Friday, December 15, 2006

holy wind......'s like 3 in the morning here...I just walked home after finishing some scenes so I could actually get some sleep, but there is some mad wind, scary wind...and the whistling sound from everyone on my floors' balcony doors sounds like there's a tornado in the loud...and the doors are rattling and banging on top of that....and I felt like a puppet on the way home..because the wind literally was pushing me a foot from where I was everytime I took a then, I get up to my building's door, happy and thankful that some giant tree branch didn't fly off and take me out thus far, when this giant gust of wind comes along, and it was so strong that I couldn't even reach my hand out to put the key in the door, it took me a good minute to staggeringly force it there....not to mention that when I finally got it in, the door swung me around so hard that I had to hold on for fear of blowing away, and felt like I was like those old movies where people are holding onto light posts trying not to fly away with their bodies completely horizontal in the air..ya know?...that description was pretty bad....and then, I had to attempt to close the door....which looked pretty funny cuz it took a few tries with all my body weight against it...but anyways, I had a good laugh at the no-control I had over walking, so now I am wide awake..and freaked out, cuz it feels like my door will literally burst open at any second and suck all of my living room contents out into the air. Really..I'm not exaggerating!! so scary....hope it stops soon...!! that is my wind story...=)


Mandy said...

I have never laughted so hard at your it made me smile...not the fact that you could have got hurt but the way you told have had a hell of a week at work and to tell you the truth I have thought of I'm in a bad mood...till I read I can smile....I seen your grandma today....I didn't really talk to her I was way too busy...but I said "HI" god I have the weekend off or I would have really Jennifer is on her way here then we are going to the zoo lights....I hope it isn't too cold...anyways gtg talk and see you soon (3 more sleeps till you come home)=)

Michelle said...

he too!! really lookin forward to girls class went out to a pub fun..much needed...=) can't wait to see ya!!