Friday, August 24, 2007


...hmm..feel like I haven't been on the computer much this week..which is weird, but a nice break...=) Been doing some scrap stuff...I seem to have deadlines piling up on me, but fun deadlines..and a litle bit of time it's all good...=) There's been some beach time, but I got a little pink (I never used to get pink ever, seems I'm definatley an animator now!! lol..we get to go on a dinner cruise on the weekend, compliments of Z's cool parents...and yesterday we headed over to Granville to check out the Wooden Boat Festival (I'll post pictures later..) and, of course, stop by my fave paper store, Paper-Ya to grab a journal. Dude, that store sooo rocks. I could spend hours looking at all the cool goodies! So anyways, for some eye-candy, and cuz I want to souvenirs from Paris. Not the cheesy Paris ones (I mean,I got some of those, too..) but the cool old game and a deck of cards I got at the farmers market in La Rochelle. There was so much cool old stuff to look at, I was in heaven...=)

This is the game...the top slides open, and the whole top of it comes off to reveal a tiny deck of cards and some boxes...the old french instructions are there, too..I might alter it into something eventually...I thought it was so cool!

...and the small deck of collector cards from German cigarette packages...the typing on the back of them is German..the guy who sold me them had a whole table full of war stuff; a gas mask, old propaganda booklets, flasks, etc. Really cool old war stuff!

...and so I leave you...I'm in the middle of making what may be my most favoritist pirate page ever...=) happy night!

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