Monday, March 31, 2008

Polaroid Love....

Last weekend I had a chance to stitch up some lil felt cameras...yay! I made some teensy adjustments to the model; added a heart, some teensy d-rings to make the straps sturdier, etc. I sent this one to my best girl, Mandy, cuz she's spoiled me with boxes since I moved away from Calgary: =)And this one was about to be listed in the Etsy shop, but lo and behold before I could get it up there, someone asked about them and thus, it will be on its way to France shortly...yay! =)
There is still a lonely Point and Shoot felt guy there, but nobody seems to like him as much as the Polaroid ones...he he...=) They're so fun to make! Please feel free to contact me for special orders; you can pick the body and thread stuff!

Oh! And be sure to check out the Pink Paislee blog fun - all the Paislee design team girls, as well as Rebecca and Holly, are taking turns keeping the blog updated with lovely projects and ideas; we're talking every Mon, Wed, Fri of one week and every Tue & Thurs of the following week, as well as Saturdays there will be goodies posted up there! Yay!

And I got this Red Velvet yumminess in the mail today:
It got here so fast!! Eeek! =) I can't wait to play with it! Thanks Rachel!

Hmm. That's about it. I didn't mean to blog so soon after last night's got the tunes back and running on the blog (so sorry for those who have speakers at work!!) I couldn't resist...I finally downloaded itunes today (I had another music player/downloader before) and accidentally deleted all my old files in the least I think I have them backed up somewhere, so no biggie...but I did treat myself to Adele's cd (Love!! she has such a soulful voice...) and to "Nine in the Afternoon", Panic's new single...=) Yay, tunes! It is waaaay too easy to buy music online, though...just the click of a button? I'm in trouble!! lol...And, yay! Hills tonight, too! Looking forward to some Lauren/Brody drama....Off to get some work done,'s 3 already?? lol..Happy day!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

A whole lotta Sunday....

How was everyone's weekend? Typical Sunday, here...well, sort of. The chores are no longer a Sunday thing. We grabbed some coffee this morning and headed out into the sun to visit the Flea Market (just a teeny, local market...but still found some fab little goodies to bring home)...and then we headed over to Stanley Park for a Cherry Blossom Talk & Walk (sounds dorky, I know...) A group of people met in the park for Cherry Blossom festival month here in Van, and a really knowledgable, fairly entertaining guy led us around and we learned about cherry trees and other trees alike....very cute...the weather was fab and we learned that the cherry blossoms (which weren't out yet) will be out by next weekend, and that we should have a picnic then. So we are gonna do just that! he he....The streets of Van really are awesome right now, with all the trees blooming...I'll get pics later this week! For now, some flowers from the park: Not the best pics, but it's Spring...yay! =) Here are our goodies from the them! it just me, or do Flea markets make anyone else want to buy everything and go start an antique store?? he least I know Z would be cool with that....he's as bad as me with the collecting-of-old-stuff....=)

Speaking of old stuff, I am super-excited to have a teense of spending money for crafty things and so I found these wonderful shops in my travels today: vintage dictionary pages from Sushi Pot Parts and yummy trim from Sassy Bella Boutique...And who doesn't love 16 cent envelopes from the Paper Mill Store? Perfect for the Etsy shop....I just finished designing up some cards, I just have to get them printed then away we go! yay! Etsy is so fun! =)

What Else? We totally missed Earth Hour on Saturday...Doh! We heard on the news a few hours after, you think they would've advertised it more, I feel bad!! I would've turned the power off for an hour, gladly! We're going to see Sweeney Todd and Atonement on cheap double-feature Tuesday, so to hold us over we rented "Thumbsucker", "Bottle Rocket", and "The Kite Runner"...all good in their own ways...I finished reading "Man Crazy" by Joyce Carol Oates...wanting to read "Old Country For old Men" for more psychology of it, beyond what the movie had...Wanting to sew some rag quilts...Can't stop listening to "Chasing Pavements" by Adele. Freaking awesome song! I haven't scrapped forever, in fact, it wasn't an artsy weekend...I'm not sure where to start with what I want to it'll be a happy mail week and my mojo will come back! =) he he

Anyways, happy new week! Hope everyone's was sunday was equally random and chill. =)

Friday, March 28, 2008

Seriously? I love you...

