Saturday, December 30, 2006

My fifth installment....

Yay! and there it cute lil's right on my side, kind of just below where my bra sits on my ribs....about 3 inches big, I'd's still a little red and just starting to heal up in the pic. I drew the tatoo myself, and the tatoo dude did the shading...which will get a little lighter, I've been told. =) More pictures will be up when it's lookin more awesome. Wanted to post before I started drawing for the day.....I'm dying to scrapbook, especially cuz I went paper shopping and have tons of new stuff I'm dying to use, and I just found a bunch of old kid pictures of me that I really want to work on this year....but I have to wait a while til after my drawing deadline on's torturous, though..I have so many ideas.....=) anyways...back to it! Will be drawing and watching UFC all night....he he....

Friday, December 29, 2006

(sigh) holidays....

...are coming to an end!! *sniff*

So sad! I'm not ready to go back to Van, there's way to much to do!! I would love to just put it off forever! he he..the first pic is me and my lil sis at the ballet, drinking yummy rum and eggnog's. The next is my lil nephew, snuggled in my billion blankets. Picture kinda sucks, but he is so fast it's the only one I got that's not a blur!! He is sooo cute!! So cute. Cutest kid ever. Exactly like my sis.

Also, tatoo day was today! I have to say, Lisa I'm caught up to you!!! Five. Oh, yeah. he he...And Mandy assured me that I am weird, and that they do hurt. I mean, don't get me wrong, they sting and all that. But it's doable. It's like, my mind just thinks, "Ok, that kinda sucks. But what can ya do?" So I just sit there nicely and laugh during conversation while my ribs are being torn into with a needle machine. heh heh. I love the tatoo, though. And I was happy to hear that the tatoo artist was actually impressed that I could draw. He said that it's about the only job where the customer is rarely ever right, because most people think they bring in awesome drawings that an educated artist would look at and say, "what is that crap?". He also said that, because of that, it's one of the only jobs where the customer is always wrong. Hmmm...if animating doesn't work out.....he he..anyways, I wasn't about to whip out my camera in the shop due to the scary receptionist, so we'll take pictures on New Years. fun Mandy!!! yay! friends for 10 years! we had to acknowledge that somehow. =) That is the longest i've known someone who's not related to me..=) Love you, grrl!

Errmm what else? I would be drawing but I'm all bandaged up so that it's impossible to bend my torso right now. Fancy Pants Designs team (that I am on now...yay!)was announced and we get our boxes of paper stuff soon, yay! Look forward to getting to know everybody I get to work with there. I'll post the website with our bio's when it's up. I had fun writing mine. he's so random and silly. I mean, how would you explain yourself in a paragraph? It's hard! So why not put some funny random stuff and get the real you out there. ya know? Okay. No more typing for me. =) Happy night!

Thursday, December 28, 2006


Go see "Night at the Museum" right now. now . seriously. awesome. =) Saw it at the Imax with my grrls....have to say; I'm not sure if I will sleep tonight, cuz tommorrow is tatoo day and I am soooo excited, I just bought Spongebobs' first season and a few good movies, and, well, I have to draw. Oh, and I am addicted to Gingerbread Lattes. And boys with mohawks are hot. And today I realized that I have not ever dated anyone who's liked the same type of music as me. Wassup with that?? Music is so important to really makes no sense. Also realized that a guy who won't even go to the zoo with me is not what I really want in the long run, anyways. Holy realizations, Batman. Also, when I tried to explain that tatoos don't hurt, my first response was this; "it doesn't hurt, it just feels like burning." Now that is kinda freakin me out. Because, really, when I got my first tatoo on my hip, this guy who worked in the shop walked by and was like, 'I have never seen someone smiling while they got a tatoo there.' Hmm. anyways...hopefully pictures will be had at the tatoo shop. So maybe you'll get to see it tommorrow!! =) happy night!

guess what?

I won! I won!

I am now designing for a scrapbook company! All my hard scrapbooking work a few weeks ago paid off, and I won a spot in that contest! =) yay! So now I get to make stuff every month, inspire other people, use some awesome stuff from Fancy Pants Designs. Hopefully they'll have a list of us (I think there were 6 or 8 that got picked) up on their website, soon...which i'll post...and I'll post my pages when I get home in jan. =) yay!! I don't think I've ever won anything before, so I was sooo happy esterday when I heard the news! So happy!

Oh!...also happy about scrapbook shopping with my mum today...that's half the fun of it! Also, I'm still on a quest for some cheap Spongebob boxed spongebob! Happy day, guys!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

pssst...santa was here!

