Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I'm almost done school!! did it just hit me, or what?? I just realized there's almost only 3 weeks left...!! Where does the time go, man? we have to finish a film by then...yikes...we start animating in flash tommorrow...I'm already feelin deadline crazy right now...but it is my own fault for having a job, being in school, and taking on the 2 design teams before school was finished...lol..(sigh) i am crazy. But I know I'll get stuff done by when it has to be done..it just have so much to do, and I know it, but I don't want to do anything...lol...so I guess I should go do stuff. lol..In a few weeks I get to hang out with my family again!! yay! erm..thas all that's new. =) Happy night!!


he he..check out postsecret..there's a card about Valentines that says; "Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Whatever." then the person wrote "I'm glad I'll be single by this Valentines Day, it's so much less disappointing." And I was like..whoa! Way to read my mind..I was just contemplating Valentine's day on my way home from work yesterday, cuz, well, I work at a store where velvet heart boxes stare at me all day, and the lobby of my building is also decorated for the upcoming "holiday". Hallmarkday. Whatever. So, upon realizing I haven't been single for a V-day in about 5 years (?) I tried to remember a really awesome Valentines where something really cool happened. And instead I was reminded of that day when me and Mandy walked outside for like and hour in the Calgary cold in Midnapore beside a busy road on the way to a hockey game that this guy i liked was playing at because he kicked us out of his house cuz we couldn't stay for dinner. Then somebody threw a bottle out the window that scared the hell out of us. Remember that day, Mandy? Then I didn't even get a kiss at the end of the night. Well, more than a peck. Nice, eh? and that, my friends, is the only thing I could immediately, directly connect in my memory with Valentines. And then, to top it off, this morning I get an e-mail that reminded me that weird delusional guys usually think I like them. (sigh) Perhaps, I am still feeling a little anti-guy after my last, ermm...disappointment...but I am totally wondering why I wasn't single for a Valentines Day before when, in most cases, i probably would have been happier...lol...Buut I do have to say I am thankful for the couple silly valentines poems and roses that I did get, and I am extra thankful that this year, instead of being disappointed yet again, i will be working on a film for myself. And in celebration, I bought this anti-guy purse yesterday;

Okay, i had birthday money, so i bought a few...=) Specifically, the red one. Part of a line called "Angry Little Girls". Awesome. I fell in love. So call me cynical, but all I have to say today is that it's a good thing guys are cute or I would boycott. =) he he...

Monday, January 29, 2007

Fancy Sneaks...

heh heh...I just got an anonymous comment on my blog, that, through the beauty of blogger, I have the power to not publish..(ahh)...that said something about Fancy Pants and old lady pages or something..it really made no sense..Don't read my blog if you say you don't like it! ha ha...Brightened my morning, to say the least...=)
So I'm posting my Fancy Pants Sneak Peeks!! (I just finished them last night!) he he...so here's the new stuff!!

There's three new collections; Floral Chic, Key Lime Pie, and Kewl...new rub-ons, tons of new Big Board Chipboard (big 12 x 12 sheets of chipboard full of big and little shapes, tags, etc.), decks of creative cards (which have 2 usable sides), and tons of cool stamps!! It's all being released at CHA (Craft and Hobby Assoctiation) show this weekend...so exciting!! check out their new blog for more sneaks...oh!! And our design team photos are up on the website, so check that out, too!! he he...Oh, and I'm ordering pictures soon, so there won't be as much me...lol...geesh..I'm gettin kinda sick of having just pics of me around here to scrap...Happy day!! I woke up super later and have to jet it off to school now...yikes!!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Yo Momma...

And this, this is why i should stop watching Mtv:

"Your momma's like a pack of timbits, for $2 I can share her with the rest of my hockey team..."

It's from a show. "Yo Momma". Really. But this one just cracked me up, so I had to share. he he...(sorry to anybody who may be offended). But really, this show is better than this other show they have called "Date my mom". (sigh). Though I am totally looking forward to watching "The Hills" next week. new season!! Drama, drama. It's like the Laguna beach hold-over. Am sounding more valley-girl by the second. Must sleep now.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

random artness...

love the artness today. =) This is Dare 55, their challenge this week was to find a website and try to use their colors...which was sort of hard for me...cuz I chose www.zingboomkits.com, cuz it's awesome...but I have no vintage goodness in those colors, and I find it incredibly hard to scraplift...so this is my finished product. I had fun doing a dare...haven't done one for ages! (by the way, that silly picture is my "?!" face...this page is about all the gross domestic things I learned while living by myself this year...like what milk turns into when it's been on a counter for half a week. Yes, gross, I know.)

