Monday, July 31, 2006


I finished my pixie dust!! Had to draw dots all day, but it's done! And i'm pretty happy with it. =) This morning though, I was lucky enough to have two eyelashes ripped out, so, ladies, NEVER buy Life brand eyelash curlers, they hurt. That's my only little tidbit of advice. Oh! The Effer's List came out today, for the august challenge; 450+ people are competing!! Wow! I'm so excited! =) Hopefully I have time to scrapbook....(whew). Oh, and the post below; 'someone' thought they would cuss me out based on my nationality, but they did it 'anonymously' in a way that let me know who they were. Ha ha..Soo...I know who it was, and, frankly, don't think much of them, so I wasn't just having a bitchy moment; I really thought it was funny that they sunk to that had a few people ask me what was up with that today..=) he he..Bye for now!


Cady said...

Hey Michelle!
I think I'll leave you a comment in comprehensible english, instead of 'u r teh suxors...' Heh heh heh. Damn. ;D
Way to go on the pixie dust, dearie.
And hey - if it makes you feel any better, when I finished Dumpo, all I could think was how it totally looked like ass. Like, if an ass knew how to animate, that's what kind of stuff s/he/it would do. Bleh. Sorry, I'm really tired, and in an awfully bad mood.
Anyhoos....I really hope you're feeling better....and getting some sleep, despite the commotion outside. If you ever need some nice 'healing' tea, just ask! I've got crap from, like, all ova da world! :D
Take care, and I'll see you tomorrow!
~Cady (Kelly)

Michelle said...

Kelly!! Shhh...your animation is awesome. I've been drinking tea for hours, and it seems to be helping...the fireworks haven't started, and I'm sure I will be tired enough to pass out as soon as I hit the pillow, seeing as I can sleep on that comfy life drawing board..hah...You should be in a good mood! Your dumpo is so funny! and...finished! he he..anyways, be happy! =) See ya soon..

your cousin said...

Oh man, I forgot you would get to see all the cool fireworks :( major pouting now!

Michelle said...

Lisa!! I can't see the fireworks from here..welllll....I can see where they block the water off for the fireworks, and if I lean out over the edge of my balcony, (which is scary!!!) I can sorta see half of them...hmm..fall to my death, or see the pretty fireworks? lol..