcalls! Not only can you win free FP stuff, but also a chance to be guest designer for a month! There's more challenges and such coming up on the FP blog soon, too! I'll keep ya posted!

....break for picture

....what else? Z's done his film, so I got to hang out with him this weekend, drink til 3 in the morning, See the Simpsons movie....dude, how cool is that movie? I love that cartoons can get away with nudity and a theatre than they can on tv...nothing fun is allowed in tv cartoons anymore, the broadcasters get all bent out of place if a seatbelt isn't that was cool..and the way they used 3D camera moves with the 2D was pretty good...and they had shadows and all that fancy stuff...=) pretty cool! so now I'm back to a busy week of scrapping, making appointments and such...Z is busy working on his demo reel cuz he grads in a I hung out with these guys last night:

...cuz Gael Garcia Bernal rocks...=) and cuz I've had "the motorcycle diaries" for months and haven't actually watched it...the end was and white shots of south american people..the fact that it was about something really happened....good...=)

and now, my Scrapjack of Meghan Dymock, dare girl #2 of the month-long Meg's crazy was kinda tough for me to do, so not my normal style, but it was super fun busting out the diamond glaze and watercolor much fun to play...=)'s all about the daily little stuff that inspires me. it says, "life, love. All that daily little stuff, it just sparks my mind and all this creative energy just flows out of my insides. Please creativity,never stop. never ever ever. No. never. Please don't stop imagination, i want to grow old with you!please spark my imagination always, life." I wanted to capture the same feeling Meg's journalling a message to herself. =)

Thanks for bearing with the giant post! Happy day! Must stop messing around on internet, now...=) i have the biggest urge to make cookies and paint. he he...

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Ars Longa....(sigh)

sooo...i meant to take pics of those cute cards i made...but the weather here is really yucky and grey = not much natural picture light, and i have tons to do for a break, here's some pics of the coolest exhibition ever!! While in France, we went to a place called Ars Longa one day to work on our projects, and i could hardly work for all the inspiring pieces in and painted onto the building! The exhibition was called "Totem", a 5 artist collaboration...check it out!

All of the paintings on the large wall were connected with a painted chain, that began in the first large painting and was painted on walls and in the other paitings, so that they were all connected. The walls were also painted on by the same artists, and there were stars and skulls spraypainted everywhere, too!

This is my fave piece that was there:

Why, you say? Well..the goth style is really awesome, but when i went to take a closer was totally the way i scrapbook mixed-media...there was acrylic paint, spray paint on top, and some stitching right through the canvas. I am in love...

..and if that wasn't enough, cool mini buttons in an awesome antique frame...

...and this was just the icing on the cake....=)

...(sigh) best place ever. Sooo inspiring to work in that environment...though I couldn't help but figure out how they did what; like, wow they painted that with acrylic and stencils on the wall?? or...ooho..that guy made floral fabric into a canvas, and then dripped paint down the length of it cool!! there are no words. =) Guess i should plug the artists in case i'm not supposed to post photos..he he

Ariane aka Miette (my fave!!)
Marie Alloy

happy night!