......Thanks for all the sweet comments, guys!! Always makes me smile...=) Not much to say today, yet...but a new card to share in my shop:Etsy is so fun!! he he....I made this card with Emma's Paperie goodies, still...=) I just ordered the new Sass Lass papers from there, love the little shop!! =)

And also, Cuteable rocks!! Thanks, Cuteable for featuring the lil monster painting...=) But if anything makes you click on the link, it's for the lovely sock Zebra that's also posted..omigosh...I love it! I've always wanted to learn how to make sock monkeys....=) Lovely!! They just have so much eye candy posted there...yum!
Nothing else is new...wanting to sign up for a class of some sort....learning illustrator, or..randomly enough....bookbinding (like I need another I'm thinking as soon as I did, I'd get some full-time gig and lose money I paid for the'm so ho-hum about what to do next....I'm at a weird place where jobs in my field could pop up any minute or not pop up for least I'm not worried, so it's good, but I'm also wary of taking on more things as it could mean I'm overloaded soon if a job does arise.....Oy! =) I seriously want to paint more monsters now, though; I was worried that I would never sell that little canvas....he he..and I haven't drawn as much as I am now in at least a year! So fun! =) Not much today - all we have in the house is Reese's pieces cereal ( so groceries today, and I have a meeting about card illustrations (yay!)...but it's snowing lightly today, which means I have a while to walk in the blustery weather....And nothing planned for the weekend yet, but I'm craving some cider...yum Hope everyone is great!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Rawr! Some Monster love!

*Edited* Sold! To a lovely, lovely girl...(thanks Barb!!) =) If anybody is hankering for some monster love, still, I can make up some different one-of-a-kind custom pieces. They're so fun!! he he...

Dun, dun, dun...It's finished! My little mixed-media Monster painting...=) What do you think?

Z was a little astonished by my, umm, use of bright I can't help it! Bright = Happy! =) I think it'd be perfect for a fun craft room or kid's room/playroom. Anyways, it's up for sale here at Bubbly Shnooks. Til it goes, I'll just have to resist hanging it up on my own also fixed a bunch of shipping prices that had been over-quoted to me via the internet, so the shipping on these little donuts went down by like 200% and I also fixed Lola's pictures so she looks cuter, now.

Yay, art! I was sort-of feeling too stifled by my small craft space yesterday, so I went through and cleaned and sorted and organized and now my desk is must be a spring-cleaning vibe I'm getting, because doing that made me want to go through the entire house and get rid of things and donate old clothes and all that craziness, which I'm not about to do just yet...but soon! It always feels so good to take a load out of this teensy apartment! =) So no new scrappiness...I haven't scrappped in a while, it's weird...waiting on some happy mail to get me excited about it!

I'm dying to see Sweeney Todd, can't believe I haven't seen ityet!! I'm hoping it'll be at our cheap theatre this Friday...what else? Oh! There was a crazy freak hailstorm here yesterday and some super-loud thunder! I haven't seen it hail here, so it was weird! Anyways, Off to do my first official freelance job, yay! Hope everyone's day is great! =) Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Peek and some Sex and the City!!

Hello, blog friends! So, I'm a teense behind and have no felt camera or painting to share yet..Oy! I got a small freelance job and some concept ideas for job pitches that I've been working on here at home, (to see some boobalicious comic-girl concepts I posted on my art blog, go here) plus I decided to attempt to make a cute digi kit and have just dug myself out of piles of scanning..he he...thank god for the scanner! So happy we got it a few months back. =) Anyways, I also realized after a few recent Etsy sales that my shipping quotes from online are totally wrong and thus have to package and lug things to the post office to get the correct shipping info before I list new I've been wrapping up Bubbly Shnooks goodies all morning...he he...fresh goodies will be up in the shoppe soon!

I am doing lots, though.....I have some drawings done for stamp designs, and I also have some random designs to make into a local card-collaboration oppurtunity...yay! Swimming in projects! It's super-fun, and, right now, is keeping from going crazy at the lack of jobs in my chosen career....still job-searching to no avail, seriously going to look into taking some kind of graphic design course so I know the software and will be employable....yay! It's all good....