Merry Christmas!! and, well..Merry boxing day, for me! (Boxing day is like my Christmas - I totally love the gift of shopping..he he) Thanks everybody for spoiling me! And I hope everyone had an awesome holiday...goes by so fast, doesn't it?? Anyways...I've had a great week here in Calgary....hangin with my friends and family, taking naps, shopping, watching movies, eating a ton of my mom's awesome food...giggling at my cute little nephew....and drawing here and there in between...=) It is hard to be motivated to draw, though...and I have a light table, but it is so hard to get used to cleaning up my drawings on, because I have to spin the whole table, hold it in my lap, move the overhead light around so I can see what I'm it's kinda slow-goin, but time is running out so I have to do it...he he....but yes, I am relaxing. =) So nice...!! Sooo....Still tons of plans for this week (more shopping, movies, tatoos!! and new years parties) and drawing....oh! and that scrapbook contest (the stuff I forgot to post before I left town..will put pictures up when I get home) is being announced soon; still don't know who won...not getting my hopes up, though, cuz I feel like I could've done better...and lotsa talented ladies entered....=) was fun, though...anyways, have a good rest-of-the-holiday!!

*Oh! I forgot to mention that I bought the cutest shoes with lil skulls on em. Yes, shoes. I'm a lil obsessed. All I need is a purse now...he he...and my cool lil sister got me the Corpse bride book I was dying for! awesome...and I managed to get a belt and a watch that actually fit me (usually, I end up being the non-existent hole between two existing holes on a belt or a watch, therefore they are always a tinch too tight or a lil bit too loose)...annnd pants that are the perfect length, even though I couldn't try them on! Yay! And oh, the rock tee-shirts. The rock t-shirts. =) Happy shopping day! And the video, below, is Crash Romeo. One of my current faves! They finally have a video up! =) happy night!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

cow walk (sc.4)

yay! animations! finally..he he....this is my cow; still rough animation at this stage, though it isn't anymore...I don't want to spoil the colors and stuff yet (and, well, the colors aren't all that worked out)..anyways, I'm busy packing, cleaning, doin laundry and doing backgrounds I'll probably post that contest stuff I did later..=) happy night!

Friday, December 15, 2006

argh....I'm grumpy about the wind now...stupid wind. anyways, my power went out right after I blogged last night....and has been out ever since....hoping it'll come back on so I can have a shower and dry my hair and stuff at lunch...argh. Saw an uprooted tree on my way here like a building away from my apartment with no hole where it came from in, a big tree. scary. anyways.power's all good here, so I gotsta animate. =)

holy wind......'s like 3 in the morning here...I just walked home after finishing some scenes so I could actually get some sleep, but there is some mad wind, scary wind...and the whistling sound from everyone on my floors' balcony doors sounds like there's a tornado in the loud...and the doors are rattling and banging on top of that....and I felt like a puppet on the way home..because the wind literally was pushing me a foot from where I was everytime I took a then, I get up to my building's door, happy and thankful that some giant tree branch didn't fly off and take me out thus far, when this giant gust of wind comes along, and it was so strong that I couldn't even reach my hand out to put the key in the door, it took me a good minute to staggeringly force it there....not to mention that when I finally got it in, the door swung me around so hard that I had to hold on for fear of blowing away, and felt like I was like those old movies where people are holding onto light posts trying not to fly away with their bodies completely horizontal in the air..ya know?...that description was pretty bad....and then, I had to attempt to close the door....which looked pretty funny cuz it took a few tries with all my body weight against it...but anyways, I had a good laugh at the no-control I had over walking, so now I am wide awake..and freaked out, cuz it feels like my door will literally burst open at any second and suck all of my living room contents out into the air. Really..I'm not exaggerating!! so scary....hope it stops soon...!! that is my wind story...=)

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

the saga continues... feels like the billionth day I've been looking at cow. Which is not a good thing. And I realized I counted wrong and I really have 11 scenes left to clean up, and I feel like I should be a lot more stressed than I am, but I'm not...which is kinda good...he he...anyways, slow goins on clean-up...but still making progress...and I'm getting a lil bit of help tommorrow night....which is awesome..=) And I realize now that I will be drawing every free minute of my vacation...and right up til thwe deadline...but it's okay....I can deal with that....cuz there's gonna be lotsa fun stuff to balance it out!! tatoos and parties...and family..and turkey dinner...and, yay!! we got to see everyone's work-in-progress film today and that was so cool...and I can't believe I'm the only one at school working right now....but's quiet....=) he he...makes me wanna go home and chill out in some J's and watch some trashy mtv dating shows...he he....gonna have to take a J-day this weekend to just relax (well, inbetween work) excited for that!! and for actually maybe not having to wake up to an alarm clock for once...or having to clean and get groceries....and all that stuff ya take for granted before you have to do it every to cow I go. =) will post contest stuff soon, and some animation....=) yay!! happy nights....

