Monday, July 31, 2006


I finished my pixie dust!! Had to draw dots all day, but it's done! And i'm pretty happy with it. =) This morning though, I was lucky enough to have two eyelashes ripped out, so, ladies, NEVER buy Life brand eyelash curlers, they hurt. That's my only little tidbit of advice. Oh! The Effer's List came out today, for the august challenge; 450+ people are competing!! Wow! I'm so excited! =) Hopefully I have time to scrapbook....(whew). Oh, and the post below; 'someone' thought they would cuss me out based on my nationality, but they did it 'anonymously' in a way that let me know who they were. Ha ha..Soo...I know who it was, and, frankly, don't think much of them, so I wasn't just having a bitchy moment; I really thought it was funny that they sunk to that had a few people ask me what was up with that today..=) he he..Bye for now!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

ha ha...

...Isn't it just funny how insecure people feel like they need to belittle other people to feel better about themselves? I think it is...=) By the by, I can delete comments whenever I want to 'anonymous', so if you're feeling a little unsure of yourself again, feel free to comment all you want. Buuut....I would work on the grammar and punctuation a little, because not only was your 'comment' unwarranted, but it also looked like it was written by a five year old. So, if you really were trying to make some kind of point, doing it in a way that shows you really aren't educated detracts from what you're saying, and just makes me laugh. =)

he he...anyways, I hope everyone's weekend was cool!! I worked all day, and have lotsa animation to do this week, but I'm happy right now cuz it is actually feeling possible to finish now, as opposed to a few days ago when I felt soooo overwhelmed with the few bigger assignments. Annnnnnd my anniversary with my guy is comin up soon..yay!! Soo cool...=) almost 2 years! he to cherish sleep I go. =)

Friday, July 28, 2006


Girly romantic comedies!
Blankie time on my couch..

the calm before the storm?

Ahhh...having a relaxing night at home, still trying to get rid of my cold for the big workload ahead; lotsa looming deadlines and more will be piled on soon! Not stressed, just.....overwhelmed? I don't know where to start, there is so much stuff to finish! It isn't helping that I am really tempted to overhaul the look of my blog already..ha ha..I've been messing around with the settings and...I'll have to take a day later on to, as my class would say, make it a little more "emo", brooding..artistic, you could say. It's a little too...premade for me right now. he he..But no! I will not do it this weekend, too much other stuff to do. No. Will not procrastinate with silly tasks. Which I always end up doing. But I won't. Oh! Saw a guy getting arrested for DUI outside of my apartment today while trying to convince my mom that it really is safe downtown where i am. ha ha...I feel fine up here on my 15th floor. =) So I will chill tonight, cuz I know sleep will be a precious thing this week...(sigh)

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

If you've ever taken life drawing...

WATCH THIS CLIP!!!! I laughed so hard....Well, it's not really a it if you have 10 minutes, it's so funny! =) enjoy.

aahhh..nap time....

I am just so worn out today! I was kinda late, getting the storyboard as finished as it would be, still trying to get rid of my sore throat..and I decided to just save some stuff for the morning, and then...i slept in! I woke up at about 10:30, raced around getting ready, and then had to madly try to finish the storyboard. (sigh). And then, after doing my storyboard for that many hours, I had to start a new storyboard, well, revise a new storyboard, and my brain was just I figured I would relax tonight, get rid of the cold, and get ready for the crazy days of homework ahead! it's all starting to pile up! =) anyways, hope everybody's good...=)

Saturday, July 22, 2006

ahhh...air conditioning

I am totally tempted to just stay at school...a/ nice and cool in here...When I left my apartment, it was cooler outside this morning..!! I bought a fan though, thank god, but it will still be boiling hot in I'll stay here for as long as I, I did forget to mention that the crazy green makeup picture is from Halloween; a few of us grrls went to Mac and got our make-up done before we hit the town, we were each a different colored Fairy..very fun! anyways, back to work with me..hope everyone's enjoying summer!

Friday, July 21, 2006's boiling...!!