So there's some eye candy in this post, a peek (or good portion)...of the painting:Whee!! It was so fun....I'll try to get it up tommorrow! =) And does anybody watch the Hills? Tina mentioned that Heidi's face was looking a little plastic-surgery in the comments on my last post...and I, too was kind weirded out by it...The whole time I couldn't stop looking at how crazy injected and unnatural her lips looked...blech! But how cool was Paris?? I loved when they popped champagne at the Eiffel tower...(sigh) totally made me miss the trip I went on to France last year - I love, love how you can buy beer at any old corner store and just walk around and drink and see the beautiful city...we always laugh about our love of tequila beer, there, and there was a great night where we all went to the Eiffel tower on Bastille Day and saw fireworks! lovely...but it was like their trip, all work no time to play. I have to go back one day and actually do the touristy thing. Nothing like little French coffee with a chocolate. =) Annnd....I thought Lauren's French Matthias was totally cute...that shot of him on his bike with scruffy hair, smoking was a total Z moment...I was giggling...=)

Anyways, have you seen this?

Can't wait!!! I get teary-eyed just watching the trailer!! Happy day, everyone!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Chocolate Egg Weekend!

Okay, so I'm a little late....but Happy Easter to everyone! I'm not so religious myself, but I do love to celebrate the chocolate North-American invented version of Easter...=) yum! Also, have to say..I am totally missing my family this weekend....they all had Easter dinner at my grandma's, and Z and I are the only ones who live far away...*sniff*...But it turned out okay cuz the Easter bunny stopped by my house and left me little chocolate eggs all over...yay! I have the best hubby...eerr...Easter bunny ever! Speaking of, Z shaved off all of his hair the other day..I'm still getting used to no moustache! We did a lot of lounging like this yesterday... And Z found a lovely old suitcase (which I always swoon over in antique stores) behind our building so we adopted it....the label on the top says it's a ladies trunk from 1965...=) lovely! We have nowhere to put it, Not a spare we might just put it back outside after we've loved it for a few days..hopefully we can squish it somewhere!!I didn't do much scrapping this weekend...well, I did finish up some quick things I can't post just excited for my kits to come so I can play!! =) But it's been nice, taking a lil break...I got some sewing done yesterday, so there will be another polaroid up for sale soon, too! They're so fun to make...=) I did get this little custom order card finished up yesterday:
And I was asked by Elle to do a cute little Year-in-Review mini book for Elle's Studio using her new chipboard albums...check em out!! They are sooo cute and little! I covered the back and front of each page, and so far January, February and March are done...just a few pictures from each month and the happy times I want to remember from them...=)
Stay tuned for how I aged the chipboard....and if you haven't signed up for Elle's newsletter, you should!! he he...=) So fun!

Thanks for bearing with the multi-picture post if you're still also wanted to thank the lovely Amy over at The Peach Tree for featuring my lil Etsy, Bubbly Shnooks, on her blog yesterday! She sent me the funnest questionnaire, she rocks!! =) Go show her some love and also take a peek at the fun shops she has linked up!! yay, Etsy! I am seriously an

Whew! This weekend just flew Z and I took advantage of the sunny day and spent a good hour or two walking around with our feet in the surf, poking at clam shells and crab bits and loving the sunny day!! Hope everyone had a fab weekend!! Who's excited about the Hills premiere? Anyone? An hour and 20 minutes til I'm in Hills heaven...whee!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Today you are you, how excited was I when I got to use my fave Dr. Suess quote on a page?? yay! The newest Dr.Suess-inspired challenge is up at Scrapmojo: Head on over to pick from one of the quotes to use on your page, and also grab a link to a cute book cover to use as inspiration for the sketch of your page. I used this one:Love me some Dr. Suess! (Bekka just reminded me that this is, in fact, where my odd blog title address came from) I'm also super-excited about "Horton Hears a Who"...that book was one of the most influential books on my 8-year old mind, I was so freakin cool that there's a little world in a speck!! eek! I still remember to this day being blown away by the idea when I read't wait to see the movie!

Hmm...what else? It's Friday and suddenly I have a lot of freelance concepts to work on, as well as a custom etsy card order (love custom orders!! they're so fun!) the painting is done, it just has to be sealed and photographed, which I'm dreading cuz our apartment is so teeny there's always some kind of distracting background goin on...I started a new mixed-media felt/acrylic paint/collage project last night...whee! Should be a busy artsy weekend...I haven't scrapped forever, either! Dying for my Dozens' kit to play with!

