Saturday, July 22, 2006

ahhh...air conditioning

I am totally tempted to just stay at school...a/ nice and cool in here...When I left my apartment, it was cooler outside this morning..!! I bought a fan though, thank god, but it will still be boiling hot in I'll stay here for as long as I, I did forget to mention that the crazy green makeup picture is from Halloween; a few of us grrls went to Mac and got our make-up done before we hit the town, we were each a different colored Fairy..very fun! anyways, back to work with me..hope everyone's enjoying summer!


Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle,

Anda sent me your web page...well done. Good to hear everything is going well for you - - it's hot here in Calgary too. Are you planning on getting to Penticton this summer?

Take care, and we are thinking of you.

Love, Uncle Dan

Michelle said...

Hello uncle dan and family!! thanks..=) I tried to e-mail this to kelsie, but I must've had an old e-mail address! I really don't get much of a summer this summer, so I don't get to go to penticton..=( It'll be my first summer not lying on a beach! I get a week off in a little bit, so hopefully it'll be nice in Calgary when I go back for those few days...but school is straight on til February...anyways, I hope you guys are all enjoying summer and that it's all good! =)

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle,

Kelsie's email is

good to hear from you, and too bad about your busy summer. The beach won't go will always be there next year. Best wishes on your course!