Also, I realized, with the design team commitments I just made...I'll make at least 100 pages this year, cuz I have to...and I get the stuff to make em, and get to share them in online communities and newletters....which is soo awesome!! I have found the perfect solution for a starving student to be able to afford a cool hobby..=) So happy bout that, cuz I can't afford to scrap, but I get to!! Also, I only made like 10 pages last year...cuz, well...I was drawing lots at school...so 100 is cool! It's actually looking like I may get my baby pictures done one day....I might have to get the other ones from home out here...=) (I just did a page with the new Scrapmuse February kit...that's why I'm thinkin baby pictures..the page turned out so cute but I can't post it for a few weeks...he he...and, for those who don't scrap, you must know that the pile of pictures to be scrapped is always growing faster than the pile that's getting done, so it feels like you'll never get the old pictures done or be "caught up") So, yay! Nuttin else is new. Big school assignment to basically get my flash film ready to animate by Monday, and I work on Saturday, and I will probably get another box of stuff tommorrow, that's due soon, and this other stuff that's due. Yay, motivation! I live for this busy-ness, dudes...I was so caught up in my stuff that I only now realized it's crazy late. =) Awesome.

Oh! and I realized I am way too addicted to lip stuff, ie) chapstick. I noticed this week that I'd been keeping it in the pockets of all my hoodies, cuz there were some dryer incidents...and today when I put my coat on, there was one in that pocket, too. I was like...a) why do i have so many of them? and b) for the 10 minute walk to school, how imperitive is it that I have lipgloss from here to there, so much so to have it in my pocket? Hah. My randomness for the day, there. Anyways, the owner of Bardel (a studio here in town) is coming to talk to us tommorrow, and I should be alive for that, so off to bed I go! happy day!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


...dudes, I feel totally lazy tonight....like, so lazy it feels like today was waaay long ago. Okay, not that lazy. But I just realized that I always do this; work super hard all at once, chill out, chill out til I start putting stuff off, and then I have to work really super hard all at once to get the stuff done that I put off. Yeah? Kay, i'm not really putting anything off yet, though. Just enjoying the no-film thing. And I've actually done dishes everyday this week....whoa, I know...But I do have my second little (Flash) film in the works...it's about 45 seconds long. It involves, well..let's just say the TA who saw it unexpectedly over my shoulder said "whoa...but you look so innocent". heh. Naw, it's not that bad...I just wanted to animate some blood spurts, alright? he he...erm..in other news...I realized lately that I'm trying to type so fast I've been making tons of silly typos, so sorry if that bugs ya. Typos really bug me. So I thought I'd mention it. Apparantly, not everyone at school thinks Bond is hot, we had a discussion today...heh. I just watched "City of God", crazy violent movie, but it was good...oh! I *finally* got a buzz on my door today, so I'll see Fancy Pants in a few days, hopefully..I thought all hope was lost!! (ie, thought that all my cool stuff was lost in the mail)...Oh! And I edited my film together today...so it is all set and ready for sound...so cool to see it all together!! =)

And so, because today I was also called random, I end on this note; The girl's (Heidi and Lauren) on Mtv's "The Hills" have a commercial where Lauren says "The only time I miss having a boyfriend is when I have to pick out something like a TV, when I have to put something together, or when I have a lot of groceries...Missin the boyfriend". I laugh everytime I see it, cuz I can put stuff together, I've picked out stereos and stuff before, but damn...groceries are heavy, man!! And jars. Boys are useful when it comes to jars. =) he he...that's it! More randomness tommorrow...