Oh! One of my lil owl cards was featured on the lovely Cuteable blog yesterday....there are some wonderful finds there! There's also a cuteable flickr flickr groups! And I also ran across a posting of Etsy's 100 great artists, a whole bunch of awesome illustrators/artists/mixed-media collages/painters....go check it out for some serious inspiration! Annnd...I can't believe I didn't have Scrapscene linked up til recently; there are some other great places that they mentioned recently here. There's also a list of fab people who link up to them here that I had fun browsing through..some familiar faces, there! =) he he...

That's all for today....Happy weekend, everyone! =) Hope it's sunshiney and fun!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Wednesday's always come by way too soon, no? Like..the week is half over already?? what?

Anyways, thanks for all the comments, as always girls!
Randomly chosen, the winner of the digi heart bubble is Sue:

Sue said...
that heart bubble is just so cute I would love to have it :)your blog is awesome <3

Congrads! E-mail me at and I'll send the lil heart file your way! =)

A new card up in the shop using more Emma's Paperie Goodies:
...I am in love with the Jenni Bowlin mini die-cut papers...yummy! And I used watercolor pencils to color in the little, fun!

I've been drawing this morning, hopefully I can get some stamps and postcards made soon...focusing on the shop is so fun, lately! I've discovered some fun sites like IndiePublic and WeLoveEtsy...yay! And yesterday, I also found DigiShopTalk, which is also pretty cool! =) Oh, networking....and Etsy sends daily finds e-mails, and this morning there was a focus on lovely illustrations...(sigh) I fell in love with this: The Ghost of has Z written all over it! Too bad it's not his birthday....

Here's the newest Mojo peek: (new challenge up tommorrow)

And I just saw this lovely feature that Craftershock did on my funny lil felt donuts...thanks Craftershock!

Many, many questions about the blog...sadly I know very very little about html! So I doubt I'd be much help..sorry!! Z had to help me with the code for linking images...but once you get one code down, it's easy peasy. Just check out the blogger help blog I linked below! And I added a widget on the bottom left hand-side of the blog with all the lovely digi products I used on my images and header, here. (meant to do this a while ago!) Most everything was altered when I put the items together in photoshop. =)

Anyways, happy hump day! Off to check out some blogs and some boards and off to the library/back to job-hunting and creating I go! =)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A little card love....

I out this lil cutie in my Etsy shop this morning...I made it with the yummy leftovers from my Emma's Paperie goodies! I just loove that Sass owl paper! Anyways, the inside reads: " I love how you stand out in the crowd"...perfect for a little hello, or just to show a unique friend some love! excited to spill the beans that I was asked to guest design at Red Velvet Kits for April! Wheee! Rachel never fails to put an inspiring spin on the monthly kits!! And the lovely Holly is also guest designing, love her work! Yay! Super-excited! for more artsiness, I'm almost done the painting! I'm hankering to sew a polaroid, so maybe that will happen during 'Beauty and the Geek' tonight...Z and I are obsessed with this show!! We also got addicted to MTV's 'The Gauntlet' annnnd the Hills starts again soon...eeek! oh, tv, I love you..he he....I had an interview this morning and am going to attempt drawing some-comic style goodness...wanting to make a digi kit...and some just can't sit still!

Thanks for lovely comments on the last post, too!! I've been asked a few times about how I made my blog all 3-columned and new...there's a fab site for customizing blogger here that the lovely Christina alerted me to, and it really helped out! They step you through adding a 3rd column, and for the sides of my blog, I just added pictures of labels and things I'd uploaded to Photobucket and learned how to link them to the sites using that lovely blogs tips!

And if you still want a bubble heart, I'll leave the giveaway open for another day! Just leave a comment mentioning you want one in the post below! =) Happy Tuesday!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Heart Bubble....

A little Monday Etsy surprise for everyone, a digital Heart Bubble:
....I had some drawings of a thought bubble, lines, and a heart from part of an upcoming super-secret design project and thought a lil digital element would be cute! I made a lil sample page this morning with fun! Anyways, still testing out the Etsy waters, so the digi heart is for sale, here!'s sent to the buyer as a layered, see-through .psd file, which means all the fun elements are movable and changeable = endless possibilities. =) Go check it out if you're interested! And cuz today is Monday, and Monday's need to be made happy, if you would like a lil heart bubble for yourself, mention it in the comments and I'll pick someone who will enjoy it for free!!

