Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy 2007!

Doesn't it feel like it was just 2000? Yikes! Anyways...I'm kind of happy to be starting a new year; last year was kind of a lot of changes, settling...big moves. Big changes. Sometimes, big disappointments....I feel like I learned a lot all in the last few months of last year, even...moving, paying bills, seeing all of the things that relationship, rose-colored glasses covered up...that stuff you can never see until you're looking back on it, but stuff that reassures you that it was the right choice even though you didn't think so at the time....ya know? I found out who was really supporting me, who wanted nothing to do with me, and who would always be there...=)

This year, I actually feel like I'm in the right place now...Starting fresh...Like, I'm finally gonna get a real job soon (no more retail!) film will be done soon....I get a new place...I'm on a design team....I am lovin being single....I just got the cutest lil tatoo...I can walk by the ocean every morning...I can do whatever the hell I want! I may even get to sleep in, for happy with where I am....=) so happy with what I know, now. And that I know what I want. And that it's all fallin into place...=) Good start to the year, already...he he....Feel like I should be making some resolutions, but who actually follows those, anyways? I think they're kind of just depressing, cuz you'll just look at em at the end of this year and be, I didn't do half of that I always overestimate what I can actually get done, so no good can come of resolutions...

Anyways, didn't have too much of a late night...we all went for dinner at the Keg, pretty awesome chocolate martinis there, and then we met some friends after to ring in the new drunk fast, cuz we had to catch up to everyone...and went home and passed out...=) And now, i'm off for what will probably be the busiest week of my life....ha ha...seriously, I really don't want to go home, a) cuz I'll miss everybody here, and b) cuz I feel like I won't get to sleep until next Friday, I have that much work to do...I wish I could put that off for a lot longer. My drawings have to be all finished by Friday at 5 o'clock. May not blog til then, so happy new year everyone! Hope your prospects are happy...=)

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Mom said...

You'll survive the week Girlie!!! Can't wait to see the finished product. Your little man did good leaving the airport, we know he will start to miss you very soon.
We do!!!
Have a great week - remember the end of your project is so close-hee hee!!!