Sunday, January 21, 2007


hot. That is what the new James Bond is. (Saw it tonight). Yummy. I never really did like Pierce Brosnan much...a whole lotta less rugged, a lot more high-society snob. At least that's how he seemed. Thus why I have not seen a Bond film until the new, hot Bond came around. And that's just cool with me. =) Anyways, had class all day...(where did my weekend go?? Oh yeah....I was at school the whole time..he he....but that's just part of the routine, now...=) it'll be over soon!! Gotta cherish the busy, craziness of it all while I still can!) Soo..I have to get a film idea and storyboard it out by, well..tommorrow night. It involves a little bit of gore, cuz I want to animate some cartoon blood. lol..and cuz I was influenced by Tim Burton, Edward gorey, and that general, popular-right-now gothic style yesterday when i had to to think of an idea, so they all came out sort of twisted. (sigh). That's all. still waiting for Canada post to get all over my fancy Pants stuff....I am getting soo antsy to see all the new stuff! Specially cuz my design team pages are due soon, too.....ha ha...well, there is nothin like the last minute for me to get stuff done, so no hurry on that one. =) I'm also getting a box from Scrapmuse, I think I mentioned that, but I'm so excited I'll mention it!! So if I'm lucky, this week will be a really cool mail week! Love mail..=) Hmm..that's all. Caught up on my e-mails tonight...(ahh! a scary amount had piled up).

Oh! Mandy - I will call ya this week when i can....tell me when you have a day off! I didn't get home til late tonight (well, late in calgary).

I'm out!! Wish me fast-drawing..! =)


Mom said...

Sounds like a busy day!! Love the scrapmuse website - so much fun!!! Have fun with your ideas!

Cady said...

Happy fast drawing! ;D
I KNOW!!! Daniel Craig is such a yummy Bond...I thought Casino Royale was astounding. I can't wait to see what else he's going to be in.
Just wanted to throw another big congrats to you on yet ANOTHER design team spot, and to finishing your film. You worked so hard on it! Well done!
See you tonight with complete boards! o_O;;;