That's all for now...more cards will be posted in my Etsy all week long....=) Still painting, designing some stamps, as I finally found a close-to-home unmounted stamp supplier!! yay! Still job searching...wishing I could make enough at home to not have to chocolate kisses...making guacamole tonight...not feeling the best, but I went for a run this morning despite, cuz I've been not running since I haven't felt the best and I thought: well, I either get better and healthy or know? Wishing I had some extra moola so I didn't miss the Red Velvet kit...Marie has done some yummy pages with it and so has Rachel!! yummy! I am super-addicted to Etsy...(sigh) have you all seen Alchemy? Custom project addicting! I love custom projects!! =) They're challenging in a good way...

The Tarisota Talk newsletter came out, and my lil scrap space alongside a ton of cool stuff is in there! You can check it out here.

And did you see the Dozens' March Madness?? It turns out the Sassafras paper I've been yearning for is in the kit...yay! And there's a cool new Flickr group to upload your projects and Dozens' love! yay! I'm all for flickr groups...he he =) Annnd....drumroll....Dana's having a DT Call!! So if you love the Dozens, give it a try! Details here for you! More March madness to come...stay tuned!! Happy Monday!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Oh, weekend...

Happy Sunday! =) Hope everyone's weekend is going great! I had a much better day yesterday, full of movies and relaxing on the couch....ahhh....

Here are my first 2 projects from Emma's Paperie:
This flower card comes with just the brown pot and the green leaves, I added the petals and more leaves on's super cute! The card stands up like a picture frame so you can put it on display, too! he he....And this project is a scalloped box that I decorated:
It was so much fun, too! =) Cindy at Emma's Paperie blogged about it here, so you can see what supplies I used on these lil guys. I am in love with that Sassafras owl paper...(sigh)....=) I made some cards for my Etsy shop that I'll be posting soon, too, using some of the leftover stay tuned!

We also finally rented "No Country For Old Men" on Friday night after we went to the symphony....and it is soooo good! So happy that Javier Bardem won an Oscar for his role, now, cuz he was so awesome in it! Creepy and wonderful....I'm dying to read the book, now.
Also saw "Into The Wild"....I didn't know it was based on a true story!! It was lovely, too...=) Make sure you have someone to hug at the end of it!! And then after those 2 very serious and somewhat depressing movies, we had to rent "The Heartbreak Kid", cuz there's nothing like a Ben Stiller romantic comedy to make ya laugh....=) Still painting...going out tonight to meet Tzanko's Bulgarian buddies...continuing the job search....guzzling coffee....happy day!

Friday, March 14, 2008


...Weirdly enough, I'm feeling chaotic today....a little like my workspace...which is odd: nothing's tight deadlines...can't explain it....Maybe I'm sad that my days at home are coming to an end? Anyways, it of the blahs, I guess...I was working on that animation project with Z last night and was just not having a bit of fun with it...just not feeling it at all...and decided that wasn't how I wanted to unhappily spend my weekend....(I'm horrible, I know!!) but I'm also sad because it's a cool project and a cool idea, its just not worth not enjoying it when I can be, say, sewing....ya know?...Z is happy, cuz now he can do whatever he And I'm happy cuz I started my painting...=) So all-around, not adding another project to my list of projects-I-feel-like-I-need-to-do is good! Plus, the weekend is busy enough without a deadline on top of everything....yeesh! And my throat has still been hurting from that cold that should be long gone by now...and we're going out tonight and tommorrow and Sunday....

Speaking of the painting, though, there's a peek of it on the bottom left (the green, blue, and pink....yay!) It's turning out a little more Dr.Suess-ey than I it's fun!

Oh! There is some happy news! =) Yesterday I got a parcel from Papercrafts with my page and a few copies of the first magazine I've ever been published in!! yay!! It was so funny and weird to see it in
....It's the April/May issue, if you're a Papercrafts reader...=)

Anyways, off to watch a movie and snuggle up on the couch...going to see our friend Choom's West Coast Symphony play tonight, but this time she's not playing, she gets to watch with us...yay! =) Happy day, everyone!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happy randomness

Thank goodness Lizee tagged me, cuz I have nothing to blog today! =) he he...

