Monday, January 29, 2007

Fancy Sneaks...

heh heh...I just got an anonymous comment on my blog, that, through the beauty of blogger, I have the power to not publish..(ahh)...that said something about Fancy Pants and old lady pages or really made no sense..Don't read my blog if you say you don't like it! ha ha...Brightened my morning, to say the least...=)
So I'm posting my Fancy Pants Sneak Peeks!! (I just finished them last night!) he here's the new stuff!!

There's three new collections; Floral Chic, Key Lime Pie, and rub-ons, tons of new Big Board Chipboard (big 12 x 12 sheets of chipboard full of big and little shapes, tags, etc.), decks of creative cards (which have 2 usable sides), and tons of cool stamps!! It's all being released at CHA (Craft and Hobby Assoctiation) show this exciting!! check out their new blog for more sneaks...oh!! And our design team photos are up on the website, so check that out, too!! he he...Oh, and I'm ordering pictures soon, so there won't be as much'm gettin kinda sick of having just pics of me around here to scrap...Happy day!! I woke up super later and have to jet it off to school now...yikes!!

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