Friday, July 21, 2006's boiling...!!

Just checked the weather and it said "24 degrees...feels like 30 degrees" well, there is no breeze up here on my 15th floor apt., so it feels like over 40 in here. yuck...I hope there is still a fan left at some nearby store tommorrow, because the forecast says 30 degrees overnight!! ahhh! Usually, it's nice and ocean-breezy up here, but it's just dead air all the way! Don't get me wrong, I am a summer girl, I love hot weather...I just need to be on the sand about 3 ft from water. And, though I live close to a beach, I have no time at all to hang out there cuz I have so much to do and I already procrastinate enough as it frustrating!! maybe by next week i'll be able to hang out at the beach afterschool for at least a little while...I miss having a summer...=( I miss having a weekend! Tommorrow is pretty much like a school day for me...and then work on Sunday...but it's all for a good cause..he he...but sometimes I just feel like I need a stay in PJ's, watch daytime-tv, no-alarm-clock, do-nothing kinda day. =) And I know I will just enjoy summer that much more next year! Anyways, back to homework...the never-ending storyboard. I would like to be able to drink tea to help the cold that I keep trying to ward off, but that would just be...cruel torture.


Your cousin said...

Omigod, you wouldn't believe it.... 40 degrees all weekend!!! Insane!
And a black car, nice combo!
Shoulda bought a fan earlier ,Cuz!

Michelle said...

argh...I know..and I was even at shoppers today, and I had seen fans a few weeks ago, and totally forgot to buy one!!! Poor you, Lisa! I can remember when it was that hot one year i visited in the was like, 42...we had to jump in the water every few minutes...whew...Hope ya can stand it! =)