Monday, January 08, 2007

my worst nightmare.... to live in a brand new beige house with a husband who win's the dough while I'm stuck at home watching some kids all day long.

Serious. Does that make me weird? Cuz I know I have friends who would love to have that. I have friends who are on the way to being that. Not that there's anything wrong with it...everyone has their idea of happiness. But I would be much happier living in a yellow cardboard box with a glue stick and my rocket-dog skull shoes. Hmm. Or a part of one of those awesome heritage houses downtown here, full of cool antiques and artsy stuff and no beige walls in sight. =) Yes.

By the way, painting my film makes my mind wander, if you haven't forget to blink, too. But I have listened to a lot of old cds, which makes me happy. Bands like Neve, Oleander, Greenwheel. The Verve Pipe.


Starlight said...

Hej girly,
I've seen your work at 2p's once and I must tell I lifted one of your LOS!
I couldn't resist it,It was really cool,and now after mounths I fond your blog,so I would like to know if...Can I link you?
Wow and your working is geting better and better,really cool stuff!
Plus your little cute skull tatoo rocks!
And forgive my bad english ok?LOL
have a great day,hugs

Mom said...

Sounds like a better day - than last week!!! Your almost done - cannot wait to see it!!
Enjoy the week.