Tuesday, December 26, 2006

pssst...santa was here!

Merry Christmas!! and, well..Merry boxing day, for me! (Boxing day is like my Christmas - I totally love the gift of shopping..he he) Thanks everybody for spoiling me! And I hope everyone had an awesome holiday...goes by so fast, doesn't it?? Anyways...I've had a great week here in Calgary....hangin with my friends and family, taking naps, shopping, watching movies, eating a ton of my mom's awesome food...giggling at my cute little nephew....and drawing here and there in between...=) It is hard to be motivated to draw, though...and I have a light table, but it is so hard to get used to cleaning up my drawings on, because I have to spin the whole table, hold it in my lap, move the overhead light around so I can see what I'm doing..so it's kinda slow-goin, but time is running out so I have to do it...he he....but yes, I am relaxing. =) So nice...!! Sooo....Still tons of plans for this week (more shopping, movies, tatoos!! and new years parties) and drawing....oh! and that scrapbook contest (the stuff I forgot to post before I left town..will put pictures up when I get home) is being announced soon; still don't know who won...not getting my hopes up, though, cuz I feel like I could've done better...and lotsa talented ladies entered....=) was fun, though...anyways, have a good rest-of-the-holiday!!

*Oh! I forgot to mention that I bought the cutest shoes with lil skulls on em. Yes, shoes. I'm a lil obsessed. All I need is a purse now...he he...and my cool lil sister got me the Corpse bride book I was dying for! awesome...and I managed to get a belt and a watch that actually fit me (usually, I end up being the non-existent hole between two existing holes on a belt or a watch, therefore they are always a tinch too tight or a lil bit too loose)...annnd pants that are the perfect length, even though I couldn't try them on! Yay! And oh, the rock tee-shirts. The rock t-shirts. =) Happy shopping day! And the video, below, is Crash Romeo. One of my current faves! They finally have a video up! =) happy night!

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Stop thinking.Start Drawing said...

aaaaaaahhh...at home in Calgary, I had a hunch that u've might've taken off for home...who'd wanna spend the holidays CLEANIN UP eh ?
I know it requires an iron will to churn out one drawing after another during the holiday season, n though slow, any progress is commendable.
See you when you get back on track n in school...n have a Great New YEARs after the Sweet christmas you had.

n thats right..i got a blog too, although its in its beta version...ha..i love sayin that. will be tweakin it in a bit.