Sunday, January 07, 2007


I can't even explain how nice of a break it is to not have to clean up anymore drawings. =) Sooooo, sooo cool. I was up for almost 2 days straight without so much as an hour-long nap just drawing physically hurt to hold a pencil, every muscle in my back still aches like crazy, I can't take a bath yet cuz of the tatoo (which is almost all healed up, by the way), and even my joints hurt from drawing...but I am so happy! Big sigh of relief. Clean up was horrible, physically...but I'm pretty happy with how my drawings turned out, so it was all worth it....=) Plus, my clean-up got better and faster, and I got all 19 scenes done (well, mooost of them as planned). Anyways, special thanks to kelly for helping, and Sreejit and Jenn, too. =) Awesomes. Thanks guys! So, about a week and a half to do all the rest of the film stuff and it's done! wow...hard to believe! So tonight i took a well-needed snooze on the couch while watching movies and eating pizza and making some scrapbook art....(psst..i'm thinking of entering another contest..he he) and I'm patiently waiting to get my Fancy Pants paper and stuff in the mail!! yay! So excited to start working with their stuff! =) Happy nights!

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