Sunday, January 21, 2007


hot. That is what the new James Bond is. (Saw it tonight). Yummy. I never really did like Pierce Brosnan much...a whole lotta less rugged, a lot more high-society snob. At least that's how he seemed. Thus why I have not seen a Bond film until the new, hot Bond came around. And that's just cool with me. =) Anyways, had class all day...(where did my weekend go?? Oh yeah....I was at school the whole time..he he....but that's just part of the routine, now...=)...plus it'll be over soon!! Gotta cherish the busy, craziness of it all while I still can!) Soo..I have to get a film idea and storyboard it out by, well..tommorrow night. It involves a little bit of gore, cuz I want to animate some cartoon blood. lol..and cuz I was influenced by Tim Burton, Edward gorey, and that general, popular-right-now gothic style yesterday when i had to to think of an idea, so they all came out sort of twisted. (sigh). That's all. still waiting for Canada post to get all over my fancy Pants stuff....I am getting soo antsy to see all the new stuff! Specially cuz my design team pages are due soon, too.....ha ha...well, there is nothin like the last minute for me to get stuff done, so no hurry on that one. =) I'm also getting a box from Scrapmuse, I think I mentioned that, but I'm so excited I'll mention it again..lol....yay!! So if I'm lucky, this week will be a really cool mail week! Love mail..=) Hmm..that's all. Caught up on my e-mails tonight...(ahh! a scary amount had piled up).

Oh! Mandy - I will call ya this week when i can....tell me when you have a day off! I didn't get home til late tonight (well, late in calgary).

I'm out!! Wish me fast-drawing..! =)

Saturday, January 20, 2007


I have to think of a flash idea by tommorrow!! (We just started flash classes today - for those who don't know, flash is computer software that we're using to make a second film) We have about 3 1/2 weeks to learn the software and make the film, so the schedule is kinda tight, and we need to get a story concept by tommorrow so we can draw characters and plan out the story. Yikes!! So I'm drawing some Tim Burton for some inspiration..I want to do something a little darker than my other film, cuz that's pretty bright-yellow-happy-cow kinda film. Hmm..hopefully Tim Burton will get me inspired...as he always does....watched Corpse Bride yesterday, so that got the ball rolling..=) he he....anyways...that's what i'm up to..while doing laundry....just hangin out here....probably going to watch some Happy Tree Friends, cuz, well love em...and it is now considered "reference" because it's flash..=) he he...g'night!

Friday, January 19, 2007

can I just say.....

A big giant AAAAhhhh......

that is, a big giant sigh of relief...that film is over!!!
Ahhhh. It feels so awesome to be done 5 months of work. 5 months of fun, hard, mind-blogglingly difficult, exciting work is done. feels sooo good. And even better, today was a day off. My first day off in a looong time. Well, I know we just had a break, but I feel like it's been my first day off in a long time!

I should say a big thank you to my whole class for helping me finish on Wednesday by 5...I was the last one to finish that day....everyone was helping out...I was so frazzled that I couldn't tell what was to be done and what was done and what was still needing to be done...so thanks to my class and Jim (my digital ink and paint teacher) for being so awesome!!! We all went out to grab a drink and celebrate on Thursday night w/Jim at Moxies...many drinks were had, and when it was time to go, nobody really wanted to stop drinking so we all hung out at my lil apartment....and, well...big surprise, drank and watched some cartoons. he he...oh, animators. It was a cool night, nontheless...but we all had to get up to do a photo-shoot for the grad booklet this morning and be there by 10 am. I was feeling totally fine, cuz I drank lots but wasn't even tipsy....that is, until the photographers made us bend upside down and sideways and contort around an animation desk for the picture...i was totally cool, but that bending sideways and looking up and trying to stay like that for a few minutes really took it's toll on my head. lol...but the pics turned out awesome...=) so it's all good. Sooo..the headache and I got to go home early...and I was going to scrapbook or do something productive, but i had to clean this pigsty (cuz really, there were scary dishes and things seeing as I hadn't been home in a loooong time, and the night I had been home after deadline, I fell asleep right away for 13 hours and then it was just right back to school..and then last night everynody was here)...so I cleaned some, took a nap (that was going to be an hour but turned into 5 hours...must still be catching up on my sleep) and am still cleaning..but relaxing inbetween...he he....=) Relaxing feels soo awesome. Feels so good to be done!!

