Saturday, August 25, 2007

...some pictures

Hello! Hope everybody's weekends' been's kinda gray and cold here today, surprisingly, the first time all week it's been gray...perfect day to lounge around, watch newfound movies with Z and make some cards and such...Anyways, some pictures from the Wooden boat festival at Granville Island that we went to on Thursday...there were cool old boats docked all around, some of which you could sit in, look at, see pictures from when they were made, etc. Z jumped into the
Viking ship for a pic, and there's me beside one of the boats..they're so big and awesome! Totally made me want a boat...

...and what I thought was gonna be my fave page...I hummed and hawwed over it last night...and it didn't turn out so cool as I thought, but it's still kinda cute...that girl with the skull is a postcard I picked up in Paris and fell in love with, so I had to use it...and the little card with the pirate ship is from that vintage deck of german cards I picked up in La Rochelle...I was in a total pirate mood; Z and I had a pirate marathon the other day, we watched Pirates of the Caribbean 1 & 2, and then saw #3 at the cheap theatres was so cool! So needless to say, it's a page about pirates. the pic is me when I was in Mexico way back when, the wings are from Alt+Scrap (stay tuned for more goodies from there later in the month...) and just used some stuff from my stash for all the papers and's for Darejack #4; Nisa.

..I still have a kabillion things to do, or at least it feels like it, but I'm still on vacation for 2 more days, so tonight there will be rum and pubs! =) Happy night!

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Michelle said...

Loving the dare jack. I'm trying to finish mine up so I can post tomorrow (once there's good lighting). Still searching for those damn stamps. I've been to 5 stores and no luck. I'm gonna find them someday!