Sunday, January 14, 2007

it's my berfday!

...happy berfday tooo me..=)

he he...well, happy? naw, just's not so bad.....just busy with film....I would really love to stay at home, sleep in, and just chill out...but what can ya do? seems Canada post decided to send that package I was gonna pick up today to the post office that's 10 blocks away (where I just so happened to be yesterday..argh) instead of the one that's half a block behind my apartment building...soooo...maybe I should go at lunch tommorrow...get some fresh air....It woulda been cool if noticed this yesterday, when I was close to there...or before I waited in line for it. (sigh)...=) but it's all good...had some good phone convo's this morning while I was frantically piecing together my last background.....=) But to work I go!! Wish me luck! I have to paint the rest of my animation and finish all of my backgrounds by tommorrow morning...the first all-nighter of, hopefully, only 2 all-nighters this week...ahhh!! he he...thanks for all the birthday wishes!!


Mom said...

You will have a great day!! We all miss you and hope you get lots and lots and looootttttssssss done!!
Wayne - Brody - Mommy

Opa bear said...

Have a very happy birfday we are thinking of you had your brother over for a sleepover and pannekoek.Hope you had a great day GM and GP.
Love you,

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday to you!!!
Hope you had an awesome day and got spoiled rotten!
PS: did you get my ecard?

Mom said...

Heh Girlie - girl!!! How are you surviving. Have not heard from you and know your busy with your deadlines!! We will talk to you tonight.