Sunday, December 10, 2006


....what a crazy weekend!! was nutty, but every customer was nice and the days flew by...and I'm about half done my contest entry....guess who won't be sleeping tonight?? he he...and then film, film, film, but that's nothin new...gotta catch up on e-mails...and clean; I have scrapbook scraps and ink and spray paint and everything all over every part of my lil apartment...I'm going home in a week!! who-ho!! can't believe that it's comin up so soon..already so many plans for when i go back home...yay!! girls' nights and new years and bowling and birthdays and drinks...lotsa drinks...feel like i could do for a few to get me through this week..he he...errmm....Oh! I am in loove with the new journal I bought yesterday (a brand new Indigo opened in my mall..finally!!) I've been dying for one for a few weeks now...still soo excited to get tatoos...specially with my best grrl..=) that's all that's random weekend blurb; the biggest annoyance working in a chocolate store is when people (especially free-loading 14 year old boys) ask for first instinct is to always say no, whether or not we actually have em. Cuz it's annoying. So don't do it. he he...Oh! and the song below is from Laguna Beach...which is ending on Wednesday!! =( so sad I may just have to take the song off my blog. *sniff..also sad that i won't be home to watch it...but there's always the weekend...=) he to go chop up some paper and make it pretty..=) happy night!


Friday, December 08, 2006

I feel like...

...a blog slacker....well, slacker is not the right word...too busy to blog is more like it..he he...happy to say that today I am half done my clean-up animation; I have 8 of 19 scenes done...cept I left all the big crazy ones for last...oy..but we still have a month til scanner cut-off...and I may have some I'm not feelin stressed..=) though I am feelin kinda under the throat has been hurting for a few days even though I am trying everything to not get sick; echinacea, tea with honey all day, soup, drinking lotsa water, vitamin c, more name still hurts....(sigh)...gonna keep trying to ward it off cuz next week won't be fun with a cold...=( errm...I think that's about all that's, film, film. Gonna burn a back-up cd soon, so I'll post some animation if youtube lets me this time...=) I have to take an impromptu (he he) break to enter that scrapbook design team contest this weekend...I started stuff the other day and am having so much fun with their products..!! so inbetween working both days this weekend, I also have to do those 4 pages and an altered project...on top of the usual cleaning, etc. And I can't wait til January...cuz I'm sick of declining people when they want to hang out with me cuz I physically have no spare time...argh...I guess it is my own fault, though...he he....only about 2 weeks til Christmas!! yay!! =) happy night everybody...

Sunday, December 03, 2006 usual, random stuff...

...there is this awesome build-your-own Mr. Potato head calender that I had to tear myself away from Mr. Potato head...=) my film schedule is so messy right now that it's unreadable, anyways, and really not helping...I still have yet to work on the contest entry....oh! but I started it, and realized that the spray paint was why I had that wicked headache yesterday....spray paint + scrapbooking = fun, though...I could've sworn that the paint was coffee scented, though...odd....he he....still sooo excited about tatoo day!! Except I just remembered the joy of trying to not get them wet for a week after you get em while showering, which will definately be hard...he he...and I miss Spongebob. I am spongebob deprived. Actually, I miss cartoon channels in general. =( anyways, off to draw some cows!! well, not really..just the same cow over and over again.....=) happy day!

Saturday, December 02, 2006 was busy...I had 2 giant sales, though, so that was pretty cool....drunk drag-queen-without-the-dress in the elevator on my way home...entertaining, but...sometimes I am just reassured that I'm not as open-minded as I thought....ermm..what else? I feel like my head's been cracked open, it's hurting so much...I managed to find jeans that actually fit me today...someone told me I look like Katie Holmes..he he....which is pretty silly...annnd...that about sums it up! Oh! Mandy booked my tatoo's official....Dec. 29th..who-ho!! dude, it's gonna hurt on my ribs..but I am sooooo happy about finally getting another one that i probably won't notice anyways! =) thanks Mandy!! =) can't wait..happy night!! I'm off to animate....=)

Friday, December 01, 2006


It's the weekend!! well, for those of you who get a weekend...I sort of do..I mean, work at Purdy's is kind of my's all good, though..=) I'm staying on my own film schedule right now, so I'm happy bout that...just have to be there all weekend...but I'm almost half done clean-up!! and have a few scenes painted...yay! And today is photoshop day...which I have never touched before...should be fun...=) Gotta slap together some portfolio stuff...and Mandy, I'll scan that picture for you and e-mail it hopefully today!! (I just got your message this morning..I'll call ya when I'm home Sat. after work) errm...other than that, it's all good...there was a fire alarm in my building at about 12:30 am....which was cool, cuz I was awake anyways...just walked around outside for a bit...saw a raccoon...well, almost ran into the raccoon...pretty cute guys, but hefty...he he..oh! Mom! I got your messages..=) anyways...that's all for me..nothin new...2 weeks til my film should be clean!! ahhh!!! =)