Thursday, December 28, 2006


Go see "Night at the Museum" right now. now . seriously. awesome. =) Saw it at the Imax with my grrls....have to say; I'm not sure if I will sleep tonight, cuz tommorrow is tatoo day and I am soooo excited, I just bought Spongebobs' first season and a few good movies, and, well, I have to draw. Oh, and I am addicted to Gingerbread Lattes. And boys with mohawks are hot. And today I realized that I have not ever dated anyone who's liked the same type of music as me. Wassup with that?? Music is so important to really makes no sense. Also realized that a guy who won't even go to the zoo with me is not what I really want in the long run, anyways. Holy realizations, Batman. Also, when I tried to explain that tatoos don't hurt, my first response was this; "it doesn't hurt, it just feels like burning." Now that is kinda freakin me out. Because, really, when I got my first tatoo on my hip, this guy who worked in the shop walked by and was like, 'I have never seen someone smiling while they got a tatoo there.' Hmm. anyways...hopefully pictures will be had at the tatoo shop. So maybe you'll get to see it tommorrow!! =) happy night!

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