Thursday, July 20, 2006

Art journal!

Sooo...I haven't been able to stop scrapbooking's impossible! So I started an art journal a few weeks ago...the cover (the page that say "art" a billion times) was inspired by a page done by Elsie Flannigan, who is a totally cool scrapbook artist. My art journal is pretty much that; a journal that I can dye, mess-up, paint over, etc. Just a place get out all of the creative mess in my head if I need to. i only have a few pages done as of yet, it's an ongoing thing. (I do, however, have a few more pages for this started, but not done, which, if ya know me, is the story of my life; too many ideas, I start a billion things and find it hard to finish anything completely because I am constantly starting more new things. It's a vicious creative cycle.=) This is what I got finished so far. geesh, I guess I should get some animation stuff up sometime, my blog is now a little unbalanced...he he...

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Your Cousin said...

ahhh the art journal... If everyone only knew how long those front and back covers took you, the spilled ink, smeared paint... great memories! ~ Lisa
** By the way, your scrapbook pages make me green with envy!
One day one of my pages will look half as good as yours! ~ Lisa