Saturday, January 27, 2007

Yo Momma...

And this, this is why i should stop watching Mtv:

"Your momma's like a pack of timbits, for $2 I can share her with the rest of my hockey team..."

It's from a show. "Yo Momma". Really. But this one just cracked me up, so I had to share. he he...(sorry to anybody who may be offended). But really, this show is better than this other show they have called "Date my mom". (sigh). Though I am totally looking forward to watching "The Hills" next week. new season!! Drama, drama. It's like the Laguna beach hold-over. Am sounding more valley-girl by the second. Must sleep now.

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Mom said...

Enjoy your day girl - we had company last night so didn't get a chance to call you. Have fun at work and we will call you tonight