Sunday, August 26, 2007

oh, sunday....

...just finished cleaning up the place and doin know, those sunday chores...we went out last night with a few friends for a birthday and drank a lot of cheap beer = headache this morning...Oy...which calls for McDonalds' breakfast, as you me and Z strolled to McD's this am and then grabbed a ton of groceries (i don't think my fridge has ever been so full..)'s cool to have a cute roomie...he he....OC marathon on MuchMusic..yay! Love those old seasons...miss the show "Nip/Tuck" a lot..feel the need to rent a boxed set..mourning the loss of my summer went by waaaay too fast! Have lotsa scrappy stuffs to do and no time right now to do em...and worried a little about the job situation again, as usual after talking last night with a bunch of newly graduated animators at a time when the industry has slowed down a little for a few months...eek! we'll see what comes next...=) Just a temporary worry....Gotta round up my work things and get ready for the little dinner cruise tonight! who-ho! happy night!


Mom said...

Good to catch up!! Love the old boats - and looks like it was a beautiful day. Hope you enjoyed your dinner cruise and had a remarkable sunset to go with it.

Love the old ship pictures - check to see if there is one in there called the Vollendam!! or something like that.
Hope all is well back at the work front!!

Michelle said...

How was the dinner cruise? I'm hoping you took pictures!