Tuesday, January 09, 2007

3D animation hits a new low...

...did you hear that Justin Timberlake will be one of the voices in Shrek?

Oy. oy. I have nothing to say. Maybe, I could see it if his voice was somewhat appealing. But he sounds like a 10 year old boy who thinks he's Michael jackson. I from here on out boycott Shrek 3.

What else? hmm...just doin some backgrounds...this week is gonna turn out to be busier than last week, so it seems...but I'll manage...however, my first birthday here alone *sniff* will be spent at school..lol..thank god there will be partying after deadlines next week to make up for that.....at this point, I am lovin my lil film, but am soo looking forward to it being done..=) Not looking forward to learning yet another computer program, though...I am still struggling harsh with photoshop...god help me with aftereffects....lol..on the flip side...I just got a giant paycheck that I think does not belong to me in my bank account...we're talking triple digits here...it's more money than I've seen in a long time, being a student...gonna have to look into that....and there is chocolate waiting for me at work to pick up and eat..yum! and I get a well-needed Chiro appointment this weekend...and I'm getting a lil bit of mail this week (?); Fancy Pants stuff, things from mom and mandy..he he...you guys spoil me...=) And mail never fails to make me happy...=) he he....yay! Back to cutting up my paper..contemplating that other scrapbook contest, too. Hmm...how much can I handle?? Do I have time to make another page? lol...it seems I'm always making myself do too much, but I love it...happy night!! I'm gonna put on some "Life As we know it"...a totally awesome show that was cancelled, that I watch all the time..while I work, of course. =)

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Mom said...

You may have gotten your bonus from Purdys after all!!! Check and if so - put that money aside for moving in April-May!! That would work perfectly. Will keep my fingers crossed that it belongs to you!! hee hee
Love ya