Sunday, December 10, 2006


....what a crazy weekend!! was nutty, but every customer was nice and the days flew by...and I'm about half done my contest entry....guess who won't be sleeping tonight?? he he...and then film, film, film, but that's nothin new...gotta catch up on e-mails...and clean; I have scrapbook scraps and ink and spray paint and everything all over every part of my lil apartment...I'm going home in a week!! who-ho!! can't believe that it's comin up so soon..already so many plans for when i go back home...yay!! girls' nights and new years and bowling and birthdays and drinks...lotsa drinks...feel like i could do for a few to get me through this week..he he...errmm....Oh! I am in loove with the new journal I bought yesterday (a brand new Indigo opened in my mall..finally!!) I've been dying for one for a few weeks now...still soo excited to get tatoos...specially with my best grrl..=) that's all that's random weekend blurb; the biggest annoyance working in a chocolate store is when people (especially free-loading 14 year old boys) ask for first instinct is to always say no, whether or not we actually have em. Cuz it's annoying. So don't do it. he he...Oh! and the song below is from Laguna Beach...which is ending on Wednesday!! =( so sad I may just have to take the song off my blog. *sniff..also sad that i won't be home to watch it...but there's always the weekend...=) he to go chop up some paper and make it pretty..=) happy night!


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Mom said...

Hope you survived your all nighter and got lots done. Have a great productive day at school!!! Can't wait to see some of your film when your home.