Just checked the weather and it said "24 degrees...feels like 30 degrees" well, there is no breeze up here on my 15th floor apt., so it feels like over 40 in here. yuck...I hope there is still a fan left at some nearby store tommorrow, because the forecast says 30 degrees overnight!! ahhh! Usually, it's nice and ocean-breezy up here, but it's just dead air all the way! Don't get me wrong, I am a summer girl, I love hot weather...I just need to be on the sand about 3 ft from water. And, though I live close to a beach, I have no time at all to hang out there cuz I have so much to do and I already procrastinate enough as it frustrating!! maybe by next week i'll be able to hang out at the beach afterschool for at least a little while...I miss having a summer...=( I miss having a weekend! Tommorrow is pretty much like a school day for me...and then work on Sunday...but it's all for a good cause..he he...but sometimes I just feel like I need a stay in PJ's, watch daytime-tv, no-alarm-clock, do-nothing kinda day. =) And I know I will just enjoy summer that much more next year! Anyways, back to homework...the never-ending storyboard. I would like to be able to drink tea to help the cold that I keep trying to ward off, but that would just be...cruel torture.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Art journal!

Sooo...I haven't been able to stop scrapbooking's impossible! So I started an art journal a few weeks ago...the cover (the page that say "art" a billion times) was inspired by a page done by Elsie Flannigan, who is a totally cool scrapbook artist. My art journal is pretty much that; a journal that I can dye, mess-up, paint over, etc. Just a place get out all of the creative mess in my head if I need to. i only have a few pages done as of yet, it's an ongoing thing. (I do, however, have a few more pages for this started, but not done, which, if ya know me, is the story of my life; too many ideas, I start a billion things and find it hard to finish anything completely because I am constantly starting more new things. It's a vicious creative cycle.=) This is what I got finished so far. geesh, I guess I should get some animation stuff up sometime, my blog is now a little unbalanced...he he...

Scrapbook stuff!

These are some random Layouts I did last year...I have had no time to do any new ones lately, but these are some of my favorite kinda-new pages. Damian is my nephew, who is now a year and half, the beach ones have a few other pages that go with those 2 ("Long Beach" on the island - such a beautfiul place! I love it there!) I have more scrapbook stuff done, but it's all still in Calgary..=) And yes, they do take me a long time to do, seeing as they incorporate a lot of collage-like stuff,'s art, and it's mine, and I can take as long as I want. he he..

I tried...

I attempted to stay up all night so i could finish my project, but, i think, having been sooooo overtired for the last few weeks, and I had stopped my one-night-a-week all-nighters, I couldn't do it! I was working on my animation, and was having some troubles, and I just couldn't logically figure out what I should draw, etc. And my throat started hurting like crazy...that's the last thing I want, to get sick! So I was can be late. I would be way more productive sleeping, so I came home and hopped into bed by 3 am, and got at least 4 hrs. lol..Guess I'll be workin on that tommorrow....I tried to stay awake, I just couldn't do it...he he...=) Sleep...

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

homework overload!

I just found out today that I have a ton more homework than I thought...the teacher's for animation class had mixed up deadlines, and so we were all relaxed thinking that we still had a week to go on this silhouette project, and apparently it was due today..sooo....I now have to finish animating that dude by this thursday, on top of 86 (yes, I counted) 86 panels of storyboard, plus an overdue background, plus some pixie dust thrown in for good measure. Oh, and I just got a new animation assignment as well, and a new storyboard. AHHH!!! I thought this term was supposed to be better?!? So much for catching up on sleep! I really can't wait for my week off....(sigh) Oh! and I am soo already addicted to this blog. ha ha...Oh! And whoever hasn't seen this animated short called "Guard Dog" by Bill Plimpton should immediatley go to and search it, it's hilarious! The quality of the vidoe kinda sucks but it's so funny! enjoy!

pic for my profile..

Just a picture
for my profile..
I need somewhere
to save it.
Yes, it's the same one.

yay! I have a blog!

Oy, I have fallen for the blogging. I know, all the cool kids are doin it...I cracked under the pressure. Actually, I want to enter this "Dares" contest and need some place to post my contest entries. =) he he...