Friday, January 19, 2007

can I just say.....

A big giant AAAAhhhh......

that is, a big giant sigh of relief...that film is over!!!
Ahhhh. It feels so awesome to be done 5 months of work. 5 months of fun, hard, mind-blogglingly difficult, exciting work is done. feels sooo good. And even better, today was a day off. My first day off in a looong time. Well, I know we just had a break, but I feel like it's been my first day off in a long time!

I should say a big thank you to my whole class for helping me finish on Wednesday by 5...I was the last one to finish that day....everyone was helping out...I was so frazzled that I couldn't tell what was to be done and what was done and what was still needing to be thanks to my class and Jim (my digital ink and paint teacher) for being so awesome!!! We all went out to grab a drink and celebrate on Thursday night w/Jim at Moxies...many drinks were had, and when it was time to go, nobody really wanted to stop drinking so we all hung out at my lil apartment....and, well...big surprise, drank and watched some cartoons. he he...oh, animators. It was a cool night, nontheless...but we all had to get up to do a photo-shoot for the grad booklet this morning and be there by 10 am. I was feeling totally fine, cuz I drank lots but wasn't even tipsy....that is, until the photographers made us bend upside down and sideways and contort around an animation desk for the picture...i was totally cool, but that bending sideways and looking up and trying to stay like that for a few minutes really took it's toll on my head. lol...but the pics turned out awesome...=) so it's all good. Sooo..the headache and I got to go home early...and I was going to scrapbook or do something productive, but i had to clean this pigsty (cuz really, there were scary dishes and things seeing as I hadn't been home in a loooong time, and the night I had been home after deadline, I fell asleep right away for 13 hours and then it was just right back to school..and then last night everynody was here) I cleaned some, took a nap (that was going to be an hour but turned into 5 hours...must still be catching up on my sleep) and am still cleaning..but relaxing inbetween...he he....=) Relaxing feels soo awesome. Feels so good to be done!!

In other news...I won another design spot on a different team!! yay!! ScrapMuse had a design team call that I entered last weekend, and I just found out yesterday that I was one of the 4 picked to be on the team!! yay!! So for this one, they send me one of their scrapbook kits every month and I make 4 projects and an article for their online newsletter. =) I am soo excited!! Their online community is awesome, too. yay! Scrapbook friends!

Sooo...that's all that's new; sleeping (finally), I start Flash this weekend...which means we have class all weekend from 9 to 4...and then class is at night during the week, but I still have an assignment to finish, a portfolio to put together, and now I have 2 scrapbook teams to work for (yay!) so i'm still as busy as ever. =) Oh! And thanks to everyone for calling and e-mailing on my birthday!! Much appreciated during that busy time!! =) I have tons of e-mails and stuff to get back to so you will probably hear from me this weekend...=) My birthday was pretty okay, considering it was spent at school and I didn't sleep at all.....I got a bottle of wine, and Andrew brought ice cream cake to school that we ate for the next few days...he he...=) So thanks everybody!!

Happy night!!


Nat said...

Congratulations!!!! Can't wait to work with you on the team!

Mom said...

Glad you had a good day and enjoyed a well deserved day off!!! Animators watching cartoons - whats that about - hee hee. Hope you enjoyed your class today - you will have to tell us all about it.
Damian loved the chair you gave him for his birthday - although, I think Jonah was more in love with it. We all missed you!!
Talk to you soon.