Tuesday, July 18, 2006

homework overload!

I just found out today that I have a ton more homework than I thought...the teacher's for animation class had mixed up deadlines, and so we were all relaxed thinking that we still had a week to go on this silhouette project, and apparently it was due today..sooo....I now have to finish animating that dude by this thursday, on top of 86 (yes, I counted) 86 panels of storyboard, plus an overdue background, plus some pixie dust thrown in for good measure. Oh, and I just got a new animation assignment as well, and a new storyboard. AHHH!!! I thought this term was supposed to be better?!? So much for catching up on sleep! I really can't wait for my week off....(sigh) Oh! and I am soo already addicted to this blog. ha ha...Oh! And whoever hasn't seen this animated short called "Guard Dog" by Bill Plimpton should immediatley go to www.youtube.com and search it, it's hilarious! The quality of the vidoe kinda sucks but it's so funny! enjoy!


jocko said...

So that's why you slept in class today ;)

Great blog, Michelle!
Just what you need - something to fill all those spare hours you have in your day.

I'd like to see some of your scrap book work. It sounds like a good way to do your final film's titles.

See you Thursday!

Emy Jo said...

Some of us girlies in 60 are going for tattoos soon (not matching ones, though... spluh), and Laura's getting part of her pixie dust done.

Cool, yes?

I'm thinking inner wrist, but like two inches down. Don't you have one there? Did that one hurt?

Michelle said...

so cool emy!! yay! tatoos...the one on my wrist didn't hurt compared to the foot one, but the foot one really wasn't so bad..if that makes any sense?

Your Cousin said...

Ha ha Cuz!! Of course the tattoo's made it on here! Some day we'll go for more, our dad's will love that!! ~ Lisa