Friday, December 29, 2006

(sigh) holidays....

...are coming to an end!! *sniff*

So sad! I'm not ready to go back to Van, there's way to much to do!! I would love to just put it off forever! he he..the first pic is me and my lil sis at the ballet, drinking yummy rum and eggnog's. The next is my lil nephew, snuggled in my billion blankets. Picture kinda sucks, but he is so fast it's the only one I got that's not a blur!! He is sooo cute!! So cute. Cutest kid ever. Exactly like my sis.

Also, tatoo day was today! I have to say, Lisa I'm caught up to you!!! Five. Oh, yeah. he he...And Mandy assured me that I am weird, and that they do hurt. I mean, don't get me wrong, they sting and all that. But it's doable. It's like, my mind just thinks, "Ok, that kinda sucks. But what can ya do?" So I just sit there nicely and laugh during conversation while my ribs are being torn into with a needle machine. heh heh. I love the tatoo, though. And I was happy to hear that the tatoo artist was actually impressed that I could draw. He said that it's about the only job where the customer is rarely ever right, because most people think they bring in awesome drawings that an educated artist would look at and say, "what is that crap?". He also said that, because of that, it's one of the only jobs where the customer is always wrong. Hmmm...if animating doesn't work out.....he he..anyways, I wasn't about to whip out my camera in the shop due to the scary receptionist, so we'll take pictures on New Years. fun Mandy!!! yay! friends for 10 years! we had to acknowledge that somehow. =) That is the longest i've known someone who's not related to me..=) Love you, grrl!

Errmm what else? I would be drawing but I'm all bandaged up so that it's impossible to bend my torso right now. Fancy Pants Designs team (that I am on now...yay!)was announced and we get our boxes of paper stuff soon, yay! Look forward to getting to know everybody I get to work with there. I'll post the website with our bio's when it's up. I had fun writing mine. he's so random and silly. I mean, how would you explain yourself in a paragraph? It's hard! So why not put some funny random stuff and get the real you out there. ya know? Okay. No more typing for me. =) Happy night!


shirls said...

hi michelle. congrats on getting on the fp dt! i can't wait for the package to get here too but then i prob have a longer wait being in australia and all.

tatoo. i want one but too chicken to get one...sigh!

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to our box of goodies too! And seeing us on the FP site. :-)

Looking forward to being on the team with you!

Michelle said...

hi Shirley! I have to wait a lil longer cuz I'm in Canada, but not as long as you!! =( It'll just be that much more fun to open after all the anticipation! =)