In other news...I won another design spot on a different team!! yay!! ScrapMuse had a design team call that I entered last weekend, and I just found out yesterday that I was one of the 4 picked to be on the team!! yay!! So for this one, they send me one of their scrapbook kits every month and I make 4 projects and an article for their online newsletter. =) I am soo excited!! Their online community is awesome, too. yay! Scrapbook friends!

Sooo...that's all that's new; sleeping (finally), I start Flash this weekend...which means we have class all weekend from 9 to 4...and then class is at night during the week, but I still have an assignment to finish, a portfolio to put together, and now I have 2 scrapbook teams to work for (yay!) so i'm still as busy as ever. =) Oh! And thanks to everyone for calling and e-mailing on my birthday!! Much appreciated during that busy time!! =) I have tons of e-mails and stuff to get back to so you will probably hear from me this weekend...=) My birthday was pretty okay, considering it was spent at school and I didn't sleep at all.....I got a bottle of wine, and Andrew brought ice cream cake to school that we ate for the next few days...he he...=) So thanks everybody!!

Happy night!!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

it's my berfday!

...happy berfday tooo me..=)

he he...well, happy? naw, just kiddin..it's not so bad.....just busy with film....I would really love to stay at home, sleep in, and just chill out...but what can ya do? Anyways...it seems Canada post decided to send that package I was gonna pick up today to the post office that's 10 blocks away (where I just so happened to be yesterday..argh) instead of the one that's half a block behind my apartment building...soooo...maybe I should go at lunch tommorrow...get some fresh air....It woulda been cool if noticed this yesterday, when I was close to there...or before I waited in line for it. (sigh)...=) but it's all good...had some good phone convo's this morning while I was frantically piecing together my last background.....=) But now...off to work I go!! Wish me luck! I have to paint the rest of my animation and finish all of my backgrounds by tommorrow morning...the first all-nighter of, hopefully, only 2 all-nighters this week...ahhh!! he he...thanks for all the birthday wishes!!

Saturday, January 13, 2007


(shhh...I know it's final film time..but I made art)

Kay, really, I made this last weekend. I just put the lil skull rub-ons I just got in the mail on there last night...I had to scrap for my sanity!! I can only paint my film for so long without feelin the itch to move on to something else...New stuff; tommorrow is my birthday! there is a package waiting for me at the post office, I slept on my couch last night with the light and tv on and my alarm 5 feet away and still did not wake up...so I may be sleeping at school (if I get to sleep) til the Wed. deadline comes...got some Christmas chocolate from Purdy's today!! (stopped in there)...Purdy's is such an awesome company!! Gotta try to stay there for a while...=) Really wanna change my blogger header, now...but it took me forever to get it in there...so I'm not gonna go there...saw a fender guitar shirt today and I almost died, but it wasn't in my size..(which is probably a good thing)...and Mercury Filmworks (a local studio here in Van) is coming to talk to us next week about what they're hiring for..(yay!)...

Oh!! And Mandy, you spoiled me, grrl! The present you sent me was soo cute!! I wish you were here to have a movie night with me..=( Buut I'll save it til after film to relax on my couch and recover...=) I'll call you when I'm finally home at night next week..probably Thursday!! Thank you, thank you!

Mmm..that's all. Gotta write up my Scrapmuse entry (yes, i decided to enter..i always make time for stuff that is fun...he he), do my last background out of paper, do some dishes, draw a little cow for my credits...annd....seems like my night is just beginning...(sigh) happy night!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I actually used photoshop today! lol...I mean, with nothing going wrong or frustrating me..(knock on wood). Yay! I've been stitching background scans together for a few hours now...(sigh)...but I feel like I know what I'm doing, at least....considering a few weeks ago I had never seen photoshop before...he he..and tommorrow I get to learn one more new software....ahh! And yet another thing onto my plate of things to do...the list is growing..and there is officially a week left!! No sleep for the wicked, I guess...good thing it's so cool to see it all come together!! =) so exciting...

Mmmm..I think that's all that's new...cept for the crazy snow! yes, snow. Haven't seen a window in hours, so I dunno what it's like out there now...oh, and in my haste of happy money-finding yesterday, I bought some little skull charms from here...I could not resist. Skulls + scrapbooking = love. Wait, skulls + anything = love. =) Obsessed, I know...Don't worry, mum, I won't spend anymore..=) Happy night!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

3D animation hits a new low...