7 Randoms about me/on my mind today:

1. I forgot to address this "sculpture" that everyone was asking about, so let's start's random...=) he he:No, I don't carry it around on my arm....(he he) it's actually embedded in the ground....Weird, yes? It's a 'sculpture" of a church that I believe is supposed to look like it's been blown in by the wind....The only reason I would guess this is because I used to walk to work every morning down by this sea wall, and sometimes its too windy to move in a forward direction, much less hold an umbrella up, therefore the artist stuck it here as a tongue-in-cheek thing: "it may be windy enough to blow things like this in, I guess." That's my theory. Everyday I'd see it, though, it baffled me. Is the artist antireligious? Is this even art? Duuude....

2. I had an impromptu interview at the cutest lil animation studio ever on Monday to be a Production Assistant...=) yay! It was a really small, adorable place, with super-nice people, and exactly the job I was looking for....I'm still trying to find my "niche" in the industry, I guess...I mean now I've animated, fixed animation, done some post-production....still not sure what my favorite part of the biz is, you know? But I definatley know that animating until 3 am just so that I get a paycheque of some sort is not what I want right this moment...=) I'd like to be the person that makes a production run smoothly and organizes things and stays on top of business...=) So fingers crossed! I get to meet the owners of the studio this weekend, and if they like me, it's a go! I felt really comfortable there, mostly because it is a small, wife-and-husband owned lovely!

(And the part I'm most excited about is....I get to spoil myself with a much-needed shopping spree once I'm employed...yay! I haven't bought any clothes in an insanely long time. eeek! Fingers crossed for me!)

3. I'm dying to paint. And sew. Right now. I bought some small blank canvasses the other day and they're just dying to me to paint on them...eek! Priorities, though....I'm almost done some yummy scrappy projects....I managed to make some lil cards for my etsy shop, so stay tuned for those in the next few days! And Z and I are going to be gearing up on an animation project over the weekend, so until then....Cotton Monster is just super-driving-me-crazy-with-wanting-to-paint-ness....Can one have too many hobbies?? lol...4. Dying to buy "Dan in Real Life." Love it! Also, we watched "The Darjeeling Limited" on the weekend, which I'm dying to see again, if not just for the hand-paintings on the lovely train. =)
5. Dying to buy this Sassafras paper.......Hah...starting to sense a trend...I guess I'm dying to buy that I've been good in the shopping arena while I technically have no income....yay! =) But seriously, if anyone knows an online store where this paper is being sold, please tell me!! he he...

6. If you haven't signed up for Elle's Studios' newsletter yet, go hop to it! There are yummy things-a-comin...=) Trust me! Annnd...she just launched chipboard albums, which are also super-cute...=)

7. The Dozens. Waiting patiently til the day I can rip into this yummy kit and make some stuff!! eeek! See? See the new awesome kit?....Random enough for ya? I tag anyone who reads and wants to also be random today...yay!
Have a happy one!

Monday, March 10, 2008

An RAK and Tarisota Love

First of all....hi! =) he he...You have to pop over to Emma's Paperie this morning and put your name in for an RAK of my fave goodies from the store! Cindy is super-cute and featured my on the blog today, and if you leave a comment you could win a pack of goodies that I hand-picked! fun, fun! There's some yummy Jenni Bowlin paper and die-cut journalling tags, a scalloped box, some October Afternoon and Sass Lass...yummy! And she hand-wraps the packages, so it's like Christmas time when they arrive at your doorstep! eek! Go check it out!

And Tarisota kits' gallery is up! Here's what I did with the March loveliness:
....there's a story about the title on this one..he he....=) I loved the blue letters and wanted them to spell "Shades", but, I always do this thing where I leave no room on my page to do I figured, meh..I'll split it up, why not? It kind of looks like a Spanish word that Z comes along and was like, what does that say, "Shaw-dez?" lol...So now everytime we see this page, we say "Shaw-dez"'s too funny....he he. It's my fave page! Here's the rest:
....This kit was totally fun to work with! =) There was so much yummy fabric and ribbon! Yummy....and it also came with a delicious coffee and chocolate, when I sat down to scrap it was in style, I tell you...=) he he....You can check out the rest of the gallery here on the website and see what the rest of the Design Team did, too! Annnd...if you go there, sign up for the newsletter, cuz I'll be featured there with my lil scrap space soon!
That's all for today! Duude, there is so not enough time in a day!! eeek! Off to working on projects I go! Happy day!