...did you hear that Justin Timberlake will be one of the voices in Shrek?

Oy. oy. I have nothing to say. Maybe, I could see it if his voice was somewhat appealing. But he sounds like a 10 year old boy who thinks he's Michael jackson. I from here on out boycott Shrek 3.

What else? hmm...just doin some backgrounds...this week is gonna turn out to be busier than last week, so it seems...but I'll manage...however, my first birthday here alone *sniff* will be spent at school..lol..thank god there will be partying after deadlines next week to make up for that.....at this point, I am lovin my lil film, but am soo looking forward to it being done..=) Not looking forward to learning yet another computer program, though...I am still struggling harsh with photoshop...god help me with aftereffects....lol..on the flip side...I just got a giant paycheck that I think does not belong to me in my bank account...we're talking triple digits here...it's more money than I've seen in a long time, being a student...gonna have to look into that....and there is chocolate waiting for me at work to pick up and eat..yum! and I get a well-needed Chiro appointment this weekend...and I'm getting a lil bit of mail this week (?); Fancy Pants stuff, things from mom and mandy..he he...you guys spoil me...=) And mail never fails to make me happy...=) he he....yay! Back to cutting up my paper..contemplating that other scrapbook contest, too. Hmm...how much can I handle?? Do I have time to make another page? lol...it seems I'm always making myself do too much, but I love it...happy night!! I'm gonna put on some "Life As we know it"...a totally awesome show that was cancelled, that I watch all the time..while I work, of course. =)

Monday, January 08, 2007

my worst nightmare....

...is to live in a brand new beige house with a husband who win's the dough while I'm stuck at home watching some kids all day long.

Serious. Does that make me weird? Cuz I know I have friends who would love to have that. I have friends who are on the way to being that. Not that there's anything wrong with it...everyone has their idea of happiness. But I would be much happier living in a yellow cardboard box with a glue stick and my rocket-dog skull shoes. Hmm. Or a part of one of those awesome heritage houses downtown here, full of cool antiques and artsy stuff and no beige walls in sight. =) Yes.

By the way, painting my film makes my mind wander, if you haven't noticed...lol...I forget to blink, too. But I have listened to a lot of old cds, which makes me happy. Bands like Neve, Oleander, Greenwheel. The Verve Pipe. Ahhh...tunes.


"Everything is always okay in the end, if it's not okay, then it's not the end"

found this quote the other day and it made me smile....cuz sometimes I worry about whether or not I've made the right choices or worry about what's going to happen next (this is cuz I never think more than one dream ahead of the other..I just leap into one and suddenly I'm in a new city with no plan and an apartment I can't afford..ha ha). I don't worry as much as I used to, though...cuz I immediatly tell myself that it all works out, so worrying is useless. Thus why the quote was so cool. and it reminds me of my mom..=) I am a total believer in karma and fate. We all get where we're supposed to go. We all meet people we're supposed to meet and do things we're supposed to do. And I think, this may sound kinda weird, but everytime I get deja vu, I know that I'm in the right place cuz it's obviously already played out for me. fate, yeah? =) K, enough with the philosophy. It's just...awesome. =)

Sunday, January 07, 2007

contest schtuff....

Just remembered I didn't post it..=) I'm pretty excited cuz one of the pages below may be used in a catalogue for the company...=) yay! Anyways...there's my art..did some more last night, well, started some more. Fell asleep before i could finish it...he he...feel much better today (not sleep deprived..ahhh)...no alarm, pj's, leftover pizza...sooo needed a day at home. Only now am i realizing how many callouses I really have on my hands from drawing (we're talking on my palm, right by the bendy parts of my fingers) yuck..Gotta figure out my lil tripod and take some pics of the new tatoo..=) Trying desperatley not to buy vintage, monthly scrapbook kits (cool stuff that gets delivered to your door all coordinated each month)...I was telling myself, it's almost my brithday, why not? but I exercised some self control..lol...=) I will get a box of stuff soon, anyways...he he...yay! Also, watched "Lady in the Water", well..fell asleep, but saw parts of it...have to say, I am so annoyed with M.Night Shyamalan's shameless name-pushing. And the fact that he's always in the movies he makes, in some way. I mean, his movies aren't that great...but most people have heard of him. Argh. Name-pushing. ha ha...the movie wasn't that good. Maybe that's why i'm annoyed...cuz i did like "The Village". hmm.

Also, I was reminded of "I Miss You", by Incubus...remembered that it is probably my most fave song ever, simply for the lyrics "..to see you when I wake up is a gift I didn't think could be real..to know that you feel the same as I do is a three-fold utopian dream.."..yummy. Love it. How can one ever pick a fave song? I mean, I have many.."Crash" DMB, "How" Lisa Loeb, "This Ruined Puzzle" Dashboard, "Two Steps Behind" Def Lepp...it's impossible...=) off topic. Anyways; enough procrastinating for me..off to backgrounds, I am..and to enjoy my last few lazy hours before the week of craziness begins..=) happy night! hope ya like my pages...=)

Thiiis...is an altered tin I did...that I've been dying to do since I was in Mexico and collected all these seashells and the sand. =) in the middle is a little book with pictures about my favorite things from Mexico....


I can't even explain how nice of a break it is to not have to clean up anymore drawings. =) Sooooo, sooo cool. I was up for almost 2 days straight without so much as an hour-long nap just drawing constantly...it physically hurt to hold a pencil, every muscle in my back still aches like crazy, I can't take a bath yet cuz of the tatoo (which is almost all healed up, by the way), and even my joints hurt from drawing...but I am so happy! Big sigh of relief. Clean up was horrible, physically...but I'm pretty happy with how my drawings turned out, so it was all worth it....=) Plus, my clean-up got better and faster, and I got all 19 scenes done (well, mooost of them as planned). Anyways, special thanks to kelly for helping, and Sreejit and Jenn, too. =) Awesomes. Thanks guys! So, about a week and a half to do all the rest of the film stuff and it's done! wow...hard to believe! So tonight i took a well-needed snooze on the couch while watching movies and eating pizza and making some scrapbook art....(psst..i'm thinking of entering another contest..he he) and I'm patiently waiting to get my Fancy Pants paper and stuff in the mail!! yay! So excited to start working with their stuff! =) Happy nights!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy 2007!

Doesn't it feel like it was just 2000? Yikes! Anyways...I'm kind of happy to be starting a new year; last year was kind of a lot of changes, settling...big moves. Big changes. Sometimes, big disappointments....I feel like I learned a lot all in the last few months of last year, even...moving, paying bills, seeing all of the things that relationship, rose-colored glasses covered up...that stuff you can never see until you're looking back on it, but stuff that reassures you that it was the right choice even though you didn't think so at the time....ya know? I found out who was really supporting me, who wanted nothing to do with me, and who would always be there...=)

This year, I actually feel like I'm in the right place now...Starting fresh...Like, I'm finally gonna get a real job soon (no more retail!)...my film will be done soon....I get a new place...I'm on a design team....I am lovin being single....I just got the cutest lil tatoo...I can walk by the ocean every morning...I can do whatever the hell I want! I may even get to sleep in, for once...ahhh...so happy with where I am....=) so happy with what I know, now. And that I know what I want. And that it's all fallin into place...=) Good start to the year, already...he he....Feel like I should be making some resolutions, but who actually follows those, anyways? I think they're kind of just depressing, cuz you'll just look at em at the end of this year and be like..wow, I didn't do half of that stuff...lol...and I always overestimate what I can actually get done, so no good can come of resolutions...

Anyways, didn't have too much of a late night...we all went for dinner at the Keg, pretty awesome chocolate martinis there, and then we met some friends after to ring in the new year...got drunk fast, cuz we had to catch up to everyone...and went home and passed out...=) And now, i'm off for what will probably be the busiest week of my life....ha ha...seriously, I really don't want to go home, a) cuz I'll miss everybody here, and b) cuz I feel like I won't get to sleep until next Friday, I have that much work to do...I wish I could put that off for a lot longer. My drawings have to be all finished by Friday at 5 o'clock. May not blog til then, so happy new year everyone! Hope your prospects are happy...=)